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My 13 year old daughter said she wants to be a writer, she said that writers don't make any money, they do it as a hobby like I do.  I said then write me a story and I will show you they can make money. She took the next couple hours and wrote this and most likely will be upset with me that I'm posting it. So this is a Go-Fund me challenge. Please donate if you can. If nothing else promote her to write more. All funds raised will go towards a new lap top and printer for her. This is more to prove a point that hard work in what ever you do will pays off. I did nothing, but repost this. I cut an pasted it as I didn't know any other way of doing this. Of course you can read it for free, but pass it out to everyone you know... I think I'm in deep dodo when she finds out.
Thank you,
This is her short story. 
By: Raylin Adams

“Come on Ess! It’ll be fun!” My brother, Jon, tries to convince me to Explore this weird, abandoned cave with him.

“Jon. How many times must I tell you? I’m not going into that stupid cave. It’s weird and by the smell of it. Someone probably died in it.” As I look into the deep cave, wondering why Jon has such a strong feeling to go in, Our mother calls out to us to come back inside. Jon’s lips curve into a frown as we walk back. I just finished 11’th grade about two weeks ago and since I have nobody that wants to hang out, my younger siblings have been pestering me to play or explore with them. I usually say sure, but recently they have been annoying me to the point where I rather just stay inside.

“What’s with the frown Jonathan?” My mother inquires as she washes dishes. He’s hesitant but responds.

            “Ess doesn’t want to Explore the cool cave outside!” He crosses his arms.

I shrug, “Just call your dumb friend, Marco to do it with you.”

“But Marco is Nine!”

“You’re only Ten!”

“Calm down, calm down!” My mother raises her voice and we shut up. “Now Essence, I want you to go with him into that cave just for a little while. Jon, Tomorrow you will not bother Essence because she is doing this with you. Alright?”

My mouth drops open but I close it after a moment. “Fine. let’s go.” My energy leaves my body as Jon excitedly grabs my hand and skips along outside with me. We get to the cave and I grab my pocket flashlight I keep with me so I can take night strolls in the woods right behind our house. We live in a very secluded area. School is about twenty miles away and to be frank about it, I’m surprised we’re allowed in it because we don’t live in that district. Before I can turn the small flashlight on, Jon yanks the flashlight from my hand, turns it on, and walks into the cave with no fear. Grabbing him, and pulling him behind me, I take the flashlight.

 “I’m going to be in front. I don’t want you to get hurt. Mom would kill me.” He pouts and nods. The walls are covered with what looks like caveman drawings and As much as I don’t want to admit it. This place is pretty cool. The way the characters are drawn, the way you can tell what is happening in each one. I step up to one of the walls and softly run my fingers across the pictures, forgetting that I had a sibling with me. Before I know it and without consulting me, Jon speeds up past me and past where my flashlight can reach. I start to jog, knowing that he’ll hurt himself if he keeps his pace. His scream, Alarming. I speed up. How can that kid run that fast? Alas, a dead end.

“Jon?” My cries echo, panic mode turns on. I hear my name, distant. My legs move forward only to fall. I expect my face to hit the ground but it doesn’t. Instead, I keep falling, my face first hitting a liquid. Great. My body is soaked with water. Expecting to see rock and a cave, I am delightfully presented with street lamps and old-looking buildings. The small stream I am apparently in, flows at a pace where I slowly float with it. Getting the strength I need, my body swims to the concrete border and I’m able to pull myself up, laying down on the nice soft grass.

I look around, What would a place like this be doing underground? It looks as if the moon is setting and the sun is rising. That would make it the break of dawn of course. My mind is spinning by now, I fell down a hole trying to find my brother and now I’m in some weird old type of place? My brother! I jump up with impatience. Maybe someone has seen him around here. I carefully walk up to one of the houses and knock on the door. A beautiful woman with long hair mostly tied up with a blue ribbon answers.

“Hello?” Her clothing looks rather...old?

“Oh! Hi! I was wondering if-?”

“Oh, dear! What are you doing wearing those?” She gasps and opens the door all the way, “Quick before someone sees you!” I walk in and furrow my eyebrows. What was so wrong with what I’m wearing? Closing the door, she beckons me to her bedroom. I follow and she pulls out a dress. “Luckily I have a spare one that should fit you.”

“A dress? Why?” I nervously chuckle. Her stern face makes me a little uncomfortable.

