Priscilla and Six Kids

Priscilla is a young (31 yr old) mother, part Australian and part Solomon Islander, but she was brought up her whole life in the Solomon Islands.
She has six children  - from 13 years down to 7 mths old - and a husband back home.   She has recently been diagnosed with severe cancer of the tongue.

The cancer started only in September last year (2016) while she was pregnant with her youngest child, and within 10 months the cancer has already spread to her larynx.  She has been sent to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney for radical surgery.
The specialist doctors have confirmed that Priscilla will need exhaustive surgery in an attempt to fully remove the cancer which is very aggressive. They have also confirmed that she will almost certainly lose her entire tongue as well as her larynx.  

The future for this young mother: Breathing through a hole in her neck;  being fed  through a tube because she will have no tongue to enable her to swallow; communicating only by sign language or perhaps by an electronic device - if one can be afforded.  This will be utterly life-changing!  Her kids will never again be able to hear their mother's voice say "I love you".  But Priscilla would love to have them by her side so she can cuddle and reassure them.

Priscilla  is the first patient from the Solomon Islands to undergo such an extensive version of this surgery.

Priscilla comes from a 3rd world country and, as such, will not be able to recieve at home, the type of medication, treatment, and ongoing medical assistance  that would be available here in Australia.   In her home country there will not be readily available the medical supplies and expertise for her to be able to look after herself adequately.  The lack of medical supplies and risk of infection are the main things that have driven her decision to try to permanently re-locate to Australia.  She is currently in the process of submitting an application for citizenship by descent.  

Priscilla's kids are very, very sad that there is nothing they can do to make their mum talk again, but the older ones understand this is the only way for them to have the benefit and love of their mum for some more time on this earth.  They have accepted the idea, but are now searching for ways whereby they can join her in Australia.

Priscilla is looking for assistance to bring her kids to Australia as she does not want to pass away and leave her kids struggling back in a third world country where they will have no hope for any sort of decent future that might include the good education their mother had planned for them.  Before she became so ill, Priscilla was working hard in the Solomon Islands to provide for the family but she had to give up her job in customer service because of the cancer.  She could not speak properly and could not be understood.

Priscilla has a daughter aged 13 yrs, a son of11 yrs, another daughter is 6 yrs.  Then there are three little sons aged 3 yrs, 2 yrs and the last one is just 7 months old. The kids are her whole life; and being re-united with her loved ones will be the impetus to give her the will to live.  Whatever time Priscilla has left, she wants desperately to have her kids by her side.

If Priscilla was able to raise the $25,000 goal, it would help with a number of things:  First, to facilitate the acquiring of passports, visas and travel costs for the children to come to Australia - at first on a temporary basis but then hopefully on a permanent basis.  Second, to cater for the many ongoing expenses involved in setting up a new life for herself and family in Australia.  Third, to help defray some of the current, future and ongoing medical expenses associated with the massive lifestyle changes after such radical surgery.  The funds are needed as soon as possible.  Priscilla undergoes surgery next week.  By the time she is able to leave the hospital, she would love to have her kids by her side.

If there is anyone who would be willing to help Priscilla in bringing her kids to Australia, it will be forever so very much appreciated,  It is her children who absolutely drive her will to survive, and her will to live to see her kids grow up.  We ask you please to dig deep and give generously if you are able to do so.  Any help at all will be absolutely more than appreciated and we thank you from the depths of our hearts.
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