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Bill Twyford Is Still Going Strong and Needs You!

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UPDATE JULY, 2022: Hey Team Twyford. Bill is doing great during his recovery. Dwan has been posting videos on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok if you want to follow along. Dwan has posted some pretty funny videos trying to keep it light.

They are certainly trying to make the best out of this devastating situation. I just can't imagine living in so much isolation for so long. I also can't imagine the financial burden it is taking on them.

As I keep saying, let's help them get through this with one less worry. I do happen to know that the insurance dispute was lost as well as the housing grant dispute. It's crazy that Dwan is even dealing with this while taking care of Bill.

I know that people assume that when you have as much as they have that money is no object. Having "money" tied up in buildings isn't the same as having hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash laying around. I happen to be in the real estate industry as well so I do get it.

I want to ask each person who has shown love to show more. They do have to live in Denver until November.

**The doctor vetoed their request to move back to the mountains - no A/C, no controlled air, they have well water (Bill has to shower in chlorinated water), they live on a dirt road and have a dirt driveway.

It's funny that the very reason for living in the peace and quiet of the mountains is the EXACT same reason they cant go!


I talk to them often and I know they are keeping their spirits up, but I also know they are worried. 

If they have ever done a single thing for you, now is the time to show them what you can do for them.



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Apparently, Bill and Dwan have to live in Denver until NOVEMBER! Yep, they cant go home. Their house in the mountains doesn't have A/C, anyway to control the air, dust, pollen, they live on a dirt road and have a dirt In the mountains people simply open their windows for cool air which isn't possible for Bill. So they were hit hard by the news requiring them to stay in HOUSING until November.

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THIS CRAZY-TRAIN LIFE FOR A YEAR? I would not wish that on my worst enemy.  Yet, my friends, Bill and Dwan Twyford, are doing what it takes to have a chance at life again!

BILL has officially been out of the hospital over 45 days!! Meaning they still have EIGHT more months of this crazy living! They are doing well, keeping their heads up, and staying thankful for all of your support.

I was talking to Dwan the other day and she filed her last appeal for the housing to be covered for the insurance. They said NO again. I think she went crazy on You know Dwan when she is determined! I would hate to have been on the other end of that phone line!

I don't think many of us could suddenly be thrown into something so intense, removed from our homes, our family, our children, our grandchildren, our jobs and not suffer some financial stress.

These two have done so much for all of us, I want us to help them get through this without worries. Please donate as much as you can. If you have already donated, see if you cant dig just a little deeper. Lets help the Twyfords get back to the business of helping others!

Our fundraising days are not over! Bill is at Day + 67! Meaning he is 67 days out of his life-saving stem cell transplant. They still have EIGHT MORE MONTHS of living at special housing and I don't want them to stress and I know you don't either!


UPDATE: The doctors said that Bill is right on track. His numbers are climbing, his blood work is looking good so Dwan asked if they could go out yet and the doctors said a hard NO! They said, "Imagine that you had a baby that is 40 days old and was born with a compromised immune system. Would you take that baby out?" Obviously, the answer is NO. Bill is like that - a 40 day old baby without the proper immune system. You would NEVER expose a baby to the outside world..that is where the Twyford's are today!

Bills son and daughter-in-law were able to cook him his favorite tortilla soup. Through the process of cooking it just right, freezing it, bringing it to housing, the front desk wiping it down, and Dwan wiping it down Bill was able to eat something Dwan didn't cook!


This picture is the grandkids dropping off Pappy's food. HEARTWRENCHING, ISN'T IT?

This broke my heart as it shows what Bill and Dwan have to go through to be able for Bill to have a chance at life. I don't know about you, but I would hate the thought of seeing my family this way for the next year!

He and his wife Dwan, were thrown by a loop with a rare and deadly cancer diagnosis earlier this year. It is called Myelofibrosis. It is rare, it is deadly and it is progressive. Myelofibrosis causes your bone marrow to turn into SCAR tissue and unable to make the life-saving blood cells needed to live.

There is only ONE treatment option for Bill because of the progression of this disease in his bone marrow: A complete bone marrow/stem cell transplant! A donor, who was found through the BeTheMatch organization, donated her stem cells to Bill. After four VERY intense chemo sessions to kills Bills current bone marrow he received the new stem cells from his donor.


DAY + 30! Bill had his first bone marrow biopsy to see how Doris the Donor is doing. We will know more in a week.  HIS BLOOD NUMBERS ARE CLIMBING, HIS ATTITUDE IS GOOD, AND HE IS ON TRACK. 



Over the course of a year, Bills body will grow the new stem cells and his bone marrow will be rebuilt. His DNA changes to that of the donor, his blood type changes to that of the donor and his new, fresh bone marrow works again. That is the prayer!

During this entire time, The Twyfords are required to live in "special housing" as Bill is like the boy in the bubble. He has NO immune system and it takes a very long time to rebuild. Neither of them can work as they will be extremely isolated while Bills body does its job of rebuilding. Dwan will be his full-time caretaker.


The recovery period is literally a year long, and during most of that time, Bill and I BOTH have to live in special housing for immune compromised people that's close to the hospital in Denver. Neither of us can leave the apartment except to go to the hospital for the first THREE to SIX for Bills blood-work and check-ups, maybe longer. That housing costs literally thousands of dollars a week and guess what...

Our insurance won't cover it because it's within 75 miles from our home. It's 53 miles as the crow flies which is an hour and a half down a windy mountain pass, but that little technicality means that we will end up with a shocking amount of out-of-pocket expenses between the co-pays and the crazy housing. 

If you're in real estate, you're already feeling that pain: "I could sell my assets, pay the capital gains taxes, and have enough money, but then what does that do to my income during all the time I can't work? How long until I can rebuild that? Will I be HEALTHY enough to rebuild it?"

Bill high school friends set up a go fund me to try to keep us from having to make this kind of decision, or to even have to stress about making it with this life-threatening thing going on. 

I'm asking everyone to assist us in this "fight for our lives" situation we are in. 


Wednesday March 2nd at 10:20 am, Bill received his life saving bone marrow/stem cell transplant. He received 5 MILLION fresh new cells from our donor who is 23 and female.

Now the work starts! After four very intense days of chemo, they basically kill all of your cells so that the bone marrow can receive the new, fresh, healthy cells. His body will go into overdrive to KILL these new cells as they are viewed as an intruder.

Graft Verses Host Disease is real and deadly. The same as a person who receives a new kidney. They take anti-rejection meds for months, years or for a lifetime. The first 100 Days are crucial. That takes us to JUNE 10th, 2022!

He will vomit, spend much of his time in bed to ill to move, his hair will fall out, his body will go thru a complete transition as his blood type changes from A Negative to O Positive, his DNA will be altered and he will have female DNA!

This is like LIVING a real life Sci Fi movie!

At the end of March, the hospital wants to release Bill into my care where will MUST move into the special housing. It is near the hospital, cleaned by the hospital and is basically like a larger hospital room for TWO! We have to live there until Bills immune system kicks back in, his DNA changes, his blood type changes, and his bone marrow biopsies show that the NEW CELLS are doing their job.

This is a no-joke, life-changing situation. I'm certain many, many of us have found ourselves in a situation at one time or another and wondered how the heck we got here. That is where we are today!

Bill Twyford is a husband, a father, a Pappy and an amazing guy. He is a leader,  a Christian and the world is a better place with Bill Twyford in it!


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