"Help Us Defeat Brain Cancer"

***VIDEO: The Night of My Wife’s Brain Tumor Explosion…


Each day I thank God she's still with me after what happened to her.  That night was horrible…just BRUTAL. Worst night of my life….when I didn’t know if she would live. No one knew, not even the doctors,  if she would make it through that emergency brain surgery...

My poor husband Gary went through as much hell as I did. After that night of the brain tumor explosion, for 27 hours straight he couldn't sleep. He couldn't eat. He didn't know if I would make it. Now, after that emergency brain surgery, after a brain cancer diagnosis (grade 2 astrocytoma), and after years of monitoring my brain for tumor/cancer regrowth, I'm still here. 

And I'm still fighting everyday to keep this brain tumor from coming back. 

***UPDATE: Only thing is, with the last JUNE 2019 MRI, something new has shown up. And it’s not exactly the greatest news…

UPDATE: JUNE 2019 MRI Results
Okay, here it goes: the most recent MRI done on June 1st, 2019 is showing that in the last 13 months, a new brain cyst/lesion has developed.  And yeah, like I said, that's not the greatest news. You’ll see that it’s right under the original resection area (that yellow arrow is pointing right to it). It's 17mm in size.  And at this point, it could lead to another brain surgery to remove the cysts and brain scar tissue.

I can’t lie to you—it's scary. Gary and I weren't wanting to see this.  We didn't want to go through another brain surgery.  But we're doing our best to stay strong--and optimistic. So at this point, we're gonna keep track of it--most definitely.  And I'll keep on going with my health regimen--in fact, I'm adding MORE to it. This includes visiting a few holistic doctors to get their take on natural approaches that could possibly help this.

***Some of you are asking--what was my original Brain Cancer Diagnosis?
Pleomorphic-xanthoastrocytoma brain cancer grade II
Here's what happened:

Gary's Request
About this new brain cyst found on June 1st, 2019: 

Getting a cancer diagnosis is terrifying--it changed our lives forever. And every day I'm grateful--and proud of her. My wife Anita is a fighter. Ever since that night of the brain tumor explosion, we're both grateful that we're still here together. That we still wake up each morning ever since what happened. 

About this his new brain cyst found on June 1st, 2019--it shouldn't be there, and our doctors (2 neuro-oncologists and neuro-surgeon) are advising us to get it removed along with the scar tissue.

So what I'm asking you is, DO NOT DONATE ANYTHING--not until you read about what your helpful donations would be used for:

What Would Your Donations Be Used For?
1. Co-pays for having regular brain MRI's completed every 6 months 
2. Co-pays for regular consultations with neuro-oncologist

3. Overhead costs for maintenance of "Nita Healthier You." This is the cancer health & wellness website Nita developed for helping those diagnosed with cancer and other ailments. Content is regularly added (articles, interviews, videos, book reviews and updates) to "Nita Healthier You." 

4. Independent blood testing through Life Extension/Labcorp
5. Checkups at holistic clinic  in Los Angeles County which would include doctor's visits, live blood analyses, nutritional IV treatments, chelation therapy, vitamin C IV, Glutathione IV, allergy testing and more

6. Energy medicine treatments including the Photon Genius & more
7. Cryotherapy treatments
8. Regular colonics for optimal colon cleansing and detoxification
9. Far infrared sauna detox treatments

10. Occasional travel to out-of-state healing centers in Idaho, Arizona and Mexico
11. Occasional travel to health conferences and wellness events
12. Home sauna for daily detoxing & cleansing

13. At home exercise equipment including treadmill & rebounder for cleansing lymphatic system
14. Regular restocking of various herbs and nutritional supplements
15. Visits to holistic Chiropractor for spinal adjustments

***MY wife's website: Nita Healthier You

Gary: About "Nita Healthier You"

Ever since 2012, my wife's been studying and reading about cancer and how to fight it. How to keep cancer from coming back, not just in her brain but anywhere else in her body. And she wants to not only use your donations for healing herself, but to keep building her website, "Nita Healthier You." Why?
So she can regularly share what she's learning  with all of you. 

She's sharing her story about the brain tumor explosion/her cancer diagnosis, and everything she's learning about cancer and health. So your donation isn't just for her own health.

It's to help her do her best to stay cancer-free and dedicated to building "Nita Healthier You."

My wife loves getting her helpful words out to others. So they don't go through that hell (like we did) of not knowing what to do with a cancer diagnosis. Take a look at it so far: "Nita Healthier You" 
Nita's Brain Cancer Story

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