“Why if they catch you with pants you may get confinement!” She exclaims, helping me put on the corset and dress after undressing me.

“Excuse me? May I ask what the date is?” With the most politeness in my voice, I ask, my hands shaking.

“September 27, 1781 dear.” And with that, She finishes and I look in a mirror. Boy, this dress sucks. I can barely speak without gasping. 1781 huh? These people are either stuck in time or insane. I turn around and smile,

 “Essence,” Stating my name, I wait for her to do the same.


 Before I can say anything, We can hear the door open downstairs. I follow Elizabeth down just to see a tall-ish man, His hair long and in a rat tail. He seems down, and it’s like a million things going on in his head at a hundred miles per hour all at once. His gaze looks up from the ground and sets on Elizabeth.

   “The general sent me home after the duel Laurens and Lee had.” He embraces Elizabeth, Holding her hands together and kissing them. Hold up. Did he say Duel? Laurens? Lee? He couldn’t possibly mean John Laurens and  Charles Lee...could he? In school, I was very much into when the constitution was created, the revolutionary war, and learned all about the founding fathers and the important people then. His head turns over to me after I shift my weight from one foot to the other.

 “Oh? Who is this lovely lady?” He asks, Smiling at Elizabeth. “Do you have another sister you never introduced me to?”

She laughs a little and shakes her head. “She knocked at the door earlier because...well actually I don’t know why.”

  I’m able to do a small curtsy without falling. “Essence Prosper, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Am I feeding into this madness? You betcha.

  He bows his head, “Alexander Hamilton”

  Excuse me, what? No. No. No. He can’t be him because... Hamilton's kind of...dead. The expression on my face makes his expression turn into confusion. “Is something wrong with that?”

  “Oh no! No, not at all, Mr. Hamilton! I’m just in a little bit in shock.” I shake my head and actually remember why I was here originally, “The reason I showed up here is that my younger brother, about ten years old, Went missing a little ago and I would very much like to see him again. Have either of you seen him?” I explain what he looks like, Making sure to use my hands to make it easier.

“What was his name?” Hamilton asks, furrowing his brow.

  “Jonathan Prosper.”

  “Why yes, he signed up to be a drummer boy about a month ago.”

  A month ago? But I lost him just a little earlier. It doesn’t matter. My heart drops when my brain processes the last part. How is he even old enough to sign up? He’s ten. Remember Essence, a woman in 1781 couldn’t do much in war, I couldn’t even vote if I wanted too. If I remember right. Hamilton goes back for the battle of Yorktown the same year he gets sent home.

  “May I ask a favor of you two? May I stay, just for little, taking refuge in your beautiful home?”

 Without even thinking, Elizabeth speaks. “Of course! You sound like a beautiful young lady and we would love nothing more than for a girl like you to stay with us for however long you need.”

 Alexander seems offended that he didn’t talk first. “Excuse me, what?”

 Pulling him into a room, I can hear them starting to argue. I sigh, waiting for them to finish their argument. Luckily, I have an advantage at this strange place. I know almost everything that happens in this time. If we truly did something that includes time travel, I can be able to avoid some dangers.

  “Ahem,” A man's voice startles me. I look up to see Alexander stand there. “I have decided that yes, you may stay here for a little while.” I smile as he shows me to a guest room. I thank him and sit down on the fluffy bed, I have a plan. Stay here until Hamilton gets that letter from Washington. Ask him to try and bring my brother home. Maybe, just maybe, because he’s Washington’s right-hand man, I can get him here and we can go...home. Where would we go for home? Certainly not the way we came.

 During the first two days, I stay at the Hamilton, I realize Elizabeth doesn’t act like a ‘proper lady’. She makes funny jokes, talks when she isn't asked a question. Even Alexander has come to the point where it's hard to stop her from doing that. I knock on Alexander's office door to ask for something. He holds a note in his hand and I’m hopeful as my hands open the door.

 “Mr. Hamilton?”

  “Come in, come in,” He smiles, adjusting his glasses. Stepping up to him, I notice the Signature on the letter, George Washington. Yes! That was really fast but, This is my moment! I can maybe get my brother back. My thoughts are interrupted by a concerned Alexander. “Are you alright Ms. Prosper? You have a very big smile on your face and it is a little concerning”

 “Oh! Of course, sorry, not to invade your privacy or anything but, Is that letter from General Washington?” My dorky smile sticks to my face, refusing to leave.

