Black & Native Educational Justice #OnaFuture

Welcome, my name is Phoenix! Thank you for being here! I'm mom! And here’s a little about me... I'm a single solo parent raising my daughter alone, disabled veteran, indigenous to the PNW of the Tlingit & Haida Nations, and have spent my life as a human rights, political, suicide prevention, educator and servant leader. 
My amazing daughter is Ona! She just graduated 8th grade with the “Jeanne-Marie Klepper Award” reserved for a “Renaissance student who is caring, responsible, self-determined, and has diverse interest driven toward intellectual goals.” In her short time she has influenced many during her own social advocacy. She is Black and Indigenous, a gifted writer & artist, and deeply engaged in her academic success!
Ona was accepted to an amazing private school! It's a diverse school including international students, has a strong emphasis on arts, building future leaders, creating a more just society, and nurtures students in a uniquely supportive way that I truly believe fits Ona's learning style. It’s close to our home and even includes meals that accommodate her dietary medical restriction plus additional learning support resources she needs sometimes!

We are survivors of domestic violence. Her father has been estranged most of her life but suddenly became motivated to be involved when the pandemic hit. Unfortunately he promised to file the tuition assistance application but never did. By the time I found out it was too late and I was saddled with $40k. The hopeful news is that a significant portion of students who need assistance get 100% tuition help. So we'll have to get through this first year on our own! 
Ona has endured so much more than anyone ever deserves, especially at such a young age. You name it, we've been through it. Ona’s endured homelessness in a tumultuous economy that statistically pays and employs Native women like me less than all others, She’s lived her life in a rocky political terrain that has stolen a lot of childhood peace from her, plus a lot of solitude (my mothers faraway family faces a lot of intergenerational trauma that leaves them unavailable as a support system, my abusive father and his family aren’t safe for us, and her fathers parents were never really in the picture)… Much of the rest would be too hard to fully write about here. Despite this, we prevail! I try to teach her to find moments of joy, opportunity, and build what she can with good people.

Ona is a leader amongst her cultural youth group, has been featured in local media for her community work, and her friends know her as the caring responsible friend they can turn to. But she’s still a sweet young girl at heart who loves cuddles with her mama and knows she can lean on me. We both work as a team to engage with her educators, chosen family, and guardian angels along the way to support her childhood experiences and success. And for that we are forever grateful. That is why we trust this is possible! With your help!!

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We’re asking for your help to contribute towards her education. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check for updates!

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Thinking more about giving?

We're calling on all allies to donate! Please check the updates section for a reason why education justice for Native & Black students is important. And we’re also calling on dedicated allies to practice redistributing privilege through allotting a monthly contribution to practice deeper ally work!

We're graciously asking for BIPOC friends and leaders to intentionally reinvest your support and wealth back in to our own community so we can build our future together through investing in one of our children's bright future!
We are seeking special givers who are enthusiastic about protecting our future and can boost Ona further up with an amount larger than $1,000! As a thank you we will deliver a special hand made gift. 

We are seeking important benefactors who have access to more resources that allow them to substantially contribute in amounts larger than $5,000 to be the wind beneath Ona's wings! As a thank you to guardians we would like to extend an invitation to share a private dinner with us. 


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