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Update 19: 

The police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who murdered Philando Castile has been acquitted.

Justice was not done. 

Update: 18: 

How are you doing everyone! Here is an update on the non-profit status of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation from his mother, Valerie Castile.

"We should have The Non-Profit Status in about 90 days because the attorneys filed all necessary paperwork. I will be reaching out to different Organizations and Business So that we can Offer More services on behalf of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation, Praise God, Amun-Ra." - Valerie

You can find more information in the updates section of the GoFundMe 

- X 

Update 17: 

How are you doing everyone! Thank you so much for donating to the Philando Castile Funds for Family Campaign!

This will be the last update I make with the campaign being active. We've reached an amazing amount and now, to expedite the funds being given to the family, I'll stop all further donations.

If you still want to donate, think about giving your money to the campaign run by Philando's sister, or giving money to the campaign for Diamond Reynolds and her daughter.

Thank you so much to everyone who involved who made this possible. You are appreciated, and loved.

- X


Update 16: 

Good morning everyone! I wanted to let you know I've spoken to a few news outlets on the campaign so far. One (The Star Tribune) has already come out.

Before I go any further I think it's necessary that I also set down, in my own words, why I started the campaign, so all of you know it directly from me.

The Black Lives Matter Movement started, for me specifically, after the execution of Trayvon Martin and America's support for letting his murderer off the hook.

I was 22 at the moment, and horrified. My family taught me America has a strong discontent towards black people, and black boys, but this the most vivid example of it I'd seen since I started paying attention to my surroundings.

If BLM started for me with Trayvon, Mike Brown & Ferguson kickstarted my need to speak on the subject. If a new generation of black minds were going to be vocal, this was the time.

Unfortunately, Mike would not be the last time many of us felt the need to speak up. We endured multiple tragedies including Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, Tamir Rice, Autumn Steele, and the list goes one.

Each time, we poured out our emotions, heart, and frustration with an American system bent on disenfranchising its most vulnerable people.

We were incensed over the death of straight, gay, trans, LGBQT, and non-heteronormative loss of life within the black community, and then, minorities at large in the US.

We hurt. Who would hear us shouting into the void for our humanity? Who would listen?

One thing did change for me over the course of Trayvon, to now. I gained a following via social media that was interested in listening to what I had to say.

July 5, 2016. We watch the execution of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge Police. Again, we were thrust into the unequal system of harassment and death we are subjected to within our country.

We thought it couldn't get any worse.

July 6th 2016. Falcon Heights. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Philando Castile is executed by officer, Jeronimo Tanez. Only a few hours after Alton. He shot four bullets into a man complying. A mother and her daughter were in the seats beside him.

We only have the capability to access the situation thanks to Miss Reynold's calm composure in a situation of death and police overreach.

A friend and I spoke to one another about starting up a campaign to help Alton's family. We were reluctant, unsure if our support would do anything to help.

A few hours later, we both saw Issa Rae took action (if you need to know more info on Issa Rae and the Alton Sterling GFM page, do a quick google search).

We commended her, and promised to support. We were both relieved, someone took the initiative, one that we were hesitant to undertake.

Again, black women stood at the forefront of helping our people, never hesitating to do what's necessary.

So when, I saw the facebook video of Philando's execution, I began speaking on the subject 11:49pm July 6th, 2016.

As I spoke on the subject, I recounted the multiple times I'd seen people take advantage of the campaign route to scam people of money when tragedies like this occurred. In most cases, the family is so distraught they are not thinking about the immediacy of asking people for help, in the free fall of a loved ones death.

This time I didn't consult my friend.

At 12:49am on July 7th, 2016 I started the campaign. That also the date of the first time I posted a link on social media to the campaign.


I started the campaign at $40,000, then brought it down to $20,000, as I thought I was asking too much. Once I posted it to social media, the campaign went viral and people quickly donated.

From that point, I raised the goal $20,000 every time the donations hit the $5000 mark before reaching its current goal.

Simultaneously, I reached out to the Castile family (specifically Valerie) via facebook. During that time a fake GoFundMe campaign claiming to be Philando's mother popped up, and was quickly taken down.

Also, a fake facebook page was set up purporting to be Valerie Castile.

It was only after a donator put me in contact with Allysza Castile, did I have my first contact with the family.

After that, I spoke to a cousin via email thanks to another mutual friend, and I was able to get in contact directly with Valerie when a friend of the family put me in contact.

I first spoke to Tracy Castile, then requested a facetime with Valerie to confirm it was the same woman I saw on CNN.

I'd made it clear in my updates on GoFundMe the only person I felt should have clearance to the money as the mother of Philando.

We discussed and then I set her down as a beneficiary.

Around this time, the campaign had hit around $125,000. It is not $180,000+

Now, many people will believe I am dishonest or a scammer no matter what I say or the receipts I update you with.

That's fine. I only care about the family being helped. This update is for the people who want to know a rough timeline.

