Hey Everyone I am have went back and forth with myself about reposting this go fund me account backup but after losing mike I have had a rough time playing catch up with everything that had fallen behind while Michael was sick so here goes.... Myself and the boys are in the middle of eviction and could really use your help I had started paying down what I could and I am applying for help so that I can make sure this does not happen again but I have had to work threw the emotional trauma that came with us losing Mike and both boys had a severely rough time with it so I have been home with them and unable to work but slowly things are seeming to Ben getting better. I went to court on Monday and was told that i have until September1 first to come up with the back rent needed($8,000 total) so I am asking if anyone could donate even if it’s just the smallest amount we would so greatly appreciate it I have done all I could to catch up while putting my kids first but since the baby had a hard time being away from me and Ant was having such anxiety with it as ...:with counseling and family we are working to get things back to normal so I can go back to work but for now whatever I get will go to making sure we do not lose the place me and Michael gutted and put back together with our own 2 hands which I would hate for us to lose.


Sunday  Night I lost my husband, my best friend, the love of my life... as well as my children and step children lost their father this has to be the hardest loss I have ever felt in my life... he was a person who has had his fair share of demons but had the best  heart I have ever know and turned his life totally around to be taken from us from a disease that took every part of himself that he loved. Cancer is a cruel disease that took him way too fast and soon ... I hope he knew how much I loved him and how much I appreciated all he did for me this man lifted me up when I fell, loved me when no1 else did, cherished me even if I didn’t deserve it and showed me how much someone could love a person... I have seen this man at his worst and at his best and I know how blessed I was to have gotten to spent the time I that got with him... I hope he is at peace now cause he didn’t deserve to suffer the way he did... I love you so much baby and I am so blessed to have been given our lil man who will continue to show you thru him.... we will miss u soo much.. RIP BABE I KNOW WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN

Hey Everyone I just wanted to let everyone know how things were going with my husband the love of my life .... well it has come to the point where he hs needed to be sedated all the time!
The cancer began spreading rapidly and he became unaware of what was going on around him, who people were some of the time, and mainly that he or and was hurting himself. His left leg had began to swell which had doctors and nurses believing that the cancer was spreading to that side. As that began to swell it also began to be very heavy from the fluid making him basically able to walk at all however he was unable to understand that he could not walk so he had fallen a few times, we could not let him do that to himself!  We also had found another lump on the back of his neck that doctors now believe is another tumor... it’s unbelievable how fast this cancer has taken over his body ... his life! It took everything from him his independent, his manhood, his body it was an evil disease I would never wish it on anyone! We now believe he it’s only a matter of time when he’s ready he is going to let go but I decided to put his last wishes out there.... I know he was super worried about how things were financially for us.  Things got super hard and everything is behind I could not work cause he needed someone to take care of him at all times which made it impossible for either of us to work so if anyone could find it in their heart to help out in any way that would definitely help him cross over without worrying so much about us... all I want is for the man I love to be comfortable and when it is his time to cross over with no regrets and be in peace he deserves that he was an amazing man who would help out anyone and I mean anyone weather they deserve it at all.. he would give the shirt off his back or his last dollar to a stranger if they needed it.  Anyone who knows him knows that I am telling the truth! He was an angel, my hero, the one who came and saved me whenever I needed him no matter why or when. I got blessed to have gotten the time I did with him so please if you read this find it in your heart to donate because if it was you he would definitely have done it......thank you

Ok everyone I know it has been awhile since things have been updated but a lot has happened over the last few months.... I was sent home on hospice due to insurance reasons which in the end actually helped get me comfortable and out of pain so I could get time I needed with my family. Cheryl had to stop working to stay home and take care of me because she is my main caregiver! She has given her all into taking care of me however that left both of us home and out of work leaving us so behind in everything it has to be the most frustrating part of this sometimes. Ovee the weekend things took a turn and the pain started back up like never before then from there things just seemed to change all around.....while my hospice nurses/doctor were he checking on me... I was told they believe I have about 30 days left to live... I am now asking if you could look into your hearts and help with donating to help my family get out of the debt that was created over the last 6-8 and the upcoming funeral cost it would be so appreciated by our family. We never imaged anything like this could ever happen to us at the beginning of the summer that just past I was working harder than ever and now my life has totally been turned upside down... I am so afraid of leaving with all this debt that has been created you have no idea Cheryl came into my life and changed it for the better so please look into your hearts it would help out the people I love so much
Help spread the word!

