Patrick McWhorter Medical Fund

Patrick McWhorter was working cows out at our Family Peak Ranch on Monday July 31st. His Brother Sterling McWhorter and son Riley were the only ones out there with him. The Steer over took him and he suffered a fractured skull and heart attack do to the trauma. With the fast efforts of Sterling and help from Riley, he somehow got Cell services and ordered for a Medical Helicopter to come to their aid. We want to thank the Petrolia Fire department for responding and doing all they could for Pat until the Air Ambulance who within 20 minutes landed right in the pasture to assist. He was flown to Redding Mercy Hospital fighting for his life.

On Tuesday August 1st, Pat went into surgery, the doctors removed a flap from his skull to relieve the pressure from his brain, and it swelled outside of his skull, but it was now at a good pressure. He was heavily sedated to keep him calm so he did not show very many signs, that was scary for all of his family and friends.

 On Wednesday August 3rd, Patrick was moving his legs, feet, and arms. He has been coughing which is a good sign. The CT scan was good except for the bruising to his brain. The pressure to his brain is at a -2.5 to -5 which h is really good and the swelling to his brain should subside in the next day or so. We will know more of what’s to come but it will be a long process and recovery.  He also opened both of his eyes when his Wife Kathy McWhorter and his nurse Tyler asked him.  Kathy was so happy as we all were to hear that. His blood pressure, which has been high and low since he has been at Mercy, went to high Wednesday night so they had to sedate him to keep him calm and level.

August 4th Friday
Update on progress of Patrick McWhorter❤️

Patrick is improving. Responding with arm and leg movements when doctor is saying,"WAKE UP PAT!! " And pressing on shoulders. Hasn't opened eyes again.
Cat scan shows no sign of any dead brain tissue, thank god!
To day they are removing pressure valve to brain because it doing good. Also they are removing the ventilator from his throat and doing a tracheotomy so he is more comfortable . He has been breathing on his own the whole time. This just makes it easier for him.
Time will tell! But we are pretty darn happy today
Thank you soooooo much everyone for your prayers, Love and concern for Patrick and our Family❤️

Update from my mom Ceva McWhorter on the actions leading up to the Air ambulance arriving . Gives me chills . My uncle Sterling and cousin Rileys actions help Pat survive!

Most of you don't know how remote our peak ranch is, or how amazing it was for Sterling E Mcwhorter and Riley McWhorter to keep Patrick McWhorter stabilized until paramedics could get there!!!
After accident they were in shock but did what they had to do.
Riley ran up to cabin to get ice while sterling tried to stop bleeding. Riley gets back and attends to his dad.
Then Sterling has to drive up on hill to get signal and calls 911. About a 15 min round trip. And when every second counts, that's a long time!
Sterling gets back, he can already hear Petrolia Fire Dept on way. (Thank you)
I'm really not sure what would of happened if it not for their swift action!!!!!
Thank you Riley and Sterling❤️ Heros to me

Our family is so thankful for all the prayers, good thoughts, and positivity. Kathy, Ashtin , Riley are overwhelmed and beyond thankful for all of the support and kindness you all have been offering.  Our Family has been asked how friends and family can help. That is why we decided to open up this Gofundme page. Pat and Kathy own a small ACE hardware that is family run. Having Pat, Kathy, and Riley all away from the store will start to be hard on them financially.  

Update Sunday August 6th, Patrick has been moving his arms and legs still. He has not opened his eyes fully again he's still in a coma . His brother Sterling Mcwhorter was in there with him and holding his had. Sterling was encouraging Pat to wake up and Pat took Sterling's hand and brought it up to his heart . He did this in more then one occasion. The Doctor was very happy when this happened. He has eye movement under his lids so that is a good sign also. Patrick will go in for another CT scan and MRI today. They also want to take the tube out of his mount hand out a trac in its place.

Thank you all again for all your support !

Update from Ashtin McWhorter on August 7th Monday

Dads MRI and CAT Scan all look good, the doctors are saying he should be waking up, so they reduced his fentanyl from 100 to 50. They are doing the tracheotomy today, also the feeding tube through his tummy procedure, and also a pic line. So, it's just a waiting game, waiting for him to wake up, and waiting to see where we go from there.

