Private detective for Kuetzal and Envestio cases

We are a small group of big investors from Spain who was scammed by Kuetzal and Envestio or from both.
The amount of money they steal from us is more then 6 millions euros and for this reason we are moving both through a lawyer and a private detective. 

In fact we think that moving only with a lawyer is not enough for the simple reason that if we have to wait at least 7 days more before putting in bankruptcy Kuetzal the chances that we will find our money on their bank's accounts decrease incredibly. 

For the Envestio's case we have some days more but this doesn't mean that it's a good thing. More days for us but more days for them to hide and launder the money. 

Anyway time is flying and since now nobody did anything.

We don't exactly believe in the 2 class actions that are being created on Telegram from G. and his wife because it's poorly managed and too many people with joined it and this result in a really slow machine (seriously for Envestio you are starting to move only on the 2nd week of February?! And seriously you didn't find anybody who can advice you about a real law firm with knowledge in this new sector? You found them on internet?!? Unbelievable from our point of view ). 

By the way anybody do their choices and we really hope that both we and you will receive back the money because this is the only thing that matter.
But it will be impossible if we don't get immediately access to their bank accounts and it will be worthless to get access to their bank's accounts if there will not be money left (we really think that they are laundering them). 

And here we are.

We just sent our private detective (a real master on his field) on Latvia and Estonia and he is accomplishing real goals on tracing the owners of Kuetzal (the real minds behind the faces you could see on the site) and thanks to him we believe that in some days more we will be able to catch that scammers and then moving immediately on the Envestio's case.

Yes, exactly, it looks like that with only few days of work our man will be able to do the job that police didn't even start to do.

And so yes, this means that if there will be some money left we have to thanks our detective. Not God, their stupidity, police or someone else, only our detective. 

This detective is costing us a big amount of money but we are not here to ask you the money we just stake, we are here because we want to ask you to do your part for making the process faster.
Our 40k goal in fact are needed for sending another man to help the first detective (it cost more then 40k but if we reach this goal we are happy). 
We really don't have time to waste and every day it pass since we don't catch the scammers result in lower chances to get our money back. 

Now you can move on without doing your part and hoping for the best result or you can act as a real man who resolve his problem.
We didn't think about a strategy for asking you to stake some money but we hope it's not necessary to push you: we just stake personally more then 10% of the money we invested on the 2 sites for our law case and the detective and so we think that we can ask you to put at least 0,5% of the money you have invested on the 2 sites for helping us to fund also the 2nd detective.

If we remain all together we win!

You just stake about 1% for your class action, now with only 0,5% more you will increase dramatically the chances. I think it's a win situation.

We don't have anything else to add. We belive that it's enough reasonable for asking you to put your 5€-50€-500€ for this case and, at least, if we will find their bank's accounts empty we will put them in prison and sooner or later police will find the money somewhere else.

Last but not least we want to put a disclaimer: this is not a James Bond's movie, this is real life and so you are paying for a detective not for an hitman.


P.s. There is no reason to put your name on the donations, leave it anonymous if you feel safer. 

P.p.s We will not contact you back, it's not necessary. You will remember of us when you will know that there are money left on the scammer's accounts. But in any case if this campaign will succeed we are thinking to create a Telegram channel for letting you know immediately every pivot point (really the most important in order to not kill our job). In this case we will find you on Telegram.

P.p.p.s. For this moment it's better to remain anonymous but with our part of the cake sooner or later we will be spotted. 
Last but not least: if you are a member of the Kuetzal or Envestio staff we wish you to sleep good for this last days, we are coming.


Lore P

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