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My name is Jane Park Smith and I am an ARTivist--a creative who intentionally harnesses the power of the arts and media for redemptive good.  I am also an actor, published poet and author, charity spokesperson, dance and movement lover, healing foods crafter, and speaker of life through prayerful works and interaction.  

Because I believe in the life-giving power of words, I am really blessed and humbled to bring this illustrated children’s book I was inspired to write to you.  

My children’s book, SHYLA THE TRAILBLAZING SUPER SNAIL, began as a very surprising answer to prayer during times I honestly did not think I would make it due to unexpected, adverse reactions to some “non-toxic” cancer therapies.  It gave me hope that if I just kept fighting with faith, I would be reserved for service and as a guide for others walking through such dark valleys.  Having a purpose and mission-founded vantage point strengthened me to battle on when no medical professionals globally could make sense of my confounding maladies and reactions. Writing was a lifeline to me when I honestly could not do much else.  To have come this far and be able to ask you for help is quite a moving milestone and growth for me.  So I really appreciate your earnest look at my project and story, so full of meaning and promise beyond my own healing journey. 

I am launching this GoFundMe effort to raise needed funds to self-publish this book--I hope you will build this dream with me.  My deadline to raise these funds is February 21st, 2021!

As mentioned in my video, the messaging in this book is an evergreen one, but made particularly vital in the wake of violent hatred, xenophobia, ongoing systemic racial wrongs, and the hardships that have robbed many of life and its joyful quality because of COVID19.  So, I am so deeply enthused about sharing this timely young readers adventure where SELF-WORTH, FORGIVENESS, AND FAMILY BRING EVERYONE HOME!  The core of this unlikely heroine's tale nurtures peer empathy and social-emotional learning.

My dream is to see families spend more quality conversation and character building time with intentionality to help forge our children into the positive change-makers they are created to be. I submit SHYLA THE TRAILBLAZING SUPER SNAIL as one simple and enjoyable solution, focused on building up the most impressionable among us.  I believe this female-strong story will affect needed change generationally and so, I offer this work in the spirit of service and agape love.
Here’s a bit about this 5-star industry reviewed book...

SHYLA THE TRAILBLAZING SUPER SNAIL: This small, soft-spoken, and very often misunderstood little young lady employs her unique special skill during a community crisis and saves all the mean “cool” kids from danger and helps all treasure diversity on common ground. SHYLA exemplifies gentle strength and wisdom, where she builds loving bridges with others through compassion.  You’ll have to find out more when it’s published!
Your financial support is a great help and so is simply sharing this campaign with others who loves books and fables like mine.  Please see the breakdown expenses for more detailed funding needs which covers additional publishing, marketing, and book industry related costs.  I also want to submit it for reading recommendation lists to reach as many young ones as possible.  

And when we reach the fundraising goal, any abundant overflow will go to publishing another children’s book that is already written and illustrated about animal rescue and world geography.

(*A note on GoFundMe fees I learned post-launch from donor is below.  I think it's important to be as transparent as possible.)

My goal is to start the book launch campaign and the research that goes along with the package in March and have not only an e-book, but soft and hardcover copies for you and your family to have in hand to most fully enjoy. I still love the feel of actual books in my hands!

With this book, I truly hope to facilitate times where families gather, talk lovingly, hug and love in the most empowering ways, especially now, as humans were created to thrive--in community and closeness.  Is this not how we can bring out the best in one another and find our unique value and superpowers to give to a greater collective good?!
=Re-Editing : $500.00
  Children’s Book genre specific editor and consultant to insure language is optimized for targeted young readers in the 4 to 8 year old range.  

=Design & Illustration : $500.00 
  Adding a page for patrons as well as illustration adjustments due to children’s book consultant’s accepted changes.

=Book launch package with chosen expert: $5000.00
  Full launch includes a 30-day marketing blitz on select online venues with simultaneous research on best ways to reach the discovered target audience categories in future with connections to do so.  The data collection would inform future publicity and book related ventures.

=Printing & Production : $500.00
  Hard copies to have on hand for direct orders.

=Adjacent Web needs : $350.00
  Joining various book industry memberships for one year as well as one necessary for collecting additional data throughout the launch window and sharing the free e-gifts offered for book buyers during that time.

=Officiating Support : $750.00
  Covers crowdfunding fees, ISBN#s, making flyers for local posting and including in book for buyers to share with others.

=Author Immersion : $750.00
Submitting to more book contests, recommended book reading lists put out for schools, home-schooling, libraries, etc.,

For reference, I have personally spent nearly $3,900 on this book (for illustration, general editing, awards and contest submissions, copyrighting, and postage) during 2020 to bring it to its current status.  A $450.00 buffer has been included in the above-mentioned fundraising goal amount for unforeseen expenses.

Pledge without a gift because you just BELIEVE IN MY MISSION.

$10   Emailed digital copy of finalized book.

$25   Autographed actor/ambassador headshot snail-mailed to you. 

$30   Signed paperback book of my first book called Rocky: A Collection of His Rescue Tales snail-mailed to you.

$40    Signed hardback cover copy of the final SHYLA The Trailblazing Super Snail book!

$75     A digital screensaver (illustrator’s choice) of SHYLA’s images emailed to you to enjoy putting on your own devices.

$150 Unique poetry I’ve written of my choosing snail-mailed to you or written based on nothing more than a 3-word prompt from you, as well as a signed hardback cover copy of the final book!

$750 (5 available) Meet and greet (online via zoom or similar) with me to converse about the observations and lessons learned from my long TBI and cancer natural healing process.  Perhaps this could be helpful to you or a loved one.  There will be prayer offered during this time if you want to receive it.  (No-shows or not scheduling the 45 minute session within 30 days of the close of this GoFundMe campaign equates to forfeiting this reward. Rescheduling is available one time.) 

$1500 (5 available) Your full or partial legal name (or that of a loved one) listed as one SHYLA’s Super Supporters in an added page of the book along with other such patrons as well as a signed hardback cover copy of the final book!

These listed gifting options will be fulfilled only if the funding goal is reached. I don’t consider these “rewards,” but rather a way I can express my gratitude creatively.  Because GoFundMe doesn’t regulate this type of gifting offer, extra email communication may be required should the funding goal be met, so be sure to include your email if you are donating in light of a specific gift idea above.  Or, you can just donate because you believe in the mission! Thanks for understanding!

Jane Park Smith

& you can find the illustrator here:

Also...shout out to composer for the lovely music in my video.  It was designed and gifted as part of my healing journey through another passion project called and I am blessed my healing journey continues!

*on GoFundMe fees... I believed only 8 percent was taken from the amount a donor gives due to standard fees, but according to a very generous and informative donor to this cause, I've been told about 12% goes to GoFundMe, which means about 88% of your gift actually goes to the cause.  I think this is a semi-trade-off as this funding platform allows organizers to receive partial goal accomplishments in funding and it not all or nothing.  Still, it is a real world matter to know.  Thank you for those who are believing big with me nonetheless!


Jane Park Smith
Los Angeles, CA

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