  “In fact, it is! I might have to go back into war in Yorktown. They need me, but I’m afraid I’ll have to leave Eliza for another time. Pregnant with our son, She wrote to the general a while ago, Asking for me to come home. That is why I was sent home before .”

Though knowing this already, I pretend to be interested and surprised at some parts. “Question. Is there any way, y’know being Washington's right-hand man, bring my little drummer boy back to me?”

  “They need him though Ms. Prosper.”

  “Doesn’t matter, get someone, Anyone else. Just bring him home... What if when Eliza gives birth and years later, your son gets killed because of being a drummer boy. Wouldn’t you wish you kept him home just for a little longer?”

 He stops for a moment. I know I’m getting to him. After another moment of silence.

  “I can try.”

 “Try? No. You will do it.” Oops. forgot it's the 1700’s. Probably shouldn’t have talked to him that way. “Sorry just-”

  “No, You’re like Eliza. No need to apologize” His smile relaxes me. I have one more question to ask though.

  “One more thing...Can I-”


  “Why? He’s my brother.”

 “You’ll get killed when you step onto the battlefield and on top of that women aren’t even allowed to be in war. This is a job for just me.”

 I frown, placing my hand down on his desk. “Do you not think I know that? I’m willing to risk it!”

  “You are one odd woman.” He sighs.

  “I know. that a yes?”

  He slowly nods and I smile and jump up, falling down after, due to landing on one wrong. I slowly get up, holding my head. “I’m alright!” He chuckles as I walk out of his office.

 Another quick two days pass, Eliza, understanding that Hamilton had to go and most definitely understood me going. Alexander, already packed and I got back into my sweet, sweet pants. The only exception because they wouldn’t think me a woman at first and I can fit into a little suitcase thingy that Hamilton brings with him. Not going to lie, I am absolutely terrified. They don’t really teach you about how to survive a war in school. I contort my body into the little case and I fit perfectly.  Turns out, Hamilton's plan is to get Lafayette to help us get my brother back.

  A big Wagon brings us Yorktown. A great day journey, I'm able to get out of the case a couple of times, Alexander giving me a snack or two on the way. It's night by the time we arrive, Troops asleep. This is perfect. Nobody will see me. I’ll get Jon, hide for the twenty days this war goes on. Go back, and try and get home...easy, right?

 I exit the case, Hamilton pointing to one of the wagons. I dodge all the sleeping men on the floor and in wagons. I spot him. Or what Alexander explained. Jon looks fourteen. Something weird is going on. I’m telling you. I lightly shake Jon. His eyes opening a little, fluttering wide as he sees who is above him.

  “Essence!?” He whispers, fully in surprise.


 “What in the heck are you doing here?”

  “Saving you from this horrid fight.” I grab his wrist and try to pull him out of the wagon but he pulls back.

  “I’m staying.” His voice stays at a whisper surprisingly.

  “I’m sorry what?” I. Am. Confused. Isn’t he scared?

  “You heard me.”

  “Are you mental!?”

  “If I was mental, I would be leaving.”

  I pause, leave the wagon, and return to Hamilton who stands next to the wagon we arrived in. He lifts his head to the sound of my footsteps.

  “So?” His slight smile turns into a frown as I shake my head.

  “This is going to be difficult. He doesn’t want to go anymore.” We hear a door open and I hide behind Alexander. He motions for me to follow him and we walk to the figure in the doorframe. Entering the house, Alex and the man start interacting.

  “Monsieur Hamilton,”

 “Monsieur Lafayette. It is a pleasure to see you again. I need a favor of you.” Alex's voice sounds calm but a little nervous, hiding it very well.

 “Of course, what is it?”

 I peek out from behind him and silently wave.

 “Now. Before you freak out about her attire, It was the only way I could help her to get her brother. I have a feeling they’re not from here.” Alex smiles and moves out of the way.

 “Bonjour Madame, Gilbert du Métier, Marquis de Lafayette, but you may call me Lafayette.” He takes my hand and kisses the top of it. He’s a little taller than Alexander, also long hair in a rat tail but his hair was very foofy.

 “Essence Prosper, but you may call me Essence.” I giggle. We talk for an hour or so until we all decide to sleep for the night. Lafayette gives me the basement since nobody wants to go down there. As I try and get comfortable, I think about the plan we discussed. They’ll both try and convince Washington to send him ‘home’ and after that, I’ll take him and we’ll both wait out the war, I’ll take him back, we’ll find our way home, blah blah blah, happily ever ending.