Thank you for all of the love and support, we appreciate you all ❤️

I love you, Pat the Rat ❤️

Update August 8th at 6:52 pm Tuesday from Ashtin McWhorter Patrick's daughter

Pat had a seizure and they did another CAT scan, it didn't show any change. They were also doing an EEG to check for seizures. His blood pressure and heart rate were really high today so the Doctors wanted just let him rest, from visitors. Ashtin and Kathy and family are planning on going back later tonight to check on him. It has been a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of day.

Please keeping sharing and sending positive thoughts and prayers as his fight will be long and hard. Some friends are still finding out about the accident so Facebook and sharing his page is one way to get the word out on his progress.

We greatly appreciate all of the love from friends , family and the community.

August Thursday 10th . From Patricks daughter Ashtin
Unfortunately there's no change since the last post. .Everything is stable today . Patrick sat up in a chair today and yesterday but he still has not awoken from his coma. Please keep all love and prayers coming we need them .

My heart is broken Love Ashtin -Pats daughter

Thank you again for all prayers, donations and love!

Update August 11th Friday from Kathy

Feeling thankful just got to the hospital to see Pat, sister Connie and sister Sabina are here with Riley and I. As we are walking into the room Connie says his eyes are open the nurse said they have been off and on. I go around to his left side and go to hold his hand and he squeezed my hand so tight and wouldn't let go. I was talking to him and explaining what had happened and how much we love him and how strong of a man he is. This whole time he's staring at me not taking his eyes off me. He moved his upper lip as if he was trying to smile. His blood pressure seems to go up when Ashtin or I are there. Baby steps, but I'll take whatever he's ready to give. You're prayers are working, please keep them coming. God Bless you all❤

Update August 13th Sunday from Kathy

Not much happened yesterday, squeezed my hand a few times. Waiting for Pat to wake up. Looking at possibly moving him this next week to an extended hospital care which they will monitor him and do some rehab. The goal is getting him to Santa Clara rehab, but he's not to that point yet. We're still praying he wakes soon. It's going to be long long road ahead of us, but so fortunate for family and friends. We appreciate all the kind words and prayers, please keep them coming..God Bless you all❤

Update from Ceva Courtemanche his niece . My husband and I drove to see uncle Pat yesterday August 13th . We stayed for about 2 . 5 hours going in and visiting one at a time because we had my son with us. Hayes wanted to Give uncle Pat a hug but of course we told him he can't go in right now. When I walked in uncle Pat was being monitored by the nurses . He is breathing on his own which is good and had a new machine hooked up to him which the nurse said was a good thing. I can't remember the name of it. When I started to talk to him he was moving his mouth and hand which makes me think he knew I was there with him. I stayed for about 25 min and my husband went in. Doug said he kept telling him your going to wake up an A's fan and uncle Pat didn't like that. We kept switching out so we could show him Love. Thank you everyone for the support for my Uncle and his family and all of the Mcwhorter family!


Update from Kathy August 17th - please keep sharing

Last evening I was waiting to meet Pats neurosurgeon Dr Do he had been off for a week, the nurse comes to get me and says the Dr is here and his eyes are open I fumble to get my stuff in my purse and whatever else I needed to grab I walk in the room and I see his eyes are open. Dr was slapping his shoulders and saying Pat you need to wake up you've been sleeping to long, which his eyes were open now the Dr opened them wider and said your wife is here he made me get closer and talk to him. His Dr is best of the best, he's to the point and proceeded to tell me Pat needs to be in a rehab facility he's done what he can do for his brain and now it's time for rehab. He did say we need to be more aggressive on waking him. Thanks for all the prayers, texts everything, keep them coming. Thanks & God Bless you all❤

Update August 18th from Sterling McWhorter

Hey out there, Patrick is still fighting. Wounds are healed up and he is off everything but food, water and a little oxygen. He will be going to a rehab center and out of ICU, in the redding area. We have learned all we want to know about brain injuries. One thing is that they are all different and any thing happen. Patrick has good health coverage and family/friends support and will be given the time to come back. Many patients have taken 2 or 3 months. His surgeon has been great and really believes in Pat. Pat has made a very good recovery at this point He has shown us he is in there...... Now we wait. Kathy, Ashtin, Riley, Tim and kids are staying strong and informed. I can understand the meaning of ," Hope and pray for the best but be prepared for the worst." Difficult conversations for the doctors as well.

