West Wind Acres Legal Defense Fund

West Wind Acres raised chickens, sheep, goats, pigs and cattle on pasture.  Our cattle and sheep are 100% grass-fed, we move them daily to fresh pasture where they enjoy clean fresh grasses, clovers, and weeds. We feed our cattle using Management Intensive Grazing practices, they are moved daily to fresh grass. Both the land and cattle benefit from MIG.

Each section of pasture is used for 1 day, and then has at least 21 days to recover from the pressure the animals put on it. More diverse forages grow back, thicker, and more numerous than the last grazing. Our cattle benefit, by always having clean, pathogen free pasture.

Our cattle are tended 2 - 3 times a day to insure they have proper food and water which exceed industry accepted farming practices.

We raise our meat chickens on pasture from 3-4 weeks old, until slaughter at 8-16 weeks of age.  They enjoy grass, bugs, etc. and are offered non-gmo grain as well.

Currently we have approximately 100 pigs on pasture and wood lots.  These pigs fill their bellies whatever they can root up, grass(hay in the winter), and are supplemented with non-gmo grains.

This winter was exceptionally harsh, however we kept our animals in near optimal body condition, by providing extra feed, and ensuring that they were properly hydrated.   Some days our animals were provided with fresh water as many at 5 times.  However on a few occations they were only watered 2 times per day.  On one such occation the police showed up.    You can read the rest of our story on the internet.

Three of the horses were transported to a nearby rescue farm.  The entire event was released to the media, permantly damaging the reputation of the farm, before we were able to find out all the facts and defend the allegations in open court.

Two different veterinarians have inspected all of the animals and found them to be in perfect health.  Yet these charges still need to be defended and that takes a considerable amount of legal fees.

We are a simple small farm grown from just a few animals and a loyal customer base.  It would be a shame to have to shut it all down for one unjust and unfortunate event.  West wind acres has always open about the raising practices and routinely has customers of the farm come to visit.

The go fund is to be used for bond on the horses and for any related  expenses in defending West Wind Acres, and staying in business.

Without your help, this small town farm may have to close.

Please feel free to visit the facebook page to read more.

Kindest regards with many thanks,
Friends of West Wind Acres
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    • $20 
    • 48 mos
  • Jonathan Scott 
    • $10 
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  • Ana Guevara  
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    • 50 mos
  • Erica Nicholson 
    • $25 
    • 50 mos
  • Lee and Bob Saltz 
    • $50 
    • 58 mos
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Organizer and beneficiary

Joshua Rockwood 
Amsterdam, NY
Joshua Rockwood