**Updated and revised **
On 10/23/18 & 10/24/18 Michael had his 2nd session of Chemotherapy. It definitely wiped him out again however it seems like he did do alittle  better this time around than the last time though.  We are still currently in the hospital but they are working on trying to get him home soon...he will be going home with a wheel chair because the oncologist decided it is unsafe for him to try to walk with the size of the tumor and how fragile he is because it can cause his hip to break. This is going to be a whole new way of life for him. Also After the next session of chemo We should be able to find out if It has been working and doing what it is supposed to be doing so they can decide if they will be continuing with it or not. We know that this can not be cured but any amount of extra time it can give us we are hoping for... so keep your fingers crossed and if anyone can find it in your hearts to donate we will greatly appreciate it to help us through this hard time in our lives... 

On 10/2/18  & 10/3/18   Michael began his 1st treatment of Chemotherapy.  So far it has taken a lot of out him and made him very weak but we are hoping this will give him the extra time that we need with him and he needs with us..  As I previously told you the oncologist told us it was osteosarcoma stage 4 but she told us that without the chemo he would only have months left to live so we needed to begin ASAP which we did she also said that the chemo could not cure what he has going on just manage it and give him extra time hopefully slowing down how quickly it is spreading and also possibly shrinking some of the inflammation in his back. At this point his right leg is almost immobile so we are hoping the chemo does what it supposed to do so he might get some use back.. We could just really use your help right now we are pretty behind on things being that we have been in the hospital for the past 2-3 months and unable to work if you have it in your hearts to help us it would all be out to good use bills, medical, kids.... thank you.  

On 9-25-18 The oncologist came in and told us that he has stage 4 cancer. It is in both his iliac bone/hip (OsteoSarcoma) as well as his lungs. We were told it is rapidly progressing and that chemotherapy is the only treatment that can be done. The doctor was very hesitant and did not want to tell us too much too quickly so as soon as I get more information I will keep everyone else updated as well. Thank Everyone for their prayers and warm wishes everything is greatly appreciated by all of us who love him the most...

On 9-18-18 I was contacted by the doctor ‍⚕️ she advised me that the pathology report from Cleveland came back and that they found sarcoma in the hip bone biopsy.
SARCOMA is a rare kind of cancer. B.B.

2 months earlier I woke up one morning with a little pain in my back and buttocks I assumed it was my sciatic nerve acting up I first went to chiropractor close to home he would adjust me and I would great for 3-4 hours then slowly felt it come back with avengence. So one day I missed my appointment cause I was busy with work and I realized I felt better the day after without being adjusted so this happened a few time eventually I decided it was not working I continued to work as a felt a bulge in my back grow we all assumed it was a muscle protecting a nerve and it was just like a spasm. 

On August 11th Saturday I noticed my upeef groin /thigh felt very soar my right leg the leg with the (sciatica issue) started swelling and it got harder and harder for me to walk. I waited till Monday the 13th and called my doctor they said go to the emergency room they don’t have a sonogram in office. 
At the hospital I was found to have 3 blood clots 2 by my knee and and 1 in my femeral vein near my groin. During surgery for the blood clots the noticed I was unable to lay my right leg flat for them to insert the catheter behind my knee for  the TPA drip to try to dissolve the clots. 
They removed the clot from my femeral vein over the course of 2 surgery’s. Then I was sent for a mri they thought something wasn’t right so they ordered a ct scan and on the ct scan they thought they found osteomyelitis a bone infection in my hip. They did further testing then finall a bone biopsy was sent to Cleveland and they confirmed there is cancer. 
I am now home I have been since the 10th for some odd reason I thought I can shake this off and get back to work so I can pay our bills as I am the sole provider for Cheryl Anthony, Mikey and myself. Unfortunately there is a lump in my right lower back pressing against nerves making it almost impossible to move around when I do go to doctors ect I must use my walker and it takes me longer then it used too. Needless to say I’m having trouble paying for everyday essentials 
I’m not talking about the 2 vehicles that will be repoed at any time but doctor visits, medication food, and household bills are impossible to pay right now. I hate to have to ask for help but I need it please I’m unable to pay bills and slowly losing it all rent is behind the bill collectors are not waiting there taking things away wile my children watch. 
Please any help is appreciated 
the Metaxas family
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