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Getting Balucas Back on His Feet

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Below are the details a little more scientifically but here's the deal...

Rob's a little bit of a "man down" right now. He took a knock and needs some time to regroup, regenerate and get back on his feet. With that, there's really nothing he should be thinking about besides recovery, rehabilitation and getting better. The page has been pulled together at the request of a WHOLE BUNCH of folks who are looking out for him and pulling for him to rally quickly.

So, if you can spare it, please do.
The intent is to pull together enough funds to take care of his day to day expenses to make sure recovery is all he really needs to think about.

What Happened:
During a half ironman training ride,   Rob lost control of his bike on a descent and his back wheel slipped out from underneath him causing him go over the railing (essentially go off a cliff). A log stopped his fall about  20 feet down, saving him from another 80 feet or so of a fall. Thankfully he was conscious and able to call out and two ascending bikers heard him and called 911. He was admited to Marin General where he underwent spinal surgery and is currently recovering in ICU.

What Are His Injuries:
From the fall he fractured his left clavicle, and his left lung was collapsed 70%. He also has an T12/L1 fracture in his back along with some minor scratches.



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Kimberley Brennan
Sausalito, CA
Katherine South

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