Thanks for checking in and thinking of Patrick. Take care.

Update August 21st Monday from Kathy McWhorter

Pats been opening his eyes off and on. Nurse said he moved his right leg. Oh yea the nurse found a John Wayne movie and it's playing now, I said when it's over would you play it again. Pat is still at Mercy, will be moving sometime today. I'll keep you updated. Love to you all❤

update from Ceva August 23 Wed....

I want to thank everyone for all the love and donations . All donations will be going to pay for Uncle Pat- yearly Deductible - Medical Bills- recovery. Running a Small business is not easy especially when 3 family members are taken out of the business. Payroll costs go up and even though the team at SBA is work super hard sales maybe lost while Kathy , Pat and Riley are away. This is the very reason I set this up for Pats Family. This means a lot to our family that everyone who has contributed to his Gofundme is so generous.

Uncle Pat was moved to a long term Care facility located in Redding. Family members are there around the clock to make sure Pat is being taken care of to the best of the staffs abilities. This is a different setting from being in the ICU . Pat had a team of nurses and Doctors monitoring only a handful of patients. The new facility will be working on some rehabilitation to keep his joints moving and his blood flowing. He is still in a coma and has responded to commands such as, squeeze my hand and opening his eyes a few times. Kathy is on her way back to Redding she had to come home and work at the store for a couple days. We know he is in there and fighting. Thank you again for all of your thoughts , prayers, shares, and donations. keep it all coming we appreciate everything.

Ceva Courtemanche - Patrick's Niece

Update August 24th Monday from Ashtin McWhorter

I'm inviting all friends of my Dad, Patrick, to please visit him at Vibra, and tell him stories of things you've done together. It could help him wake up, and we just want him to recover. I'm begging you, if you have free time, please go see him. I know he would love to hear your voices and hear the stories you share, I know I love when he tells me his stories. Thank you

Update August 27th Monday from kathy McWhorter

It's been a good couple of days, Pat seems to be able to move his left side more, his arm, his hand, squeezing a lot more. Touch his toes he's moving them more to. We talk to him and with his eyes closed we say please blink if you can hear us and he blinks. Today Sabina and I were in his room and she was asking Pat to squeeze her hand and telling him to let it go, and slowly but surely he would. Beanie on one side and me on the other not sure what we were doing or looking at but we both looked at Pat at the same time we looked at each and said are his eyes open and by gosh they were slightly opened and he opened a little more it lasted about a minute I told him how much I loved him and how much we need him with my hand in his when I said that he squeezed my hand tight and lifted it to his stomach. We cried and said that's the best thing ever. I know it's going to be a long long journey, but praying each day will be a good one. Prayers are working, he needs so many more. Thanks to all of you wonderful people. God Bless. Also my thoughts and prayers to the young man hurt in the football game. Prayers to his family

Update August 30th wed from Kathy McWhorter

Sitting here with Pat, I'm feeling so impatient for him to wake. I know he has to heal but this is the toughest thing to have to go through. Yesterday he opened his eyes for a very short time today I haven't seen his eyes. I feeling so sad and heartbroken missing my better half. I'm so thankful for all who have been here with us. Thanks to you all for the prayers and texts and kind words. He still need all the prayers you can spare. Thank you, God Bless❤

Update September 8th Friday from Kathy McWhorter

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, still waiting for Pat to wake. Some days are better, than others for him. Looks like the swelling in his brain has gone way down, which is great. Some days his eyes are opened more often than others. When he wakes and can follow commands they are suppose to move him to Santa Clara for rehab, I can't wait for that. They tell us to be patient but it's harder than heck. Yesterday was a tiring day for Pat, the day before he had his eyes opened quite a bit. His nurse yesterday was doing his rounds and Pats eyes were open and he said he was looking right at him, then I spoke and shifted his eyes towards me. We take that as a good sign. We do therapy on his arms legs and feet a few different times a day for his joints and hopefully it will help with his memory. Thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming. Love to you all, God Bless

