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Spiritual Therapists

Peter and Anna Colla have been Health Care Providers in the Phoenix area for 35 years. Over the course of the last twenty years, they both have steadily attempted to place God or Spiritual Truths into his health treatments of the people he has been blessed to treat. 

Peter felt God told him to write, so he wrote many of the experiences, observations, inspirations about spiritual therapies as well as the miracles God allowed him to witness throughout the years and published them on his blog site paulorpeter.com for everyone to see. Later self-publishing three books; 

The First Pure Therapist
Heal Yourself; "For God's Sake"
Quantum Ascension

As he recently reported on the David Nino Rodriguez Youtube channel, featured on NinosCorner TV, for at least the last fifteen years they have had a steadily increased fight against the Insurance Industry, Big-Pharma, pretty much the "System" trying to treat people no only to the symptoms, but attempting to also treat to the causes, all the causes, Body, Mind, and Spirit (Belief) with the goal of seeking healing and not just symptom maintenance. 

A Belief In Miracles With Peter Colla 

What is not reported was the attacks, constantly increasing first directly against us, denials of authorization, refusal to pay treatments, but when we treated them anyway, leading to the removal of the contracts, always using an excuse such as you are not big enough or we decided to go with another group. When that didn't stop him from treating them anyway, the people would be threatened further with denial of insurance benefits altogether! Ultimately when all financial attempts were exhausted the Big-Pharma bulldozed his building right out from under him, destroying his business of twenty-five years.

The attacks of the Cabal left no stone unturned when it came to their hatred and ruthlessness. 

When Peter called and said: "You can't do that I have a signed lease for ten years." Their answer was the same as they have said with every attack that followed; "Then sue us!" they say laughing and hang up.

This same pattern was repeated for the next ten years repeatedly; as Peter and Anna attempted to inject God into the treatments, programs, or teach other providers under their supervision to do the same, even when asked specifically by the ownership, this would be met with an immediate and often harsh elimination many times without pay, or options.

To a degree, this forced Peter and Anna underground and into a sort of stealth mode, treating using these concepts and therapies strictly one-on-one.  This didn't stop the Deep State attack in any way, the more they pressed to treat Godly concepts the more attacks came against them, first directly, when this didn't work indirectly with thefts and attacks even against their children. They even poisoned their Dog.

But just as Peter said in his interview with Nino; "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." All these attacks only made them both more resilient to push forward, write more books, print them for themselves, and give them away when they could. 


When COVID suddenly appeared, and Therapists' refused to see patients in the Phoenix area, Peter knew there was nothing to fear, so he volunteered to see patients when nobody else would. When the system realized he was using spiritual truths in the treatments, they quickly broke contracts, discarded him, and even refused to pay. 

That shutdown caused them both to lose what little savings they had as they again in 2020 tried to open their own business, not dependent on insurance payments but totally independent, even this was closed by the shut-down forcing them like many other people, to sell almost every extra, and fall deeply in debt just to service. 

But here again, they never stopped treating, as a matter of fact, they seemed to treat more just for free, had the time to write more books, one published  Quantum Ascension, and at least ten or more others almost ready for publishing; A Spiritual Therapeutic Guide for Autism, A Spiritual Therapy Answer for Cancer, Children's books for the Spiritual Solution to Bullying, Three Novels, Two Biographical Journeys to Spiritual Ascension, just to name a few.

Anna and Peter would love to fulfill their ultimate goal and that is to open up an office that treats towards Healing using Body, Mind, and Spiritual caused based issues regardless if the insurance wants to pay or not? As a madder of fact, it would be nice if the people only paid if they receive healing otherwise they need not pay anything! People, who have much pay full fee, people who have little pay little, people who have nothing spread the work or help out if they like after?


We would also like to fund the printing and distribution of the books we have already made or help in publishing and distribution of the rest, especially to people who can't afford to buy them for themselves?

"If you wish to help, we invite you on this journey we have already started through God's grace helping others in their healing."

"It is through your attempts to heal others, you yourself receive healing!"

Bless you, for reading our story.

Peter and Anna Colla


Anthem, AZ

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