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Who am I?

Hello, I am Arjay Martin. I have a Juris Doctorate law degree and have for more than a decade stood up for other people's rights. Even before that, I brought to the attention of many relevant people the constitional prohibition on coersive medicine.

On April 6th & 7th, 2020, I became the first person in Australia to protest the unlawful, draconian and ineffective CoViD Restrictions. I called for others to also protest, in any way that they could.

Ineffective, dangerous and destructive CoViD Restrictions

For instance Epidemiologist Professor Israel studied the effectiveness of lockdown and non-lockdown jurisdictions. He found that the Lockdowns don't work from a health perspective. Many other scientific experts have concluded that they do not work, and are harmful, from various perspectives: suicides up, domestic violence up, family breakdowns up, divorces up, business closures up, etc.

Sure, many others have profiteed and even profiteered from the lockdowns.

The lockdowns are unlawful and illegal (in Australia and elsewhere)

Besides the Constitutional grounds, defining characteristics and necessary freedoms within the Westminster, Constitutional Monarchy system, with so called 'liberal democratic features' and 'representatitve and responsible government', there are many other grounds for me claiming illegality.

Using Queensland law as an example, in order for the CoViD Directions / Restrictions to be enforcable, if it ever could be, then they MUST be Gazetted, as per the Statutory Instruments Act 1992 (Qld), s 47. This is called 'Notification' of 'exempted subordinate legislation'. Without getting into all of the details, the CoViD Directions never were law within any of the State of Queensland. Similar legislation exists within the other States and Territories. Before such legislation existed, it was the COmmon Law that demanded 'Notification' within the relevant Government Gazette (the official government newspaper).

There are many other grounds, such as that the States transferred all quarantine powers and even all quarantine specific personnel to the Federal Governement. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 (Imp) (CoACA), s 69.

The Constitution also prohibits internal / State border restrictions, and discrimination of residents from one Australia State (or Territory) into another, as per CoACA, ss 92, 117.

Mandatory vaccination and other medical coersion is also banned, as per CoACA, s 51(xxiiiA). It is also banned by medical law's 'fully informed consent', etc.

I need your help, please!

Why I need help is that I have been involved in multiple court cases to protect our human rights, against the Governement and others.

Basically, whilst having a law degree, I am not a solicitor nor barrister. I am good with substantive law (what is right and wrong), but not so much in procedural law (e.g. the ins and outs of court cases, pleadings, appeals law, etc.).

I asked various solicitors and barristers, as well as other legally qualified non-legal practioners. I received conflicting advice on an informal basis, which led me up the wrong path with the case against the Queensland Government, Dr Jeanette Young and others being done incorrectly as an appeal, when the courts later told me that I have to do as a Claim and Statement of Claim (a separate court case, a technicality). They awarded costs against me.

There is another court case, where it is 'alleged' that overlapping political groups (or one can combine the groups, depending on how you wish to define it) sought to destroy my political group via civil conspiracy, sever defamation, etc.

Because the pleadings were not set out how the judge wanted it, whilst a genuine effort was made to fulfill the requirements of the Uniform Civil Proceedure Rules 1999 (Qld), following them literally made them set out how the court is not used to viewing it, so they awarded massive costs against me, especially as I was pointing out rightly some prima facie unlawful activities of the other side.

This later one is currently on appeal but I require legal representation. It is ia massive disadvantage to be a self-represented litigant.

This continues, with me being maliciously prosecuted, arrested due to false claims three times since December due to one individual (whom I won a restraining order against, and whom the police have charged for assaulting me), another time being apparently arrested due to another person who assaulted me claiming that I assaulted him from 'the groups', but turning out that that one was 'voluntary', being assaulted by another in handing out flyers weeks ago correctly predicting that there would be a 'surprise outbreak' of CoViD in Queensland to justify extending the expiring 'emergency declaration', being threatened with rape and murder by multiple people (variously - that my throat would be slit, I'd be shot with a rifle, that I'd have my head blown off, that I'd be raped by two different men, etc.) and much, much more.

I have also been suffereing health issues due to this all, besides not even being able to see friends and family, etc.

There is more, but that will do for now.

A Call to Action

Basically, to stave off bankruptcy, and therefore banning me from Parliament and from becoming a solicitor, and to exercise our rights and freedoms with court action but with paid legal representatives, then I need lots of money.

E.g. if I don't pay Crown Law's costs by Friday 9 July 21, then the costs jump up around another $7,000-$8,000.

I need to pay lawyers before they look at my multiple other cases, with expected costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for me.

I do not have much money at all, if you could please help spread the financial burden by donating whatever you can afford, or whatever amount you wish to based on the value you see (if any) in my trying to help us all and stand up for all of our rights; then you are a very special person - so please help.

If you cannot, or do not want to help financially, then please share this fundraiser around. The more people that see it, the more the burden can be spread with more donations from more people.

Of course I shall not be profiting from your donations, they are for court related costs.

Thank you kindly, and may kindness be repaid to you in droves!

Arjay Martin.


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