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Hair of the Dog

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The filmmakers
My name is Michael Butts, and I am an up-and-coming filmmaker with One Bandit Productions. I am honored and feel privileged to have teamed up with two talented award-winning filmmakers, Scott Crain of Bar Sinister Films and Ryan Rehnborg of Surly Urchin Studios. Together, Scott and Will have won multiple awards at various film festivals throughout the Middle Tennessee area. These films include: “Little Red,” “Moonshine,” and “The Rat King.” Between the three of us, we plan to produce a film later this October. In order to generate the best quality film possible, we are currently fundraising and collecting donations. Hopefully, with your help and generosity, we will be able to meet our goal, and create a powerful yet entertaining film we can ultimately share with the world.

 The project
Describes a middle-age man’s journey of attempting to get his life back on track by attending AA meetings, salvaging his marriage, and forming a bond with his teenage daughter—all while coming to terms with the fact he’s a werewolf.

This will be a new perspective on a classic tale by bringing a twist of horror elements to an intense emotional drama.

Where's funding going?
In order to produce the best quality film, I would need $10,000 to fund this project. These donations will help cover the expenses of the cast, crew, film equipment, post-production, food services, location permits, and film festival fees. 

For every individual who donates, you'll get a "thank you" film credit regardless if you donated $1 or $500. I'm currently working on getting additional "rewards," but as of now, this is what you'll receive in return for your donation: 



  • Mariah Jones
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Michael Butts
Thompson's Station, TN

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