Update September 11th Monday from Ceva McWhorter

Patrick McWhorter had his eyes open most of the day yesterday. Seems like at times he is tracking movement.
Today, I think he is a little tired. Has opened his eyes off and on. I gave him a nice shave. Love him so much!!! Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, love and support❤️

Update September 12th Tuesday from Sterling McWhorter

Visited Patrick tonight. He is really progressing since last visit. He looked right at me and held and rubbed my hand for a long time. He was listening and really seemed to understand. He liked seeing my cowboy hat. Swelling on brain mostly gone. Cindy had not seen him in a while and was really impressed with his progress. His wife and sisters have made sure he is very well looked after. There has been a family member with him everyday, all day long. So proud of his strength and fight. I told him we took Quintin down to Cal Poly for college and that he would be riding broncs and roping on the rodeo team and I swear he cracked a little smile. Uncle Pat has been a great fan and sponsor for Q. We will spend the day with him tomorrow. Very uplifting. Take care, Ster

Update September 21st Thursday from Kathy McWhorter

Yesterday I had a great visit with our nephew Doug, Pat was resting and Doug started talking to Pat and by gosh he opened his eyes Doug continued talking and Pat started moving his lips like he was trying to talk to Doug. I looked at Doug and said he's trying to talk to you and Doug said I think so to. I hugged Doug and cried any new thing is a big thing. He sleeps most of the time, they say he gets tired very easily and he needs to rest so the brain can heal. We do therapy with his legs arms feet, last evening when I was working with his left leg it was twitching and moving differently than before that's something new also. He has a long road ahead of him, but this is where I need to be. The prayers are working, keep them coming. Love to you all, God Bless❤

Update September 23rd Sunday from Ceva McWhorter

Update on my sweet amazing brother, Patrick McWhorter❤️
He is working so hard to make his way back to all of us! Gave him a shave and a bit of a haircut this morning. Cindy (Shane's wife) and I did some PT with him. He got a great foot massage from Cindy Jacobsen McWhorter. Seemed to really enjoy it until he got a cramp in his foot. He definitely let cin know!!! His weight is holding strong! 166.
He could possibly have his trake removed next week.
Thank you everyone for your continued support and love o you all, God Bless❤

Update October 14th 2017 Saturday from Kathy McWhorter

Sorry I haven't written any updates lately, to be honest sometimes I don't know where to start. Had a nice visit with Shane and Cindy, Tony Sauers and Cindi Petrusha. It's always wonderful to see our friends and family. Shannon and Ben were here also this week, Ceva stayed with Pat so I could go home and do some work. I got to spend some time with my children and grandchildren. Pat seems to recognize people more and more, and can stay focused longer. While I was sitting next to Pat he has a hand therapy ball we give him to squeeze, he dropped it so I picked it up as I was giving it back to him I noticed he raised his hand a little as if he was reaching for it. I thought I'm going to raise this target bag and see if he reaches for it, and by gosh he raised his hand and grabbed the bag. I was thrilled, as I was sitting next to him I noticed him reaching towards me and I said do you want to touch my face I leaned over and he did. I cried and told him how proud I am and how great he's doing. I had my sweatshirt on and I was standing next to Pat he had his ball in his hand and reached over to my pocket puts the ball in there and messes with it for awhile and then takes it out. I have my visitor tag on and it's on a string and he reaches for it and grabs it. Let me tell you what a night, and then he reaches his hand up and rubs the top of his nose, few minutes later he rubs his eye. Not everyday is going to be like that, but I will take whatever I can get. He has a long long journey ahead of him. We prayed for him to wake and he did. Now I ask for more prayers so he can follow commands. When that can happen the extensive rehab will begin. Love to you all, God Bless❤

Update November 10th 2017 Friday from Kathy McWhorter

Sorry I haven't written lately wasn't sure what Pat's next step would be. Met with a case manager from Santa Clara Valley Medical last Friday. She wasn't sure if Pat met the criteria for there rehab so we were looking maybe at a place in Elk Grove. On Monday I got a call from Lindsey from Santa Clara Valley Rehab saying she would like to have a conference call with the Dr, herself Ashtin, Saudia and myself. The call went well, they feel Pat meets the criteria for Journey to Recovery which is at the same hospital and same Dr's but requires more care. The Dr. explained to us Pat had a severe brain injury no promises on recovery, he will endure 3 hours a day 6 days a week very intense therapy. For insurance purposes he needs to make improvements or they will discharge they authorize 2 week interval. So please pray he makes improvement so he can stay the 6 to 8 week, or he will be discharged to home which will be 24 hour care. Not going to lie that makes me so nervous. I truly feel Pat is in there, it has to be so frustrating not being able to talk. He's going to have to learn everything over, but I'll be right by his side. Love him with all my heart. He still could use all the prayers you can spare. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words. God Bless, Love to you all.......

