Please help me save my mother from Verizon!

My name is Andy Hinson, from Stanly County, NC.

I'm in the fight of my life, to save the life of my mother.

Verizon intends to build a 199-foot cell tower so close to our home that, according to my mother's multiple doctors, the radiofrequency radiation it emits will torture her and ultimately lead to her premature death.

It's that real.

It's that serious.

My family needs help. We have to hire lawyers to defend us against what's happening. My mother is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act but our rights are being trampled and the law is being broken.

We are willing to fight. We've been fighting for a year. I've spent $10,000 already and I’m from a low-income neighborhood. It's no accident that Verizon targets poor areas, because they know we don't have the resources to fight back.

But I'll spend everything I have, and every waking moment. If I succeed, I’ll save my mother. If I lose, I lose everything.

I can't lose my mother.

Please consider helping us to raise the funds to protect our home, our family and our neighborhood. Our 1200 square-foot home sits on land that has been in our family since the Civil War. No wireless carrier should be allowed to come in as your next-door neighbor and put a 199-foot tower in such close proximity that it will kill my mother. My mother promised my father and her father-in-law she would maintain his home and never leave it so that it could be left to the 6th generation of Hinsons. My father’s ashes are scattered on this very property.

Anything that can be given will be appreciated beyond measure. All the people who live here support us, but we simply haven't the means to fight a telecom giant like Verizon by ourselves. I've done so much already but I can't do it alone.

Here's our story.

Verizon vs Stanly County

In March of 2021 I received notice that Verizon intended to site a 199-foot cell tower directly adjacent to the homeland we've had for six generations going back to the Civil War.

My immediate alarm was for my mother, Linda, who lives with me and is severely and permanently disabled and rarely leaves our property. I have received four personal doctors' letters asking that the tower be sited elsewhere due to my mother's conditions, as well as expert letters from across the globe.

Every single citizen in the region opposes the tower other than the single landowner who stands to profit from it.

I retained a local Environmental Attorney and an expert Telecommunications Attorney from New York who provided us with a substantial Memorandum in Opposition, which included letters from 10 of our nearest neighbors and 7 of our local realtors.

With a lengthy petition and a large number of neighbors, we attended meetings of the Planning Board and the Stanly County Commissioners. The Planning Board recommended denial of the tower. The County Commissioners reached a tied vote of 3-3. Therefore, the tower was denied.

Verizon sued the County. Not long after, the County chose to sign a settlement rather than fight a lengthy lawsuit.

However, we have recently received information from the County that states that Verizon lied to them in a deliberate attempt to conceal the fact that they are a tenant on a tower only one mile away. This tower is at a distance that would require co-location by law or denial of the tower. This is why Verizon’s presence on that tower was deliberately concealed. Our county would have legally and lawfully denied this tower if this false information was not given to them by Verizon.

Despite having been given this information, Verizon intends to proceed with this illegal installation.

Verizon vs My mother's life

My mother was born with extreme scoliosis that has rendered her vulnerable to a host of environmental illnesses. Her spine is curved in three areas, the most severe being at the base of her skull, putting pressure on the central nervous system. She suffers from a severely compromised immune system. My mother endures debilitating migraine attacks that are triggered by any slight alterations in her environment, and a litany of other disabling conditions.

I asked my mother's personal care provider about the proposed cell tower. Alarmed, she wrote a letter asking that the proposed tower be placed elsewhere due to my mother being a medically fragile patient.
My mother's neurologist corroborated the opinion of her PCP. He also wrote a letter, stating that the RFR from the cell tower would dangerously interfere with my mother's body, causing health problems that especially affect patients with headaches and hypertension, and my mother is hypersensitive to an extreme.

We took my mother to be evaluated by an expert in radiofrequency radiation and its effects. This doctor looked me directly in the eyes and stated that this tower would not only take my mother's health but ultimately her life as well.

Here's what that expert wrote in her letter, three days after examining my mother:
“The Americans with Disabilities Act also states that commercial entities, like Verizon, providing public accommodations, must make accommodations for disabled persons in a similar manner as that of state and local governments. Verizon building a mobile phone tower near Ms. Hinson’s home is the equivalent of assaulting her in her own home and leaving her for dead. Ms. Hinson’s life and disabilities should be respected and accommodated.”

My mother was evaluated by another specialist in radiofrequency radiation, and she wrote a letter also asking that Verizon site the tower elsewhere, stating the following: “If a cell tower is placed next to the Hinson property line, the increased levels of RFR/microwave radiation that will undoubtedly be present 24/7 will make it impossible for Mrs. Hinson to follow the medical advice provided to her. Simply put, placing a cell tower next to the Hinson land will exacerbate the conditions for which Mrs. Hinson was granted legal disability.”

I have reached out to specialists across the globe, and received letters from experts in nine countries, including epidemiologists, physicists, atmospheric scientists, biologists, electromagnetic engineers, toxicologists and oncologists. They have all expressed severe alarm at our situation and written letters supporting the statements of my mother's personal doctors.

I have sent all of these letters to Verizon and still they haven't stopped.

Verizon vs All of Us

I never set out to change things, only to protect my mother's life and the home that we love.

But that is exactly what has begun to happen.

In reaching out to the world's foremost experts, I was only asking for help, as I think many sons & daughters would do for their mother. When doctors tell you that something will take your mother's life, what wouldn't you do?

I did not expect to acquire more expert testimony than any individual in a single cell tower fight ever has.

And I did not expect, when I sat and spoke with a highly accredited investigative journalist, that she would tell me that what I was doing could literally change the world.

Because I have reached out to the highest experts in the field and heard firsthand from the mothers who have lost children to cell tower radiation that caused clusters of such fatalities, and the people in a neighborhood in Massachusetts who have been suffering for two years from a cell tower placed near their homes, and from a brilliant medical writer who stood up for the firefighters of California when they had begun to grow so sick from the towers placed on their stations that, in the end, resulted in 5G towers being banned from fire stations throughout the state of California.

In my efforts, I have begun to connect these people to one another, and now maybe they can get this information out there.

But Verizon hasn't stopped, despite my every attempt to be as reasonable as possible, even directly appealing to their CEO. Our home isn't only a refuge for my disabled mother, it's also a refuge for the vanishing wildlife we have here, including a Federally Endangered Species that exists only in a few places, and this Schweinitz's Sunflower is one of them.

I have informed Verizon of this as well, and still they haven't stopped.

They won't stop unless a Court orders them to do so. Last year, the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates Verizon and the other Telecom providers, lost in Federal Court over radiofrequency emissions and their harm to people and the environment failing to be properly taken into account. And in a small town in Massachusetts, just last month, the Board of Health issued an Emergency Order against Verizon to protect their citizens.

The winds are changing. Up till now, the laws have been so twisted, the regulatory agencies so gutted and infiltrated by industry representatives, that these goliath corporations have been free to act not only with impunity but with such viciousness that ordinary citizens feel hopeless to stand against them.

I'm standing.

Please stand with me.

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Andy Hinson 
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