Pioneering Healing Teachings Preserved

My name is John C. Worthington, RN, and I am raising money to support the safeguarding of a pioneering healing practice.  I need to be able to full-time train, to assure the groundbreaking diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of my mentor are not lost.  My mentor is Dr. Lee Vagt, DC, who over 35 years developed what he has named to be Neurointegration, which is a new highly effective way to heal wounds and illnesses.  From physical and mental agonizing discomforts that do not heal, to injuries felt deep in one’s body and mind, there are too many sicknesses that cause constant suffering.  As West Point graduate and retired elite Army Ranger Officer, Dr. Vagt, says: “This dog can hunt.”  And hunt he did, and the gifts of Neurointegration were founded.  Neurointegration, along with Dr. Vagt’s professional Applied Kinesiology skills, allow for brilliant symptom analysis and treatments that are beyond other medical practices.  Next, I will speak more about Dr Vagt and his Neurointegration, as well as the traumas and diseases that his methods have healed.  I have been apprenticing with Dr. Vagt for over a year now; but I can only work with him one-half day a week.  Others have tried for several months to learn Dr. Vagt’s techniques, and yet of my abilities Dr. Vagt contrasts “You really get it.”  Some months ago, 72-year-old Dr. Vagt had what was thought to be a ministroke, and so time is of the essence. 

For those out there who have experienced trauma and loss; who hurt without relief; who relive the discomforts of past abuses or injuries; who are still overwhelmed by a long ago betrayal or abandonment; who lay down exhausted in the dark of night only to find yourself lying wide awake and unable to sleep; who have thoughts of no longer wanting to live; or who have a child, parent, brother, sister or friend that has chronic illness, or hurt, or loss of hope; — for you and your loved ones, Neurointegration truly brings hope; and this hope is what I wish to protect and share with all those who are in need.   Please join me by helping to fund my training, so I may learn and share these profound healing methods, while this genus doctor is still alive and available to share his original teachings.

My story starts like many of Dr. Vagt’s patients.  I had constant back pain with sciatica that disrupted my work and personal life to no end.  I had seen a number of other doctors, specialists and therapists; and I had given up on finding relief.  Then I met Dr. Vagt, and in about 45 minutes the cause and treatments were found, and the pain was then soon gone for good.  It is the underlining cause of disease that Dr. Vagt and his Neurointegration successfully finds and exactly treats, which is most impressive, and is why I want to train with him.  My medical nursing expertise is extensive; but there were many areas of my own life left unhealed, before I was introduced to Neurointegration!

Before I was introduced to Dr. Vagt and Neurointegration, I had experienced rages over things that did not really matter.  I had sleepless nights of endless rethinking and worry about a look or comment I received.  For years I had suffered from my own self-destructive behaviors of procrastination and emotional reaction.  I got distracted and moody often.  And as importantly, I was hindered by reoccurring physical injuries that never got better.  These torments continued, ...until I was healed by Dr. Vagt’s methods.  Yet in Dr. Vagt’s words, “I help you to learn what your body is telling you, to heal yourself.”

Dr. Vagt made a groundbreaking discovery many years ago.  He found many patients did not heal after correcting their physical and nutritional problems.  But then they did fully heal when their hidden subconscious mental, emotional, and/or spiritual problems were also found and corrected with Neurointegration.  Neurointegration replaces disabling symptoms and unhealthy behaviors, with new developed habits and regained health, which truly reflects how you want to feel, act and be in your life.  Neurointegration treats human illness and disease in a very practical and non-evasive way.  Dr. Vagt is known as a “problem solver” to turn to, especially if other medical specialists have not helped.  His valuable science needs to be fully learned, preserved and passed-on, while its creator is still able to facilitate this.  Dr. Vagt does more than give a patient symptom relief; Neurointegration teaches you to fish for yourself, to catch your own life’s greatest health.  Please help me get trained with this medical trailblazer, so that you and all your loved ones may have a chance to heal your chronic wounds or unhealthy behavior patterns.

Currently as I can only apprentice one-half day a week, this does not give me the opportunity to regularly see the same patients at follow-up visits.  First Responder Dr. Vagt continues to work 3 days a week.  I need to be able to apprentice 3 days a week with him, and study and/or volunteer practice 1-2 days a week.  There are other training materials and supplies or equipment that are required for the completion of this apprenticeship training.  It is about a 3 hour round trip drive to Dr. Vagt’s office from my home.  I ask for your donation of any amount, to help support my training with Dr. Vagt, while the want in our world is so great.  I commit to giving my time to work hands-on with Dr Vagt, and to study and volunteer practice full-time for one year, as well as to help Dr. Vagt complete his book on Neurointegration and Applied Kinesiology, so these gifts may be shared with the world.  Your giving can help make this happen.

As part of this objective, I will be offering volunteer Neurointegration services to those in-need in my community.  I am also offering a Neurointegration Applied Kinesiology session with me, to any supporter of $100, as this can be feasibly arranged, during or after my year of training.  In addition, I am offering a very limited-edition copy of my book, “The Science Of Muscle Testing Good Life Choices”, 2018, for all donations of $300 or more.  Finally, Dr. Vagt has offered one free office visit to all supporters that contribute $500 or more.

In life there are always physical and emotional assaults, sufferings and failures of body and mind that weaken your ability to fully function.  Dr. Lee Vagt’s Neurointegration and master Applied Kinesiology diagnostic and treatment methods and teachings must be preserved, for the greater mental and physical health they can bring to you, your community and the world at large, beyond what medicine typically can provide.  Please ensure the continuation of these healing gifts, by you now joining me to save Dr. Vagt’s teachings.  Through your valuable support, you will enable my committed apprenticeship work, to build life that is growing healthier and stronger for us all!

I thank you with all my heart,

John C. Worthington, Registered Nurse


John Worthington
Fort Bragg, CA

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