It's also here so that, if anything comes up in any publication, you have depiction of the events to compare it with.

Love you all. Stay free.

- X


Update 15:

I spoke with the Minneapolis Star Tribune to clear any misconceptions or worries about the campaign.

Read here:

Update 14:

As stated previously, all funds given to this GoFundMe will go directly to Valerie Castile, of the Castile family.


Update 13:

Any comments that are disparaging or untruthful about the Castile family, Philando, and/or Diamond Reynolds will be deleted.

Racist/Conservative comments will be deleted as well. Plus, links to jibbery joo right wing websites will be deleted as well.

Remember, your favorite racist/conservative website is not the best place to get news and/or reality from.

Thank you!

Update 12:

Per request of the family, again, please donate directly to the GFM being done by Philando's sister. It can be found here:


Update 11: 

Update: Valerie Castile, Philando's mother, has accepted funds from the‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬ Funds for Family Campaign. This is the confirmation from the GoFundMe email.

I want to reiterate, at this point, I have no longer have any control over the funds and where they go. They will go directly to Valerie Castile.

While I understand many people's concern with Lavish and her daughter (which is completely a good point to bring up), there is a GoFundMe set up specifically to donate to her.

I made it consistently clear throughout the campaign, this would go to Philando's immediate family, with his mother being the most immediate.

Again, in the name of being transparent, I'm letting you guys know everything.


Update 10:

FYI, all money raised will be given to the family of Philando Castile. The beneficiary who will revive this money is Valerie Castile, Philando's mother.

Thank you.

Update 9:

After speaking with Valerie Castile (mother of Philando Castile) please feel free to either support this GoFundMe page or the GoFundMe page started by Philado's sister:


Update 8:

I have great news for you guys! Valerie Castile and I just spoke. I've now set up the first step for the beneficiary process for the #PhilandoCastile Funds For Family Campaign.

All money raised will go to the family of Philando. I realize this will not bring him back, but I'm happy I (and you all) chipped in to help them during this important time. Thank you.



Update 7:

(Updates 1-6 you can find below. They will begin after the section labeled "Intro." I am putting the update 7 at the top so you know what I'll be doing next.)

How are you doing everyone! More than likely, the campaign will hit 100K soon. Thank you all very much for making this possible and helping the family of Philando Castille.

- Here's what I will do next. I won't raise the goal any higher without permission from the family.

- I will reach out to contact Valerie Castile and/or her representative to set her as the beneficiary of the campaign. After speaking with her I will confirm whether or not I will continue the campaign.

- While I know people have spoke to me about using funds for Lavish Reynolds and their daughter (which is 100% important) I cannot dictate what the family ultimately chooses to do with the money. That's not my place. I only wanted to raise money to help them.

- I want to make sure Valerie Castile, ultimately, is the beneficiary attached to this campaign. I believe and uplift black mothers, and if I there is one choice I will make, I want to make sure she is the person who has control over the funds.

- I will use the time after I post this, from this point forward, towards reaching out to her so I can begin getting the information necessary to set her down as the beneficiary.

Thank you!

We lost another precious life. This time in Falcon Heights.

They stopped #PhilandoCastile over a broken tail light, then shot him as he went for his license. He is now dead.

Left behind are his family, his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and his daughter.

They shot him several times in front of his girlfriend and daughter. His girlfriend then recorded what happened via FB live.

He was shot after he complied with law by informing the police that he had a firearm and license to carry.

You can read more info here:

All funds will go to Philando's family.

If you want to help, this is how.

Update 1: For anyone checking in, my name is Xavier Burgin (@XLNB via twitter). I've spoken up on police violence and the issues we face in the past, but this time, I want to try and use my platform to help in a tangible way as well. 

You can see info on me here:

I want to make sure I'm completely transparent and honest as I curate this GoFundMe. Please feel free to reach out to me, and ask questions. 

As I said before, I will keep none of these funds, once I'm able to get in contact with the family of Philando Castile and confirm it's them, I will send all funds that are raised here to them. 

I will also use the update function to keep you up to date with all information. 

Thank you!

Update 2: A GoFundMe by Philando's sister, Moni, is up. It is confirmed it is his sister. If you feel more comfortable donating to that one. Please do! I will keep this one going as well! 


Update 3: In two days we have hit 19K, putting us right at the 20K goal. Now, I'm going to raise the goal to 40K, let's help out the family of Philando as much as possible!

Update 4: Thank you so much! We are already going to hit 40K so I'm raising the goal up to $60K for the family now!

Update 5: As we reach 60K threshold I'll be raising the goal to 80K now.

For any questions you have be sure to check the updates section of the campaign for answers!

Also, if you feel more comfortable donating directly to his sister, the link to her GFM is in this description above!

Update 6: Now that we are reachin 80K I will raise the goal to 100K. This will be the last time I raise it!


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Organizer and beneficiary

Xavier L Burgin
Los Angeles, CA
Valerie Castile

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