Update November 27, 2017 from Kathy

What a special moment between 2 brothers. Pat wears the helmet due to the bone flap out of his skull, safety reasons. You can definitely tell the love between these two. I'm thankful that Pats here in Santa Clara Rehab, there wonderful. It amazes me on the things he can do. Was so happy that Sterling was able to see how a day of therapy goes. Sterling was able to see him standing with the help of PT and a standing machine, but to see him in that position is awesome. OT is working on helping him to learn to dress himself. Its a little tougher with right side not working praying that will come, being he's right handed. He gets a little restless with his left side, trying different things that he can focus on. PT works on his stretching, standing and working with the right side. Speech is giving him little ice chips, they have to monitor his swallowing due to choking. They give him objects to see if he remembers what to do with them, they gave him a flashlight and said it's off can you turn it on it took a minute and he did, then he would turn it off and on. I gave him a tablet and pen he's right handed he took it with his left held the pen and would turn the pages he amazes me. Little steps but I'll take anything, he's the strongest man I know. I just want to say thank you to you all for everything, it means the world to all of us. Thanks for the kind words, prayers, and all the love. As you can see the prayers are working, please keep them coming. You're a good man Patrick McWhorter, love you with all my heart. Love to you all, God Bless(Sorry not sure how to crop pics)

Update from Kathy Mcwhorter December 16th

Just want to share Pats progress, he's walking with robotics it's huge he didn't fight it or panic he just went with it. It actually walks for him but he's bearing weight and shifting his hips by himself. It helps stimulate the muscles, and helps remind his brain. Had a great family meeting they plan on keeping him through the eleventh of January, and the more progress the longer he will stay. Today he got to have chocolate pudding, first food he's had since July 31. He did awesome have to make sure he's swallowing properly. He also said yea in a low voice. He gave her thumbs up three times, and would squeeze her hand and release on command. OT help get him dressed and he's helping, and even bridges and helped pull his sweats up. These are huge accomplishments, thanks for all the prayers please keep them coming. Love to you all, and God Bless❤

From Kathy Mcwhorter 1/4/18
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, mine was quiet. Pat continues to make positive steps in the right direction. He's learning how to dress himself, with not being able to move his right side it makes it more difficult, and not being able to sit up by himself. He lifts his left leg to put in the pants and with his left hand pulls up. He helps put his shirt and helmet on, brush his teeth and shave. OT does this everyday to train his brain and to help remember . He's able to sit in his chair with a chest strap and a seatbelt. He is getting stronger. He seems to be focusing for longer periods of time. I'm waiting for the day he starts talking again, but if it doesn't come back we will figure a different way to communicate. He has said a few words, and he is trying to talk. He is trying to tell me things and I feel so bad because I'm not sure what he is wanting. He does get mad and frustrated, it's part of the process with not being able to speak. This is a wonderful facility. I'm still waiting on if they are going to take Pat in Bakersfield. I pray that will be our next journey, a wonderful place also. The little things we take for granted in our everyday life, is a monstrous task for Pat. Thanks for the continued prayers, and if you wouldn't mind he could still use them. Love to you all, and God bless

Update from Kathy McWhorter 1/10/18

Well here we are, Bakersfield CNS. I'm excited for this next journey. Pat will be getting therapy five days a week six hours a day. They are working on life lessons. He's staying in an apartment with another patient and there's care 24 hours a day when he's there. On weekends they will continue teaching everyday things, like washing his clothes, shopping going to the movies etc. Having him remember how it was before the accident. Heading over to the apartment now to bring his clothes. You're prayers are working, please keep them coming. God Bless, love to you all❤️

