Operation : Elf Rescue (Or Save Elfie!)

Greetings to you!
We are Thomas and Crystal (Or, as people know us online, InsanityPlee and Elfondashelf1), and it's nice to meet you. Like most of you, we are both lifelong gamers with a lifetime of scars and memories that we like to share on our streams and through our discords, hoping to lift up others through our struggles.
I guess I will tell you a little about me until Crystal gets here. I am a 40-year-old man who uses He/Him pronouns; thank you for speaking to me. I have been a streamer/gamer since before the original Gameboy was new, lol! I have been a part of twitch since its inception (my account is older than twitch...ask me how sometimes) and have loved watching all the fantastic communities grow over the years. I have always tried to support other streamers and communities, helped where I could, and strived to be an ally rather than a foe to those who need it. (Though admittedly, not as successfully as I set out to be at times)
Now I come to you asking for help, as I have before because I know what the online community can do. Through several factors, Crystal and I find ourselves in a position with few options and many consequences for even the slightest misstep. She is in a mentally and emotionally abusive place; she will share what she can and is being forced out by Halloween on top of it!
We need your help to prevent her from becoming homeless!
I will let her tell you a little about her situation, then outline our plan...but first a little about how we met...
Funnily enough... she and I were brought together by streaming and Super Animal Royale! She came in on a raid for my birthday stream, and what can we say...she just never left! (and I couldn't be more grateful) She and I grew close very quickly, which then just as quickly blossomed into a relationship. Limited by the distance and opportunities available to us, we like to do various things together, but obviously, we dream of being together. We listen to music, go on video call walks, watch streams/shows together, play games, and do anything else we can! She is my complimentary other half, the person I love, and I want nothing more than for her to be
1. Safe and not homeless
2. In my arms

OH…there she is. Why don't I let you hear it in her own words.
Hello! I am Crystal or Elfie to most. I am a 30-year-old woman and use she/her pronouns. I was introduced to the PC gaming world about age 10, and consoles before that, with the game “Runescape” and have never really stopped loving the game. I started my streaming career about 2 years ago streaming Runescape and Among Us and have since become a Super Animal Royale/Variety streamer. I have recently become a content creator for Super Animal Royale as well.
I always try to lift others up and be supportive when I can, but I am currently facing some hardships of my own. I have been living with very toxic family members in North Carolina since the beginning of the pandemic and have recently been told they want me out by Halloween. I work a fast-food job and have not yet been able to secure the funds to do so.
I have been subjected to a very toxic home life, including but not limited to screaming, fighting, manipulation, constantly being torn down emotionally, cockroaches, mice destroying all my personal belongings, and much more.
I no longer just desire to be out of this toxic environment; it's become a need. I need to be with my love, InsanityPlee, or I could face homelessness shortly.
Anything you guys are willing to help with is hugely appreciated, I NEED out of here.
Thank you for reading!
So as you can see, we need to get her out of there. To do that, we need to accomplish a few things...
1 . Get her moved from North Carolina to Oregon (to be with me) where we have
2 . Better access to Physical and Mental health resources
3 . Better access to jobs and transportation to get there (Mass public transit available here)
4 . Family and friends for support (All that's available there are the toxic relatives)
Why we need this money and what it goes to -
1. Transportation by bus/plane (cheapest option) to Oregon
2. Get moved into a place, most likely a room for rent situation at the start.
3. Have enough to survive the first month (as she will have a job when she gets here, and I will hopefully have one shortly)

Fundraising team: Pleezing Our Shelf (2)

Thomas DuBois
Portland, OR
Crystal Swindle
Team member

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