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On May 1st, 2021, I brought my wife and eldest daughter to get our vaccine. Everything seemed to go fine. At home watching TV about two hours later, my feet became totally covered with searing, stabbing needles. I moved my legs a bit, trying to see if they had gone to sleep somehow, but nothing I did seemed to help. A bit freaked out I told my wife I thought something may be wrong, so we both did some research, still unsure we decided to give it some time to clear up since everything we found online suggested it was some temporary side effect that would subside quickly.  About an hour after that though, the pain had moved into both my hands, burning, stabbing needles.. another 45 mins or so it was under my chin and in my face as well. I was officially freaking out. 
I tried my very best to get sleep those nights and I couldn’t at all, to be honest, I was getting very scared. I kept reading more and more in search of answers, in search of some sort of advice for relief to hold me over until I could see a doctor, yet there was none. 
The next day my wife, who hadn't gotten any sleep herself, either due to my constant twitching, squirming, and getting up and down for fresh icepacks all night, demanded it was time we go to the ER and I was admitted shortly after. This was pretty early on during Covid, when I told them it all started hours after getting my vaccine they pretty much ignored that fact. I explained to them carefully, I had been fine, I had quit smoking and drinking years before, I had no change in medications, and there were no other new factors in my life other than the fact I got the vaccine earlier that day.. but in their minds, there was no such thing as adverse effects from the vaccine, and to be honest, I was treated very poorly due to that belief, I even felt ridiculed and mocked as the neurologist tried to tell me how that it just wasn't possible with RNA technology and that what I was experiencing were deep-seated fears I had of Covid, Vaccines and even of shots.. (he seriously told me I was afraid of shots)

There is NO WAY to put into words how incredibly devastated and horrified I was at that point..  when the man I had been holding out desperately just to see, sure he could finally help me figure out what was going on and help me with some sort of relief from this nightmare, told me it was all just me being scared of Covid and it would pass in time and then turned and walked out the room.

(I've never been that scared before in my life and sadly some of that fear haunts me to this day, the idea of living the rest of my life constantly in pain while being a burden on my loved ones is not a life I want to live. I am only 47, there are a lot of things left in my life I was hoping to do, years of good times I hoped to spend with my loved ones.. and as of now, I have become a prisoner to this nightmare, my days and nights are filled with pain, covered in these horrible burning needles that only spike in their intensity with ANY amount of elevation in body temperature, even a small amount of activity quickly leads to it becoming unbearable..  leaving me unable to go into the sun or anywhere with my wife and kids, at least not without having a high price to pay for it. I am forced to remain primarily inactive and seated in front of a fan in the cold AC if I have any hope of managing my symptoms and keeping the pain to a minimum.)
Anyway, after the neurologist told me it was all in my head and left me devastated in my hospital room, tests later showed there were high levels of troponin in my system and concerned, they insisted I have an angiogram. Afterward, I was diagnosed with myocarditis and put on a series of medicines. Unfortunately, I was still suffering from this extremely painful and widespread neuropathic symptoms that they had no way of treating, then recommended I see another neurologist.  Today adverse effects from the covid vaccine, although they are very rare, are well known to exist, one of which is myocarditis. With that being said though, these discoveries brought no help or even hope to my personal situation. I had to leave the hospital that day after receiving those results, in absolute despair. I was still in horrible pain, I seemed to be in a state of shock, and I was terrified of living this way another week, much less for the months it would take me to get in to see a different neurologist. It's embarrassing to admit but that night I laid quietly in bed with tears pouring down my face, feeling as if I was completely doomed to a horrible life I wasn't sure I could bear.
Since then, my pain remains an endless day and night battle, I get little to no sleep most nights with any amount of time I do sleep being a result of complete exhaustion and it's only for an hour or so before the pain wakes me back up. The lack of sleep leaves me struggling to focus and filled with depression and anxiety. 
I'm lucky to have a good doctor and neurologist who have promised to remain committed to my case and do all they can to help me get through this. My wife and daughters have stood by me with their love and support but it's clear seeing me this way and my constant suffering with no answers so far is scaring them. To make matter worse, we are in the process of losing everything we own, our home is close to foreclosure and we have no savings left or family to assist in any way. Bills were signed upon Trump leaving office making vaccine manufacturers free from any responsibility in this situation and also preventing anyone in my situation from being eligible for filing a claim with the VICP. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. You are instead recommended to file a claim with a much less known program, the CICP, which has a track record of rejecting nearly every claim that has ever been filed with it since it began, and those who were awarded are only compensated for little more than unpaid medical expenses. Unfortunately, if you were among the people who as advised took their families to get vaccinated and were one of the extremely rare cases to have suffered a serious life-altering injury due to it, you and your family have been completely abandoned to face that battle on your own.

It is crushing my heart and soul, the only parts of me the vaccine didn't destroy, to watch as my wife and daughters are scared to death as they have their lives and the promise of a secure future, stripped away from them by this nightmare. We have nowhere left to turn, I decided to put up this GoFundMe in an act of absolute desperation, for them, to try and provide some measure of hope for where we will go from here. As horrible and painful as my life is now, what matters most to me is giving them back some sort of security. I'd like 'to make it known that even now I am not what most would call 'anti-vax' .. my situation is extremely rare and unfortunate, but for most the best choice is to get vaccinated in an attempt to help prevent future infection and spreading Covid. That being said, regardless of what side of the vaccination debate you stand on, I'm praying you'll find it in your heart to consider helping save my family in our darkest hour.
Thank you for your time, God Bless you.


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Joshua Brewer 
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