Please help The Meyers if you can

Rachel and Ian Meyer, as many of you know, are two of the most genuine people one could call family or friend. They are kind, honest people who work hard as small business owners of their tattoo shop and strive to be positive, contributive members in their community of West Bend. Whether it is building strong relationships with their neighboring businesses, donating to charities when another member of our community is in need, or simply being friendly and helpful to any new people they meet, they are a great example of what good hearted people truly are. As a family member, friend, or acquaintance, one would know that either of them would drop their lives at any moment to help someone else in need in any way they possibly could, even if it left them vulnerable. This is why we are reaching out to you.
Rachel Meyer has lived 26 years without ever letting her physical struggles as an amputee since the age of 7 keep her from her achieving her goals in life, or stop her from supporting those around her. In spite of the hard times she has had to live through, she has always remained strong, hard working, and believes in helping those around her whenever she can.
On the morning of Rachel and Ian's first Father's Day as new parents to their one month old daughter, Ripley, Rachel was taken to the emergency room with symptoms of a fever and vomiting due to having gall stones. She was sent home to wait for a surgery to have them removed as the staff believed her condition was not yet severe. In less than 24 hours, the severity of her symptoms rapidly increased and she was taken back to the emergency room only to find that she has pancreatitis due to an internal infection. This infection has now has become incredibly fatal. She was transferred to a different hospital and was admitted to the ICU. In a matter of days, she has had, and will continue to have, multiple surgeries in order to eradicate the infection and have a chance at recovery. With the severity of this situation being so concerning, and having a newborn daughter to care for, we are encouraging Ian, her husband, to focus on being with his family and caring for himself rather than attending work.
This has been and continues to be a difficult, emotional, and exhausting situation for Rachel, Ian, Ripley, and their family to cope with and requires a lot of time and energy to focus on staying well. Due to the fact that this situation changes from day to day and requires so much of Ian's time, attention and energy, we are encouraging him to spend this time with family. Unfortunately, that means he must be absent from his business. Being that Ian has a rare and incredible work ethic, this has been a difficult choice for him to make. With the big heart he has for his job, which he loves so much, and the clients he cares so deeply for and cannot stand to let down, we know this has not been easy for him to be absent from Barton Ink. This choice, however, yields financial struggles on business and family needs.
We have decided to reach out to family, friends, and members of the community to ask for any help that can be given. Anyone that knows the Meyers understands that Rachel and Ian are the kind of people that would never ask for help regardless of the severity of their own situations. They are the people that will smile and help those around them first, because they believe in placing the ones they care about before themselves. The very reason we have chosen to do this FOR them is because they have always done so much for others.
Due to the emotional nature of this situation and the privacy and peace of mind required by Ian and his family to focus on Rachel's recovery and the care of their daughter, they ask and we encourage that no contact be made to Ian and his family in an effort to allow them the ability to remain strong and calm. Any questions, which we understand you will have out of love and concern, should be directed to Kelley Kronshagen or Jennifer Markgraf to allow the family to care for Rachel, Ripley and each other as the situation continues. We thank you so deeply from the bottom of our hearts and will give updates as regularly as possible per the wishes of the family. Thank you!
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