Off Grid Sunshine Watering System for Cedar Hedge

Farming depends on a lot of things but water is its most important resource. A constant supply of water is essential, but even then, it all comes down to a fine balance - too much water and you are stuck with ruined crops. Too little water and you have no plants at all.

Cedar Hedge Farm has great potential, but it needs a regular supply of water. Simply put, we are looking for some help to install an irrigation system. Everything we do at the farm is based on being as environmentally friendly as possible. We source heirloom seeds. We use fertilizer that is 100% naturally based. In keeping with our farming philosophy the irrigation model we wish to use is an off-grid system that is solar powered. The parts needed for this system are composed of durable, environmentally friendly materials that have a lengthy lifespan. These cost more but at the end of the day, we believe that sending truckloads of single season use materials to the landfill is simply bad for the planet.

In 2020 we saw a 12 week period without significant rain that resulted in a significant loss of crops. Our cucumber crop was cut 80%. For all of you who toiled in your backyard gardens last summer, try to imagine watering an acre and a half with little more than collected rainwater spread over the crops manually with an assortment of watering cans. Hours were spent in the effort to keep the plants alive, but, for some, to no avail.

Climate change has been difficult to deal with, and the patterns that are emerging are getting scary. If the weather holds to the events of the last 5 to 7 years we can expect at least 6 weeks and more likely up to 10 or more weeks without significant rainfall in 2021. Depending on which weeks, this could mean the difference between having a crop and not.

An off the grid watering system that would take advantage of the sunny days when there is no rain makes good sense for the farm, and the planet as well.

A bit about the farm:
In 2013 we purchased a commercial cornfield, and then the adventure began. Over the past years we have been working hard to build a farm and practice the type of farming that’s better for the planet.

The first goal of the farm is to produce food in a manner that is healthy for both the person eating it and the environment as a whole. We want to limit our carbon footprint and remove all non-natural fertilizers and pesticides. The farm is organic without formal certification. We use more manpower and solar rather than gas power and in the end are trying to create a self-sustaining environment. This means that we may not produce the prettiest vegetables…but they are healthier for the consumer in the end.

At the End of the Day...
I know that there are better things to donate to. Hey, even helping the person on the corner is probably a more appropriate use of your time and money.
That said, I have always hated to ask for help, but please understand that we are looking for a hand up not a handout.
Our goal would be to pay back every dollar raised, through fresh local food donations to a local food banks and kitchens.

If you want more info on the farm and how we do things, check out:
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