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I try to share my knowledge about how to identify psychopaths for this very reason. Psychopaths are roughly 4 percent of the population, around 12 million in the US alone. Which means - we all know one or, (in my family) lots of them. Psychopathy is a neurological disorder that makes them extremely self-serving, with little empathy and no conscience. This means that they will take advantage of you to no end. There are many scam victims who are excessively nice and trusting, and have been targeted multiple times. One of them is a sweet old friend, Valerie Lowe, and I feel like I failed her.

Back in 2009, I told her in passing that she was in love with a psychopath named Gary. She poo-pooed the idea because, like the majority of people, she did not understand that psychopaths pass themselves off as being the best of humanity. They make you think they have all your best intentions at heart until they accomplish their mission (free sex, room and board, special favors...), then suddenly they drop their mask and show their true colors - that they never cared about you.

Valerie eventually married another man who fit the description in 2013. In this video, Valerie describes the psychological abuse that psychopaths inflict. She put up with the dysfunctional behavior because she was in love with his false persona. When he became physically abusive, nearly choking her out, she fought back. It was self-defense, but she has been in jail since 2014 without bail, because this is Florida. In their short marriage, she separated from him a number of times, but she couldn't stay away. Psychopaths practice all day every day to be master manipulators, and she didn't know what she was dealing with.

This is where I failed. If there was more education about how to spot a psychopath, you wouldn't keep taking them back, hoping for them to change. Their condition is permanent. This means that you either accept them as they are and that they are going to use you... or, better, get away from them and stay away.

There are just as many psychopathic women as there are psychopathic men. Psychopathy does not cause a person to be violent, but they won't feel bad about it. This is how you spot a psychopath in your midst before they ruin your life:

Please share this handy reference card for identifying psychopaths in your midst.

If you discover that you might be associated with a psychopath, then review the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R ). Consult with a licensed psychiatrist who will use this tool to make a designation.

My name is Tina Taylor.  As the daughter, and sister, and ex-wife, and mother of psychopaths, I have studied them up-close, for over 45 years, and developed a method so that anyone can quickly recognize a psychopath in their life. In this way, you won't fall for their conniving games, nor vote them into office. In order to spread the message far and wide, I need to pay for advertising. I humbly request that you help me in this mission. Would you please consider a gift of $10 to help fund this project? If you wish to donate privately, please go to:    Thank you!!!

 DEFINITION of psychopath: A person with a neurologically impaired (lack of) conscience and limited or no empathy. 

Psychopaths are estimated to be ~4 percent of the population. This means that there are 12 million psychopaths in the United States. People have the wrong idea that they are all violent. Most psychopaths are generally con artists, that hide among us, because very few people know what real psychopathy is. Many psychopaths have weirdly calm demeanors. They appear normal when everything is going their way. When things go someone else's way, then they show their true colors.

When you see an adult acting unusually childish and self-centered, that's a clue that they are neurologically immature. When an adult's actions continually contradict their words, that's a big clue that they have no conscience. Other repetitive actions that are clues: When an adult has childish tantrums when s/he doesn't get their way,
When an adult tries to shut you up, saying, "I don't want to hear anymore, end of discussion",
When an adult asks you to go entirely out of your way to do something for them.
When an adult is contrary and argumentative just for the sake of it.

Please, please, please support this effort. I can't do it by myself. Please help advance psychopathy awareness education with a small donation. Just $5 in advertising EDUCATES 500 people! That's five hundred more educators who can pay it forward. There is a way to stop psychopaths from hurting people and learning the signs is key !

Do you know if your child has psychopathy?  Perhaps your baby never cries? Perhaps your kid is never bothered by anything? Perhaps your child has limited emotions and empathy? Perhaps your child repeatedly crosses boundaries and offends others? How do you properly influence a psychopathic child to curb problem behaviors since punishment is not a deterrent?

[How I got started on this mission:
I accidentally discovered that I was married to a psychopath . It doesn't mean he's violent. It means he has no conscience, nor empathy, but he fakes it better than normal people show true feelings. Psychopathy means he has no love, no loyalty, no decency. Betrayal on a whim. No remorse. Totally self-serving. Wears the disguise of the sweetest guy on earth and no one knows the darkness of his heart .]

