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Little Heartbeats is an award winning non profit volunteer support organisation  

We support pregnant mums and their families through PPROM and beyond and we raise awareness of this condition in pregnancy, we send out free information care packs, and provide support via closed groups, phone, email and through our website. 
This condition is associated with 40 percent of preterm births and can in some cases cause baby loss. 

To date our team have helped Saved Babies Lives, we want to save more, and support mums and their families regardless of outcome 

is the acronym for Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes, which is the medical word for when your waters break early in pregnancy before 37 weeks. (Note other medical names used, PROM, SROM)
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Little Heartbeats exists because...... 
In 2010, we lost our first born baby Sinead, to PPROM.  We promised our daughter we would make a difference, and find better ways to treat PPROM, and ensure all mums and dads will gain better information to enable them to make informed decisions. 
This is my brief story of PPROM along with our fellow PPROM mum Rachel: 
So here we are........

At our heart we are a non-profit organisation, hoping to soon become a charity in our own right. We are striving to raise awareness and funds. We believe that more needs to be done to help prevent PPROM. This ultimately lies in education. 

* Women need to be aware of the signs to look for; to recognise potential infection and gain an understanding of the changes the body undergoes.

* Our aim, therefore, is for information on PPROM and treatment thereof, to be accessible to as many women as possible. 

* Knowing the correct procedures to follow should PPROM occur, we believe, would naturally inform the decision-making process. 

* Knowledge of the facts and reading the stories of others can only be of benefit, regardless of the outcome.

It is no surprise then that we believe that every baby deserves the best possible treatment at the most crucial of times. By investing in us, we aim to provide the printed resources for parents facing this utterly life-changing experience. And equally, of course, your money will help in researching into why PPROM occurs.

All money raised from donations and the goods sold in our Facebook selling page, after costs will go towards the above, please support us in our campaign and help parents like us make it a better more understanding journey.

As stated at the beginning we are hoping to become a charity in our own right. However to do that we need to raise £5000. We have our own line of merchandise and a part of what we raise from sales of these go toward our goal of raising the funds needed to get established a charity.

We will still work alongside other charities such as the UCLH, who provide the specialist research projects into PPROM, which is a cause of premature birth. 

We all know that medical science is an ever-advancing process and that the research provided by many charities has proven that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and that change and progress are possible. 

At the moment, we are raising funds for the following,

1. PPROM pack contents 
(It costs approx £30. cost on our PPROM information packs, which includes, information on PPROM, pen, notepad, adult relaxation book with pencils, wristband, Little Heartbeats Mascot and stickers for medical notes) (During covid 19, we have found it difficult to get hold of colouring books so have been sending alternatives which all help our mums.
2. Cost of postage between £3 and £19.00 (around 15 dollars to send packs signed for in the USA, Australia and Canada.
(so far we have sent over 1000 free care packs Worldwide)
3. £180 a year costs of our website on the Worldwide web, which helps families Worldwide dealing with PPROM 
4. £50 will fund for 100 no medical stickers to our mums dealing with PPROM right now.
5.  £300 would help us raise funds to purchase 400 no wristbands, to help us raise funds and raise awareness of PPROM. 
6. £50.00 will fund for 10,000 flyers
7.  Funds required to pay for our detailed flyers, which includes funds to pay for a professional graphic designer.  
8.  £20-£25 to send flowers to our bereaved parents 6 months after losing a baby can help let our families know they are not alone

We would in the future like to pay for :- 

* Counselling sessions, which we estimated at £18 per hour
* Provide free antenatal classes £15 per hour
*  New detection tests to diagnose PPROM, which are currently priced at £24 each. These tests would be tested in Wales firstly, to see if they would be better at detecting, as many mums are sent home, without a proper diagnosis). 

(sadly at the moment do not have the funds to do so) 

* We have raised over £22,000 pounds to fund towards the the stem patch project which will reseal the membranes, and help save thousands of babies, this research is being run by the UCLH charity. To donate towards this you can do by Just giving page which is feature on our website. 

* This research project is a dream we had since the day we lost our precious daughter Sinead, and if by some miracle we could raise enough funds for this alone, this would be a wonderful Christmas present as you can imagine,
we can't buy our first born Christmas presents, but we really do want to succeed in our promise to our first born baby,  who instead of being in our arms, is sleeping tight in heaven in the arms of an angel. 

We have also donated over £6000 to the UKOSS study 
 Our Aims and Mission

1. To give parents as much information as possible to help make more informed decisions.

2. Educating and empowering women to understand this condition and the choices available to them should they suffer PPROM.

3. To offer support to those women throughout their PPROM journeys.

4. To contribute in the development of professional policies on the improvement of communication skills and bedside manner specifically, when dealing with PPROM patients.

 5. To provide hospitals with RCOG literature outlining treatment and choices.

 6. Invest in Specialist Midwives who are trained in PPROM management and related conditions to support women regardless of the outcome. 

7. Our webpage 

Thank You For your donations 

On behalf of Little Heartbeats 
Founder: Ciara Curran 
Team members, Rachel, Imogen, Jo, Vinny, Toni, Lara, Jessica  
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