 The basement smells of tobacco. It's kind of disgusting. I can’t wait to just get home and be in my own bed. A knock on the basement door alarms me and I back up towards the wall. My body calms down as Lafayette walks in.

  “Madame Prosper?” His French accent fills the air as I Emerge from the shadows.

  “Monsieur Lafayette.” I smile and sit down on one of the benches.

 “Washington met Hamilton and myself, refusing to send the little drummer boy home.”

 Just as I feared. At this point, I have no choice but to yank him from it and drag him back which is the less quiet choice. Most likely getting myself imprisoned for multiple reasons.

 “Thank you, Lafayette. I’ll think of something.”

  He nods and leaves me to think about what I’ll do. Certainly, I can’t take him now, I’ll wake the troops, busting me. If I take him from the battlefield, I could get what’s worse? Neither is your answer. I continue to think until I hear the sound of a drum. Did I not sleep the entire night? Oh well. It doesn’t matter. That’s Jon. Beating the drum to the beat of walking soldiers. A minute or two later, Gunshots fire. I'm terrified for Jon. As long as the drum beats. He’s safe. The loud drum echoes, even down to where I am. Carefully, I exit the basement and take refuge where nobody outside can see me. I can see him. There's Jon, on the side banging the drum.

  He collapses, and my cry could probably be heard from everywhere, “Jon!” I run over to him and collapse at his side, “Come on, let's go, get up, we’re going.” I try to speak through some tears leaking out of the corners of my eyes.

 “Get out of here! Before they get you!”

 “I’m not leaving you!” I hiccup through my sobs. “I won’t leave without-” That's when it happens. A sharp pain in my lower back. I collapse onto Jon, my vision blurring. I can barely hear his yell of my name.  My ears ring as my eyes reluctantly close.

 My lips are dry, My head hurts, My back hurts. “What the-” I don’t finish my sentence, not wanting to speak anymore. My tired eyes look around. Jon lies near me on another bed. Did they have an infirmary? Someone enters and I can tell immediately that it is soon to be President Washington.

 “What do you think you were doing?” His face is stern and he looks to me, seeing that I’m up. “You could have been killed! Most likely imprisoned for wearing pants and your life would go down the drain! All that just to save your brother who decided to join?”

 “General sir, you do not understand. I had to get him. Our mother-”

  “Your mother would be heartbroken if both of you were gone.”

 He wouldn’t understand, even if I told him. For being a wise man, he has to learn to listen to people. I stay quiet for a quick second and look over to Jon. “I’m sorry Mr. President.” My brain takes a moment to think through what I have said. “I mean- General sir!”

 He stays silent for a second. I wish I could tell you what was going on inside that man’s brain. “You will stay here for a week to heal the wound. You will take your brother home and make your mother proud.”

  I mouth a thank you. He leaves as Jon wakes up. “Huh? Where am I? Is this heaven?”

  I chuckle, “No, silly. We’re in the infirmary. Washington has decided to let you leave and go home in a week”

  He looks over to me with anger in his eyes. “I’m not leaving. What part of that don’t you understand?”

“You’ve changed Jon. I cannot believe you.” I turn so my back is facing him. Is he stupid enough to not realize how horrible his decisions are?

 Alexander walks in, followed by Lafayette.

 “Madame Prosper, you’re up.” Lafayette smiles and stumbles a little, the hair in his hair tie jumping up and back down.

  “It’s wonderful to see you both.” I slightly laugh before the bullet hole in my back makes me bite my tongue to hold in a groan of pain.

 “It was very brave, what you did for your brother but, It was very stupid.” Alexander admits, “You were out for a long time, and frankly, we both thought you had died.”

 “Exactly how long have I been out?” I was probably out for just a couple of days or so. These people overreact way too much.

 “I think about nineteen days.” Alex chuckles.

  “I-...Nine-...nineteen days?” This means they would win tomorrow sometime. Finally, we can return to our mother and everything will be great! After they leave, I have time to get more rest. My back starting to hurt even more. Jeez, I really wish I had some aspirin or something.

 I take one last look at Jon, His now fourteen or so year old face still holding an angry expression. Poor kid has trauma or something worse. I finally slip into sweet unconsciousness after a moment or two of staring at my brother.

