Please help our friend Allou

This is Allou Kiniboua, a 60-year old native from Bongouanou, Ivory Coast, and a US citizen.

We first met at the cash register at Giant, 2 years ago. He was there everyday of the week always  greeting us with a big smile, and we would chat while he would ring our groceries. We practiced our French with him, and soon he became our favorite Giant employee. We would make the longest line, just to be able to speak to him, as he was always very sweet and kind. We got to know him better, and learn more about his background. After getting his master in economics in his home country, he ventured to the US in 1992 to continue his studies at American University, where he attained a second masters in Information Systems. He worked at Computer Sciences Corp in Virginia, but left in 2011 when he learned he had Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and other problems with his prostate. He has since been battling his disease by going through many complicated operations with multiple doctors at George Washington Hospital. Allou is an extremely intelligent and talented man. In August 2009, he almost went into a comma after an 8-hour-long surgery. He even thought about letting himself go because he was so weak. It's nearly eight years later, and Allou can no longer undergo surgeries, as these have become life threatening. He undergoes his treatment through medication, which inhibits him from eating more than one meal a day, but he is growing stronger, and so is his desire to live, to watch his 12-year-old son grow.

The day after Allou had gotten his third surgery, he was at the cashier at Giant, and we could tell he wasn't feeling well. He was forced to work regardless of his physical state in order to pay his bills. He was a lot skinnier, and pale. Soon after, we returned to Giant, and found that Allou was no longer an employee there. Due to a follow up surgery, he was too weak to go to work, and was laid off. We reached out to him, and he asked that we please help him find a job, or he would get evicted from his home. He's now been out of a job for 4 months, and going in and out of medical appointments, with no more savings to cover the costs. He lost his house and now rents a room on a month by month basis until he is able to get back on his feet.

We have been working on finding him a job since, working along with the career services at American University, but now we're asking for your help as well. Whether you know of a place where Allou can work, or you have a couple dollars to spare while he finds a stable job, any help can go a long way. As Allou says, "Only God knows what will happen," but help us make something good happen. Help us help Allou.

Thank you all,
Stephanie, Danielle, and Alexandra Suber
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