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I'm Natalie Collins and for the last few years I've worked with a collective of people on Project 3:28 to gather statistics on the number of women and men on the national Christian platform. We've seen the amount of women rise gradually from 28% to 34% and some event organisers have begun working in different ways to increase the amount of women. Things are changing!

One of the big challenges event organisers say they have is finding women to speak at their events. Many networks of speakers are dominated by men and there are a vast array of barriers to women gaining the same opportunities to speak as men. Please click here to read more about this.

We are seeking to address this issue by developing a database of women who can speak at Christian events. The database will include links to videos and audio and invite referees. Any Christian woman with skills in public speaking will be welcome to join. We are confident this will be an excellent resource for event organisers and for women with speaking skills.

The goal of Project 3:28 is to achieve equal representation of women and men speaking at Christian conferences in events and the purpose of this database is to help organisers find great women who can speak on a wide range of subjects to contribute to their event.

Here is a breakdown of how the money will be used:

£700     Web design
£3000  Web development
£750     Website copy
£2000  Project management
£510     GoFundMe fees (7.9% of the target amount)

Thank you for considering giving to this project! Up until now, all of Project 3:28's work has been done without any funding or financial support. We are really excited about the opportunity to see even greater equality in the church. When the people of God are represented more fully in all areas of Christian culture, we will gain greater understanding of the Kingdom of God and His purposes for our lives.

Your choice to invest in this project would be massively appreciated, by giving you are partnering with us in bringing much needed change and transformation to UK Christian culture. Thank you!
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