Oceana Phenomena-Sea Level Stories

The next big Oceana Phenomena Event will be at the Annapolis Maritime Museum July through December 2022. We are raising funds to add more "messengers" to this exhibit! Stay tuned for exciting updates on the events surrounding this exhibit! Please join us in supporting Annapolis' fight against the rising waters that plague this beautiful and historic city!

Hi, my name is Jane Lawton Baldridge and I am fundraising for my environmental awareness art project, Oceana Phenomena-Sea Level Stories. I am taking used mannequins, covering them with recycled navigational charts (specific to their regional stories) and painting the water coming up their bodies. I then am taking them out into the public realm to bring awareness to the emergency many communities are finding themselves in.
I have had a fascination, maybe an obsession, with water for as long as I remember. Watching my childhood sandcastles fall to the continued impertinent rolling in of waves and tide captivated me. It was but a miniature version of what happens all around the globe. Now, much of the coastal areas of the planet have reason to watch their own erosion, subsidence and the rising tides reshape their world.
I am making art that is a plea for the world to acknowledge the threat of sea level rise.
My vision: is to create 25+(or as many as it takes) of these mannequins, all specific to areas of concern and have them travel as installations to venues that would allow further education to people who may either be affected by rising sea level and storms or may have control over the mechanisms and science to help slow the progression of inundation.
Oceana Phenomena is about Sea Level rise and water quality. Using art as a way to reach the public heartstrings in a way that graphs and data do not. We are late to address this problem and we need to approach it from every angle.
To date: I have completed five mannequins and have four more under construction. This week I have contracted to purchase 8 more children mannequins and get them brought to the studio in Stuart, Florida from Manhattan. I am going to need many more. The logistics of this ambitious campaign include expenses for purchasing used mannequins, an intern to help with the application of charts, shipping the "families" to venues, travel for me to be able to speak about the project. The first group of mannequins have shown in The Box Gallery in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Design Showroom in Lake Worth and The Elliott Museum in Stuart, I am now working with stakeholders to schedule exhibit space in Annapolis, Maryland(including the Department of Environment Bldg) for Spring 2022 and Key West (a sea level rise event) in September 2022 to bring awareness to their plight. This is a dynamic project to meet the needs of the dynamic problem.
My ultimate goals are to get this installation into the Whitney Biennial and to partner with environmental non-profits (like Ocean Conservancy) to help spread the messages about sea level rise, plastics and pollution and the threat to our quality of life. Not only now but the future for our children and grandchildren. I have collected used charts to create geographically specific "families" for coastal Texas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and the North East - NY to Connecticut. There are many more places around the world, whose plight needs to be told globally.
The purchasing of the used mannequins, the shipping of the completed artworks to destinations requiring the educational awareness needed to combat these issues are the larger need. As the project ramps up, the applying of the charts is hugely labor intensive so paying an intern to participate in the project is critical.
As a working artist, mine are not deep pockets. So the question arises, when I sell a painting do I pay bills or buy mannequins. I would love to sell art to fund this endeavor. If you want or need art for your office or your home please visit my website MY WEBSITE for more information about me and my paintings for sale. meanwhile, I hope you can support this campaign! For every donation $100 or more I will send a chapbook about the project and mannequins and exhibitions to date. Thanking you in advance!
Watch this short video about the Annapolis/Eastport Region.


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