Update from Kathy 1/12/18
Just a little update on Pat he had a great day at the clinic. Went back to the apartment went over transferring went well. He went out to his mailbox and by gosh he took the key and turned and opened his box. So if you would like to send a card feel free the address is 2500 Gosford Road apt 212 Bakersfield Ca 93309. He also mopped the kitchen floor. Oh yea when he was at the clinic today I was told they are very excited about Pat and very hopeful. Music to my ears. God Bless, love to you all❤

Update February 1st From Kathy

Hello friends just a little update on Pat. We are now settling into life here in Bakersfield. It's hard to believe it's been six months since Pat's accident, so very thankful he's still with us. It's been quite a journey. Pat is doing well in the apartment the staff are all so kind. The clinic is amazing they are pleased with the progress Pat is making. They give Pat points on his progress at the apartment he started out at 24 and now is 40 that's great. We all feel he's trying to talk hopefully with time. Its mentally exhausting not going to lie, I pray one day I'll walk in and he will say hi Kathy. Little steps I know. Love to you all, God Bless

From Kathy McWhorter March 11th

Had a great visit with Sterling and Cindy today. They said Pat so knew who they were. Got back to Bakersfield on Friday had a great visit at home stayed longer than normal. Saudia and Ceva were here with Pat which makes it easier to be home. They are so wonderful with him and the love is so special. Thanks Shane and Cindy for dinner it’s was nice to catch up. Pat seems to be doing better they put him back on the amantadine, they weaned him off to see if he needed it and decided to start it again. I’m glad he’s back on it, he seems to be more alert, and doing more, thank god. Pat and I had a couple bad weeks when they took the medication away it was hard to see him down and not really doing much. On to another week I pray it’s a good one. I can’t say enough good stuff about CNS, awesome people who work here. Thanks for all the prayers, please keep them coming. I want to thank you all so much for the cards I’ll have to take a picture of what I’ve done with them. Love to you all, God Bless

Words from Kathy Mcwhorter 5/17/18

Sorry I haven’t written in a bit, been a rough month. Thankful for Pats sisters. Pat had surgery April 13 in Bakersfield to put in his bone flap back on. The hospital was a joke couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He went into the hospital in his wheelchair and was discharged in a gurney for a 12-13 hour ride home. It was horrible to say the least. We left Bakersfield at 7:30 in the morning and got to Crescent City and 7:30, he was in such pain it was heartbreaking. He wasn’t given any pain meds for the ride home. After getting home 3 1/2 hours later I had to call the ambulance. He had a bladder infection, swelling on the brain and some kind of fluid. Long story short he was airlifted back to Bakersfield. Drove back to Bakersfield got there around 1:15 in the morning, we were told to meet surgeon at 6:00 am. Sterling, Sabina and I met him, he said he didn’t feel we were going to be able to care for him, devastated to say the least. By this time he had been sleeping 36 hours. We went to the hotel to rest, returned a couple hours later and by gosh he was wide awake. He stayed there until Friday, Sterling and I drove him home. He had his stitches removed and got a horrible infection and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. He had surgery to remove infection and was discharged on Wednesday. On Saturday his feeding tube came out, back to the hospital. What a trooper he is, he’s one tough guy definitely not a quitter. He had a setback, but he’s coming back. Not knowing what he understands makes it difficult, but I know he understands more than we know. The brain is an amazing thing hopefully it keeps connecting and rerouting. Thanks for the prayers. Love to you all, God Bless

Thank you for all the Shares and donations ! This GoFundMe has given Kathy a piece of mind and has taken a big load off her shoulders financially ! Thank you also to everyone who has donated at Redwood capital bank under Patrick & Kathy Mcwhorter donation account! We greatly appreciate everything ❤️ Ceva Patrick's niece

Another option to donate :

Redwood capital bank in Fortuna, Eureka, and Arcata . Under Patrick and Kathy Mcwhorter donation fund. Go to any teller!!

We are also working on a benefit for Pat soon at the River lodge so Family, Friends, and the community can come support this beautiful family through this difficult time. We will post Updates so everyone will know the progress.


Ceva Courtemanche – Ceva McWhorters daughter and Pat Mcwhorters Niece
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