 Gunshots awaken me and two men collapse at the door of the infirmary tent. Quickly grabbing Jon, I cover his mouth as I hide us under a bunch of extra blankets they never use. I cover Jon’s mouth after hearing thick British accents go throughout the room.

  “What? There’s nobody here? Why would they guard it then?”

  “Impossible. They must have fled after hearing the guards outside.”

  “Sure won’t make it far. This way.”

 The footsteps grow quiet and Jon bites my hand.

  “Ow! What was that for idiot?” I quickly yank my hand away from his mouth

  “You’re being a big ol’ meanie.” He crosses his arms. Sighing, I help him up and set him back in the bed.

  “You’ll thank me sooner or later.” I retreat back to my bed and once again, slip into sweet, sweet unconsciousness.

 Alexander’s excited voice fills my ears, waking me up. Do these people really have to keep doing this?

 “Essence!” Wow. The first time he’s used my first name.


 “We won!” Lafayette barges through the infirmary door, making a grand entrance. I quietly yay, while Jon frowns.

 “Wait, no more war?”

  “Hopefully not.” Washington walks in, a smile big on his face. “I guess you don’t have to stay the whole week to take your brother home.”

 Jon huffs as Washington looks at him with a stern face. “Young man, I want you to listen to your sister, She clearly knows what she’s doing, unlike most.” Wow. Just wow. That was the best compliment I have ever gotten, and It was from Washington!

 Alex Pulls out a dress, “Eliza told me to pack you one.”

 “Thanks.” I take the dress and they all exit so I can put it on. It’s the one Eliza was wearing when we met. I better thank her when I see her.

 After practically dragging Jon with me onto the wagon, He calms down some as a couple of the others sing. I join in, humming ‘The world turned upside down’ and as soon as I arrived, We made it back to new york. I bid farewell to Lafayette and Washington before following Alexander to his house, dragging Jon.

 Eliza claps as we both enter. “You all are alive!” Rushing up to us, she takes us all into a giant hug. Even Jon has a smile fall across his lips. Then the realization hits me.

  “How will we get home Jon?”

Alex furrows his brow. “Whatever do you mean? I can call a wagon for you.”

 “Oh no, Mr. Hamilton. I guess it’s best just to tell you and get it over with. Jon and I Are not from this time. We come from the year 2019. That’s why I didn’t act as excited as you when we won the battle of Yorktown, That’s why I’m not a ‘proper lady’”

 His jaw drops. “So you’re saying…”

 “I knew it!” Eliza laughs and nods. “You acted so oddly! So I guessed you were a time traveler or something.”

 “yeah...We don’t do that all the time. Actually, we have no idea how we got here. It just happened but now, We have to find out how to return.”

  “Do you know where you arrived?” Eliza sounds more than ecstatic to help. We all walk to the creek I fell into and Jon seems to come back to his regular self.

 “This is where I came from!” Without warning us, He jumps in.

 “Jon!” My mouth drops as we can see his small body swim down and back up.

 “There’s this giant hole and if we go through it we go right back!”

 “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier you doof!” I roll my eyes and turn around to Alex and Eliza. “I can go change and give back the dress.”

“Oh don’t worry about it! It looks much better on you!” Eliza giggles.

 Alex hands me a quill. “Here, It was my lucky quill but I feel you’ll use it.”

 “You both are like parents to me” I chuckle and take the quill. “Make sure to tell Laurens, Lafayette, Burr, Mulligan, and Washington I said hi!” I’m about to dive in but my feet stop.

“You’re thinking the same thing aren’t you?” Jon inquires.

 “What would that be?”

 “You want to stay as well.”

I slightly nod.

 Eliza puts her hand on my shoulder. “Well you two are always welcome at our home.”

 Jon swims out and holds my hand, “Should we?”

 I start to think about mom. What would she say? What if she comes down here looking for us? If she did, we could be reunited.

 I nod, “Then it has been decided.”

 Slowly, Jon and I make our way back to the Hamilton’s residents. We stay silent, not wanting to talk about mom or our choice. Inside, Eliza makes us some tea while I fiddle with Alex’s lucky quill. We left everyone behind. Our two other brothers, a sister, mom, our pets, just to stay. My bedroom is cold like the abyss and the bed doesn’t seem so fluffy anymore as I sit on it.

 Jon enters with the two cups of tea. He sets them down on the nightstands and sits down next to me.

“We’ll be okay...won’t we?” I ask, my hands shaking. Jon sits down next to me and intertwined his fingers with mine.




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