Get your biceps out to fight COVID-19

Self-isolating? Good!  Me too.. Only I feel like I could be doing more, so I've come up with this campaign to try raise money and see what we can all collectively do at home while our amazing nurses, healthcare workers and doctors are working night and day.

So get the biceps out for the Push-Up Challenge. A way of getting YOU physically active at home while raising what we can to provide more support to our hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic here in Ireland.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Officially & Proudly Supporting
The Mater Hospital ICU & Healthcare Staff Dublin
The Mercy University ICU  & Healthcare Hospital Cork

How you can help
See how many push ups you can do (take a video/photo)
⭐Nominate 3 people to do the same
@ Share the above #thepushupchallengeIRE
Donate what you can

And let's see how much money we can raise to support our frontline healthcare staff!

Where will funds raised go?
I am dedicating this campaign to both the Mater ICU in Dublin and the Mercy Hospital ICU in Cork to support the mental health of healthcare workers and the necessary equipment needed to treat COVID-19 in their respective Intensive Care Units.

About The Mater Hospital, Dublin and The Mercy Hospital, Cork during COVID19
- The Mater Hospital is one of the main hospitals in the country serving the east of the country and will be at the centre of the fight against Covid-19.
- The Mercy Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Munster and will be treating large numbers of Covid-19 patients.
- These two hospitals will treat many Covid-19 patients while also still caring for other patients with life threatening conditions, they need as much support as possible.
- We are all facing into the unknown for what the full impact of Covid-19 will be.
- Increased cases of the corona virus are certain and both hospitals are prepared as best they can. The government has committed funding to support our hospitals but more will be needed.
- Both Hospitals will continue to support patients with other medical needs during the crisis so funds may also be used in other areas of the Hospitals if Covid-19 demands are met.

Support for Hospital staff
The staff at the Mater and Mercy Hospital are at the front line of the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19. They are working around the clock and going the extra mile to protect all of us.  One of the greatest needs for staff in the weeks and months ahead is ensuring that they have the supports they need to help them to deal with the psychological and emotional trauma that they will have to deal with, their mental health. Many of them will contract Covid-19 and become ill themselves.

As Dr. Helen Richards, Clinical Psychologist at Mercy University Hospital told us…
“Protecting the mental health of frontline staff is important for the control of COVID-19 and the care of patients in the weeks and months ahead, and for the long-term mental health of staff”

We have some of the best doctors, nurses and support staff in the in world working in our hospitals. As the Taoiseach said “not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs and gowns”.

They spend their lives putting others before themselves.

Now is our time to help them.

Get in touch
Let me know if you have any ideas or would like to help the campaign in any way:

Instagram: @emmypingpong
Twitter: @EmmyCoffeyN

More on why you should donate:
It's become quite clear that our health services will be running well over capacity under extremely challenging conditions. Let's see what we can do to support each other’s brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, mums, dads, daughters, sons, grandsons, granddaughters, granddads and grandmothers who might be the ones to suffer from Covid-19.

- Ireland currently has 255 critical care beds nationwide  (which falls short of current international standards of 11.5 beds per 100,000 population).
- Contingency plans are in place to expand "critical physical capacity" under the National Action Plan for COVID-19 announced March 16th 2020
- Suggested figures by An Taoiseach reveal a projected 30% increase in cases everyday
- By end of March it is anticipated that Ireland will have 15k cases
- 6% of cases will be critical (based on projections 900 people will require critical care)
- Irish Health services are focusing on securing more critical care beds and ventilators
- The cost of ventilators are moderately priced at approx. €5,000~ (outside of a peak pandemic)
- ICU training can cost up to approx. €10,000~ to train healthcare workers (according to Mercy Hospital in Cork)

Feel like you can help out more: Take a look at our friends at Feed the Heroes supporting healthcare workers get the food they need while working long hours tending to patients:


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- Irish National ICU Audit Report 2018; 

- Guidance document for the Intensive Care Management of the adult patient with confirmed or suspected Novel Coronavirus 2019

- National Action Plan on COVID-19;

- RTE News - 30% Increase in cases of Covid 19 per day ;

- World Health Organization - Coronavirus
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Organizer and beneficiary

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