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Calvin is a 4 year old male neutered pit bull mix that was brought to us by a Good Samaritan. He was found with very extensive wounds on his entire body, but most noteablly on his rear legs. He is requiring signicant wound care and also has a chronic achilles tendon laceration that is not reparable. This will require fusion of his right tibial tarsal joint (ankle joint) and if not successful, the amputation of his right rear leg. He is heartworm positive and will require heartworm treatment. He is the sweetest boy and just wants to be loved and held. He has proven to be fine with my petite female pit bull mix but has not been exposed to other male dogs or cats. I am confident, based on his demenor, that he will do well with other dogs, under supervision.

My name is Corinne Manley and I am Calvin's temporary owner. We are raising funds to help heal his wounds and get him better. We need to pay for his veterinary costs associated with the extent of his injuries. With any money left over, we also want to help dogs like Calvin and who share similar story's. Dog fighting is a crime and people who paticipate should be punished. Calvinnis lucky that he survived and we want many other dogs to have similar success stories, until we can find a way to stop this tragedy.  Funds will be withdrawn and put into a savings account for Calvin until he is completely cared for. Any left over will be kept in Calvin's saving account for others who share his story.


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Corinne Manley
Spring, TX

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