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"Discipline Determines Destiny." ---Jerome Chavis, NTRC Accounting and Tax 

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Spotlight on Local Authors #2: Dr. Charles Singleton - YouTube. Click here.

AuthorHouse. The Healing Game, A Vietnam Soldier's Story by Charles Louis Singleton 2022

Charles L. Singleton's interview for the Veterans History Project at Atlanta History Center

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News 
Learn About The History Of The 2.5 Billion Dollar Black Hair Industry

Be Informed On How Veteran Purple Heart Awardee Dr. Charles Singleton Brings "Common Sense" To The Gun Violence Debate

Racism, USA, Buffalo, New York, another Sad Day in America, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."
Francis Scott Key, 1814, 1931.

Vanessa Dos Santos: African American Creative and Impactful Women Aviation History, Ladson, South Carolina 2007-2022

Congratulations Judge Ketanji Onyika Brown Jackson, Associate Justice-designate of the United States Supreme Court by HBCU Op-Ed Author Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Learn Why Will Smith’s Slap Has Brainy Implications and Lessons for All Society

See Why ECSU HBCU Wellness Educator Continues to Caution Americans About Obesity and Declining Health Since 2019: The Deadly Obesity Epidemic. Readers You Decide!

John Thompson’s Amazing East Coast, Gullah Geechee Family History Since 1845 And African American Inventors: Dr. Charles L. Singleton I HBCU ECSU Geechee Gumee Writer

 The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Releases The First-Ballot Of The Sarah McLean Literary Hall of Fame 2022 

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Let's Remember And Commemorate These 13 Legendary Seniors And Elders That Recently Made The Transition To Ancestors

Checkout The Family Journal's USA & Overseas Fishermen’s Hall of Fame 2nd Round of 2021 Inductees

Discover How Progressive Rappers Are Bringing Prophetic Social Justice Messages From Their Biblical Perspectives

Why Have Hundreds Of Rappers Died In The Last 2-Years Despite Rap Music's Rich Legacy From Our African Griot Tradition?

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Learn About The Life Of Colin Luther Powell In Memoriam - And Never Forgotten

Haiti, I Think of You, Open or Copy Link: Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Haiti, I Think of You: Hispaniola, Hayti, French, Haitian Creole, Slavery, Devastating Hurricanes and Death-Driven Earthquakes, Haitian Pride! 

Sarah Louise McLean, Open or Copy Link: Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Learn About The Provocative and Riveting Literary Family Publications of Sarah Louise Singleton McLean. 

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee
Now Trending The Family Journal, USA & Overseas: Our Heritage, Our Legacy, Our Story, Our Hope.

Copyright Sarah McLean (1937-2021) Black News Scoop's Global News, Click here.

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Living To Die, You Decide, COVID-19 Delta Variant, A Pandemic: "Unvaccinated" Unseen Enemy. Click.

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: Highly Regarded HBCU Scholar and Purple Heart Awardee Dr. Charles L. Singleton Weighs In On Using Our Brains To Stop Gun Violence Now! "Please Stop The violence!" Click here.

Black News Scoop

Checkout The Successful Career Of Johnnie Walton Who Starred 15 Years in The American Professional Football Leagues

Simple Solutions Save Lives, Law Enforcement And Policing The USA By Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Josephine Evans Ash Continues to Write About I Remember in 2021 By Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Black News Scoop Get Informed On Empowering Global News: A South Carolina Family and Friends’ Historical Fishing Legacy, Since 1900, By Dr. Charles L. Singleton 

“We Honor Your Speech History, Speak More” by HBCU Author, Clinical Researcher and Educator Dr. Charles L. Singleton

@ Sad Day in America, January 6, 2021, An Assault on Our Democracy

@ Learn Why HBCU Scholar Dr. Charles L. Singleton Quotes "The Vote is Precious!"

@ Learn Why Award Winning Educator Considers Keeping Children Home From School -- "A Matter Of Life And Death!"

@ Discover This Great-Grandfather’s Day Story, Spanning New York, North Carolina, and Georgia by Dr. Charles L. Singleton

@Cooking Up A Rich Tradition As The Family Culinary Head Chef Ermine Leola Singleton Myers Leaves A Filling Legacy

@Checkout Why Dr. Charles L. Singleton Is Weighing In On Becoming The Voice and Vision of the New World 2020

Southeast Queens Scoop Blog 

@ HBCU ECSU Dr. Charles L. Singleton Writes About Author Elaine Campbell’s Viking Pride!

