PTSD Explained

Okay, here's the deal: I'm a vet and I have cancer.  Prostate cancer.  Thanks to the VA, it's in remission right now, but for how long?  They tell me it's never cured.

Meanwhile, I have this second chance.  That's great!  But it's lucky, too, because I also have something valuable to offer.

I didn't want this to be about me, but it is: what if I run out of time?  That's important, because I have developed a curative for PTSD.  Now I need to explain it, teach it, and get it into use out there in the world.

Post Traumatic Stress disorder.  That's big.

22 American veteran suicides a day.  160 a week.  700 a month.  It adds up.

8,000 American veterans commit suicide every year!!!

Families crying out for somebody — anybody— to help their war-afflicted loved ones.

Maybe you have wondered: how can I help these tortured souls?

That's why I'm reaching out to you.

I have decades of experience successfully dealing with PTSD tragedies.  I have the solution.  Now I'm looking for funding to accelerate the publication of the book and then to train pracitioners to  rescue these people.

 Won't you help us touch and heal these wounded hearts?

Consider "TJ", a Vietnam Veteran who went straight into war from high school.  Battle was his first job, and  when he came home fighting was all he was good at: difficulty in marriage, difficulty in ground along.  And when his son died, he was finished.  We found him drowning in a bottle and --what else-- fighting.  Now he's smiling in a life of his own choosing.  New city, new home, new friends, he's joined a church, gotten financially stable, and is paying it forward by helping others.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder kills civilians too: first responders, accident and abuse victims...that’s another 20-plus suicides every day.  Another 8,000 disposable lives every year.

There is "Ruby", a woman in her sixties who was racing headlong toward the end of a disastrous life of bad boys, bad drugs, bad choices, and bad behavior that all started with being abused in very bad ways as a little girl.  Now she's living her golden years, happy with a good man for a best friend and all the opportunity and freedom she had never thought possible.

That's what we do.

On the other hand . . .

Ask the American Psychiatric Association.
Ask the National Institutes of Mental Health.
Ask the US Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA).

They all say the same thing about PTSD, right on their websites:

"We have a list of symptoms, but we
. . . don't know what causes it
. . . don't really know what it is
. . . don't have a cure."

Yes, there are official drug prescriptions and approved therapies – but those are feel-good patches built atop admittedly inadequate understandings, and they don’t work long-term for most people.

A significant number of those shockingly high suicide numbers are people who went through such programs.  Many, more than once.  And finally gave up.

Further, those relatively ineffective treatments consume as much as half of the VA's budget, drastically reducing what remains available for actual medical service.  It's the same on the civilian side: insurance premiums are driven far higher than they need to be.

Thankfully. . .

A White House / Department of Defense / Veterans Affairs press release asked for cures in August 2013.  They've opened the door to a bigger conversation.

We are answering.  Not with more of the same-old same-old, but a refined therapy that cuts directly to the core of the problem.

There is an effective alternative treatment for PTSD! 
* An explanation that makes sense.
* A technique that works, quickly and without drugs, and actually cures the problem in virtually every case.

Don't you want to know more? 

Don't you want to help get it out there?

Imagine the feeling. Nothing compares to seeing someone come back to life and then just keep on getting better.

Help us help them, and you will own a piece of that feeling.

This is THE BOOK on PTSD:

We're asking you to help us move forward.  Now.

Choose your level of support from the Donor Rewards listed here, and make the donation.  You'll be adding your voice and some healing strength to the lifeline for countless veterans, first responders, and maybe even someone you know down the street.

Thank You, in advance!



We are not doctors or psychiatrists; we do not offer medical or psychiatric advice.  We are Chaplains, and we consider what we do totally confidential under seal of confessional -- without the preaching.

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Allen Hacker 
Spokane, WA

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