"Save Rikki!"

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10 Q & A’s in the case of Rikki Kleinbart

1. Who is Rikki Kleinbart?
Rikki is an 11 year old girl with special needs, and an only child to her parents, R’ Shimon and Mrs. Sarah Kleinbart.

2. What happened to Rikki?
Rikki was taken from her Monsey, NY home on Monday, Oct 15th 2018, by Child Protective Services (“CPS”).

3. Why was Rikki taken from her parents?
In recent years, disagreements have risen over Rikki’s medical care between her doctor and her school nurse. Frustrated, the
school nurse called CPS, claiming the parents are following bad medical advice for their child. Unfortunately, a handful of
extended family ignited the fuel of this entire case. They had unrelated grievances from the past and are using it to keep this
baseless case going against the Kleinbarts. They have and continue to collaborate with CPS and the Foster Agency by keep Rikki ,and are working towards adopting her, against the will of Rikki and her parents. Rikki’s medical team has, and continues to state in court documents, that all Rikki’s care was
medically and educationally appropriate. 

4. Who are Rikki's parents?
R’ Shimon and Mrs. Sarah Kleinbart are wonderful people that have been certified to work with children and their families for
many years, which they do to this day. They were, and continue to be cleared by all relevant agencies to care for children in the
State of New York and New Jersey.

5. How do I know that the Kleinbarts are fit and loving parents?
Numerous Rabbonim and community leaders, who have met the parents, have found the parents to be fit, wonderful and loving
parents (See attached letter). The fact that they are cleared by NY and NJ to care for children, only further attests to the above.

6. Where is Rikki now?
Rikki is in Brooklyn, being handed around from family to family, while Rikki continues to regresses educationally and medically;
due to the fact that they do NOT know how to help Rikki thrive as well as she did, while under the care of her parents.

7. Who supports the Kleinbarts, and why?
Leading Rabbonim, along with medical doctors and well known judicial experts have and continue to attest in court, and in
writing that Rikki’s parents are fit, capable and loving to raise their beautiful child. It should be noted that a majority of family
strongly and actively support the return of Rikki to her loving parents.

8. What is being done to get her back?
1) Legal court proceedings 2) An awareness campaign to inform the world about this terrible injustice, 3) A campaign to raise
funds for attorneys, legal and medical experts.

9. Why are the funds needed now?
The case is heading to the next level, where winning this case has huge potential. This next phase will incur a sum of at least
$500,000 to get Rikki back to the arms of her loving parents.

10. What else can I do to help?
Spread awareness, donate and/or raise funds, volunteer and be mispallel for ניחא ושרה שמעון בת רבקה חנה that she returns
immediately to her loving family.

All funds received by the organizer are transferred directly to the parents of Rikki Kleinbart on a daily basis. (It is done in this manner because the parents are not involved in the organization of this campaign.) The funds are used to pay for the numerous legal fees involved in bringing Rikki home safely.


The following article has been written under Rabbinical guidance:

Rikki (Hanna), an 11 year old girl and an only child, thrived under her parents diligent care in their home all her life. Numerous individuals, with the aid of a local Agency, schemed against Rikki’s parents to have her forcefully removed from their home and to have her placed as a foster child in one of the collaborator’s homes. The collaborator’s scheme succeeded by involving Social Services (ACS) in their malicious agenda. Through false accusations, they had Rikki torn from her parents on October 15, 2018. The foster parents claimed to be protecting Rikki with an eventual plan to reunite her with her parents. At the same time, they were secretly filing to permanently adopt her.

The foster parents, in conjunction with the Agency, deliberately disobey doctors orders and do not provide Rikki with her proper dietary, educational (IEP/ IESP) and medical needs. Rikki’s wellbeing has therefore deteriorated drastically to the point that her life is in danger. In addition, the Agency does not allow Rikki to recite brachos and the foster parents force her to be mechallel Shabbos. Rikki is extremely distraught in her forced foster home and cries to be brought back home to her parents. She incessantly screams at the foster parents: “You're not my Mommy and Daddy!” “I want to go home!” The foster parents and Agency constantly threaten Rikki from sharing her feelings with her parents of the painful truth of her situation in the foster home. In the meantime, on April 4, 2019, the Agency succeeded in convincing the court to completely sever the biological mother from any contact with Rikki, while attempting to execute a similar scheme against the biological father, with the direct intention of quickly facilitating adoption.

With Hashem’s help, together with much help from the community by means of public funding and influence, the adoption that was scheduled for August 15, 2019 was postponed for two months. On October 17, 2019 the scheduled adoption was again deferred, and the mother’s visitation rights which had been suspended for over six months were finally restored.

From the day the biological parents entered court on April 14, 2016 to the present day, all claims against the parents made by ACS, the Agency, the foster parents, and their cohorts have been disproven with irrefutable evidence. Despite all this, Rikki is still not being returned to her parents due to “concerns.” No explanations are being provided as to what the “concerns” are, and the Agency together with ACS are utilizing all their tactics and resources to achieve permanent adoption in court.

The parents have summoned the opposing parties to Bais Din but the parties refused to come. The Rabbonim have therefore stated that this issue must be dealt with in a legal manner. There is a case specific legal process available that is guaranteed to bring Rikki home quickly, but the legal fees to proceed with it are $500,000. The Rabbonim have stated that “According to the Torah, this is a true mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim and hatzolas nefashos and the child must be returned at all costs.” Hashem is on Rikki’s side, as He always has been (see Koheles 3:15) and will ultimately make her and her parents succeed, but as human beings, we must do our part. Please help these parents with as much as you can to bring Rikki home safely.

May this campaign only reunite Klal Yisrael, stop the sinas chinom and motivate all those who harmed Rikki to do immediate teshuva, and thereby allow for the geula sheleima to come!
כ“ה אלול תשע“ט
לאחינו בני ישראל נדיבי עם שיחיו

הריני להמליץ בזה עבור ידידי היקר ר‘ שמעון קליינברט שליט“א שבעקבות עלילת שוא הצליחו שונאיו בעדות שקר בבית המשפט להוציא מביתם את בתם חנה רבקה שתחי‘ [בת 11 שנה], ועכשיו משתדל הרב של קהל עדת יראים בקליולנד הגאון רבי יצחק יהודה בלום שליט“א [שמכיר מקרוב את הענין] ומשתדל ע“י עורכי דינים מומחים להחזיר להם את האבידה לביתם כלומר להחזיר את הגזל הנורא לבעליהם. וכמובן שכל זה עול סכום כסף גדול של $200,000 ובהיות שיש כאן מצוה רבה של פדיון שבויים והשבת אבידה, ומצוה רבה להיות שותף למצוה רבה של פדיון שבויים וכל המסייעים יתברכו מן
השמים בשפע ברכה והצלחה בני חיי ומזוני ובריאות הגוף והנפש וכל טוב

בברכת התורה
יצחק קולדצקי

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