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APRIL 2019:
A friend asked for help near her place of work (in a home) and a massive team of us has a project like no other. TNR and saving babies all over a 2 block area in Van Nuys. We need support, we need donations, we need adoptions, we need fosters, we need sleep! Thank you!

Kitten season is 12 months a year in Los Angeles. We are going full on with a group of other amazing trappers from the 818 and a few that I network with in Echo Park and Long Beach. Everyone is working nonstop to get the cats fixed and vax'ed and into homes if they are adoptable.
This year I picked up 2 projects near and dear to me:
1) I began trapping the cats at Balboa Park where I have been running the past several years. While they have a regular feeder, they were not fixed. So.... a team of us began fixing and vetting all of the cats there so they can live a safer happy life and stop mating!
2) a block over from my house, a kitten and cat explosion happened.  As of mid-March, this is a new project, but we will get this under control and updates will come soon. I need donations for all TNR related items and kittens on the property -- THANK YOU!

UPDATE AS OF 10/21/18
The Orion Avenue Kitten Fund is being used to help spay/neuter/vet and care for the cats that Deborah Blakely Averill's mother takes care of. Deborah, our late colleague from CSUN, passed away in June, and her mother needs help caring for many cats. Deborah always shared stories with me about going to her moms to help care for the community cats, giving kittens flea baths, and helping her mom out. A recent ask to step in and help will leave us with 4 baby kittens (see above: 1 orange, 2 tabby, 1 tortie) that need homes around December 15th (approx.). More details to come. Donations will be used for the Blakely cats. Interested adopters should email me for more photos of the kittens as they are growing up ([email redacted])Thank you!

2017 :
I am trying to spay/neuter all of the kittens and cats that have exploded on Orion Avenue during this kitten season. I am working alone and would be so thankful for any support you can offer. I need homes for the babies (approx. 8 weeks old) too!

I am estimating I have between 8-10 more kittens/cats to trap and have gotten 3 of them so far.

Please remember - spay and neuter is the only way to help this problem. Thank you!
If you wish to send a check/cash, please email me. If you would rather pay my vet directly, I will give you her information for payment.

Update as of 7/17:
I have now trapped 3 adult cats, 1 older kitten, and 2 baby kittens.
- The 2 baby kittens have been homed: the baby tabby (Zelda) was flown to Nashville on 7/12 and living the good life with my mother; the black baby boy is being taken care of by Best Friends rescue and will be homed.
- 3 adult cats (2 males/ 1 female) have been vax'ed, spayed/ neutered, and returned safely to the colony where they are fed and with their cat families. 
- 1 older female kitten  (born across the street in late October) was spayed, vetted, and will be going to a home later this week!

Update as of 7/18:
- the older female kitten is going to her new home on 7/19; she got a clean bill of health from Dr. Chang today
- the black baby boy kitten that Best Friends took for me found his forever home with an ex-Marine; I am told he loves to snuggle.
These two success stories from today and your donations will further my trapping efforts. I still have 3-4 more kittens out there to catch and am making a dent on the adult baby-makers. 

Update as of 7/25:
This morning, with the help of a neighbor, I caught 3 baby tabby kittens. Male/ Female/ Male. One was caught bare-handed, and the other two were in my trap. They are probably all siblings and will be fixed/vetted today. I need home and donations for them asap!

Update as of 8/03:
The litter of 3 are doing fantastic with their foster. 2 of them still need homes-- a boy and a girl. They will be ready for home in about a week after they are fixed.  They are currently about 7 weeks old.

Update as of 08/28:
The last 3 kittens that I trapped are settling into their new homes well. Their foster mom kept one baby girl and named her Azazel; and the boy/ girl were adopted together and live in a great home with 2 other cats and a family - named Tango and Cash! I will resume trapping next week!

Update as of 10/01: 
I have taken in a litter of 5 "tuxedo" kittens from another street (they are now Orion Avenue spare bathroom kittens) and this is going to be a large project. I need donations for vet care, supplies, food, etc. All 5 cats will need homes. More updates tomorrow on health and status of the kittens.

Update as of 10/02:
3 male/ 2 female kittens.  FIV/FELV negative. Eating, sleeping, drinking, and will be fully vetted, fixed, vax'ed for the next 4 weeks until they are ready for homes the last week of October. It's going to be a lot of work for the next month!

Update as of 10/09:
The 5 babies are doing great and will be ready for homes November 1st. They are healthy, growing, playing, and eating non-stop. Cash donations are always most useful, but if you want to donate supplies, I can always use them (litter, paper towels, method anti-bac spray, royal canin baby cat dry food, method or 365 brand laundry soap). I also always needs bags for litter (recycle your grocery/ shopping bags to me).

Update as of 11/17:
2 of the 5 kittens have been adopted into amazing homes. I am so happy for them and their new parents and cat siblings. I still have a male and female available for adoption. 1 male will stay with us and has been named Fitzgerald. We are so happy to have him. Thank you to everyone for your donations, networking, sharing, and support. I could not have done this without everyone!

Update as of 12/01: 
I trapped a male russian blue/ english shorthaired this morning. He is about 12 weeks old and was neutered this morning, given shots, tested, and treated for fleas. Otherwise, very healthy! Going to a foster home this evening. 
Adopted on 12/04 to an amazing loving home. Thanks, Ashtar. 

Update as of 01/05:
Starting 2018 off strong. A colony of kittens has exploded two blocks over and I began active trapping on January 2nd. So far, we have trapped 7 kittens/ cats and gotten them fixed, shots, and cared for. Most are being released back into the colony, but we are trying to find homes for the baby kittens. If you can open your heart and home, please contact me.
6- week old tabby female was trapped and needed a lot of ER care due to kitten anemia. She is going to pull through, but will need a loving home very soon.
I've bought more traps and supplies and am making more trips to get cats fixed. Please support!

Update as of 01/14:
I have trapped more kittens in the colony, and several adults cats. By buying more traps, I have trapped 2-4 cats per day and gotten them all fixed and vaccinated. 
Our 6 week old tabby turned a corner with her anemia and will be fine - yeah!
However, we have a 9 week old female tabby that needs a home. She is in foster -- fixed, chipped, healthy, shots, etc. Back to trapping this week....

Your donations have paid for: vaccines, medications, flea control, spaying/ neutering, food, supplies (crates, bait food, trash bags, cleaning supplies, towels, blankets), and a flight to Nashville-  THANK YOU!

None of this could be possible without the amazing support of The Animal Clinic of Encino.

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