Please give support to this educational fund in order to increase awareness about how to spot a psychopath early - before we naively give our trust to a psychopathic con artist. This crowdfund provides many free educational materials: TEDed Lesson "What is a psychopath?"‎  via @TED_ED 

***Please share this free lesson!***

Also: How to Spot A Prosocial Psychopath on WikiHow
and information Advocating   MRI testing politicians


The vast majority of psychopaths are not extremely physically violent. Most of the socialized psychopaths go about their selfish, pathologically narcissistic lives without causing physical harm. They are still dangerous because, without a conscience, there is no limit to the material and emotional damage they are capable of doing, in addition to the violence that some exhibit.

Psychopaths are false friends and clever con artists. Anyone can be a target of their conscienceless manipulation.

How easy is it to spot a psychopath?

Psychopaths like to control and manipulate (covertly) and are drawn to positions of power. Because of their built-in tendency to always be self-serving, they lack the ability to be true Public Servants. Psychopaths are easily corrupted.  Psychopaths in government  are responsible for the policies that allow corporations to wreak havoc on society, as well as the laws that blatantly disregard the Constitution.

How many politicians are psychopathic? Designation of someone as a "psychopath" is not meant to be an insult. Psychopathy is a neurological condition (having no conscience) that results in a covert personality disorder.

This page helps promote awareness of neuroscience sMRI and fMRI psychopathy testing when a person seeks a position of trust (political, romance, job candidate). Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) Checklists are not good enough.

I don't know which politicians are psychopaths, although the contradictions are blatant. We need to do testing!
Psychopathic lawmakers are self-serving and their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people.  We are now The Land of the Forfeited Freedom  because policymakers are corrupt.


***Psychopathic Control of Society CRIMINALIZES Everything Good... AND sets police department QUOTAS for arrests:

***Psychopathic Control of Society LEGALIZES Everything Bad - Patriot Act and Citizens United
Do We Want This?


Is Psychopathy Genetic?  Yes. Genes play a significant role in the development of psychopathy. However, socialization and other environmental factors interact with genetics and affect whether one expresses extremes of psychopathic traits.

Psychopaths need to be identified because their void of conscience means they can NEVER be trusted. No matter how civilized, or prosocial a psychopath appears to be, they are neurologically unlimited in their capacity to destroy people emotionally, harm the environment, and create worldwide havoc – without any care at all.

Psychopaths (aka sociopaths) are impaired neurologically, and like drug users, are not fit for positions of Social Leadership.

--Before running for political office, we need to ask the potential candidates for a psychopathy TEST as part of their security clearance background checks.

Testing needs to be implemented. Psychopaths are people who have never experienced stress, nor endured the agony of heartbreak, and therefore are in no position to counsel the rest of the world using their warped definition of "success".

The next Presidential election in the United States is in 2020. In order to place PSA's in front of a minimum of 14 million people, the cost will be one hundred thousand dollars.

This educational effort is of supreme importance to me - so important that even though I am on my own, not reaching very far, I will keep going until I die. Global psychopathy awareness may take decades. I am inspired by the perseverance of Nelson Mandela. Your support can raise the public service announcements to a level that would make a vast difference! Every little bit counts. 
I am a private citizen, not a corporation. I have an extensive background of over 45 years studying psychopaths firsthand - and developed a way to spot psychopaths around you:

As Dr. Robert Hare put it so succinctly: “[I]f we can’t spot them, we are doomed to be their victims both as individuals and as society ."

FREE resources:
--Psychopathy Research:

--What is a Psychopath?

--"What is fMRI" video 

--How to Spot a Pro-Social Psychopath

--Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation

--We need to teach our youth about antisocials, before they go out in the world to find partners. Please share: A booklet for young girls (and boys, too), to identify potential abusers and #ASPD

--RED FLAGS of pathological persons

How they con you -- A psychopath gives 4 messages:
1. I like who you are.
2. I am just like you.
3. Your secrets are safe with me.
4. I am the perfect friend/lover for you.
This is how a psychopath will very rapidly create an intimate bond with his prey.  -Dr. David McDermott
More on this:

Let's Remove Psychopaths Out of Power!
"Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the US Government "


**Please donate to the fund, and if you can't, then: **Share the knowledge with family and friends who don't know how to identify psychopaths in their lives. (Psychopaths are 4 percent of the population - you know a few!)
**Use your psychopath spotting skills when choosing to support a politician.
**Sign and share the Petition to Test Politicians for Psychopathy
**Please share this campaign on social media.

Thank you very much!
-Tina Taylor, US NAVY Veteran 1987-1992 
(The Gulf War began on Thursday, August 2, 1990, and ended(?) on Thursday, February 28, 1991. 

Monsters are real. It's time to stop feeding kindergarten children myths such as "Everybody has feelings":

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