Black News Scoop

@ Discover Why HBCU Wellness Consultant Dr. Charles Singleton Thinks Insects Could Hold The Sweet Success Of Beating COVID-19 

@Checkout Well Regarded Educational Consultant Dr. Charles Singleton's 3rd Warning About The Pending US Economic Collapse 

The Southeast Queens Scoop


 @Purple Heart Awardee And HBCU Wellness Educator Dr. Charles Singleton Gives The Scoop On The Coronavirus COVID-19

@ Discover The Amazing US Family That Produced 11 Members With Doctorate Degrees And Also Outstanding Legendary Citizens 

@Discover How The Purdue Boilermakers Frederick S. Cooper III And Others Started The Global Black Engineering Organization NSBE   

@Dr. Charles L. Singleton Discusses His New Book On Saving The Next Generation With Education "Read Between Lines!"

@Trending Black Global News: Read Between The Lines

@New Books By Dr. Charles Singleton Urges Us To Save Our Children & A Vietnam Soldier's Story
A Vietnam Soldier And Bestselling Author Writes About Saving Our Children, I’m Ready To Talk

"I'm Ready To Talk" (165 stories & 117 authors) The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association (AVVBA) are included in this book (1959-1975). A Vietnam Soldier's Story, Body Bags (Page 444) By Charles Singleton. Bob Babcock: Amazon Bookstore:

@ Bookshop: Read Between The Lines By Dr. Charles L. Singleton

@Allenco Publishing Announces the Publication of Read Between the Lines by Charles Singleton

United States American News @BNCom: Search engine optimized, and shared with our 650,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Here's the link:

Book posted in Japan and Globally: Charles Singleton Read Between The Lines
by イギリス カルチャー・インポート ショップ Read more:

Book posted in Germany: Read Between The Lines von Charles Singleton. eBooks | Orell Füssli (

Recent Articles Since 2015:

Checkout "A Father’s Day Story for ALL Times And Seasons -- Agape Love," Sunday, June 16, 2019
Dr. Charles Singleton Shares "A Father’s Day Story for ALL Times And Seasons -- Agape Love!"

A Father’s Day Story for All Times and Seasons, Agape Love

A Father’s Day Story: One Day I Looked in the Mirror and Much to My Surprise! June 16, 2015

We’re proud to announce NSU Alumnus Dr. Charles Singleton has been awarded Research Volunteer of the Year by Atlanta VA Health Care System. #NSU #FinsUp #NSUVets

Nationwide: Elizabeth City State University's Viking Pride! Dr. Charles L. Singleton, '68 has been awarded Research Volunteer of the Year by the Atlanta VA Health Care System (AVAHCS).

Highly Decorated Veteran And HBCU Wellness Educator Awarded Atlanta VA Health Care System Research Volunteer of the Year on Atlanta VA Research Day, May 14, 2019, at the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Atlanta VA Medical Center, 1670 Clairmont Road, Decatur, Georgia 30033 

Previous Articles:

Nationwide: Google Trending: On May 10, 2019, Atlanta VA Health Care System Recognized The Outstanding Research Volunteer of The Year Recipient on The Atlanta VA Health Care System Facebook Posting:

Learn Why HBCU Trained Wellness Educator Dr. Charles L. Singleton Is Honored For Setting The Trend in Clinical Research Volunteerism: 

Articles on Health, Wellness and Community Involvement 

Why I, as an HBCU Wellness Educator, Caution Americans About Their Obesity and Declining Health

 “HBCU Wellness Educator Cautions Americans About Obesity and Declining Health.” The obesity epidemic in America today is sending many US citizens to an early grave. We must, we can, and we will remove, “The Burden of OBESITY!” Southeast Queens Scoop: Dr. Charles L. Singleton, Wellness Educator Cautions Americans About Obesity and Declining Health 2019

Your Fork and Spoon Are Two Weapons Of Mass Destruction: A Reality Check On Obesity

New Project Focus: Protection of the Brain by Chemical Hypothermia, Shan Ping Yu, MD, PhD, and Participant Perspective: Effects of Exercise Intervention on Aging Related Motor Decline by Charles Singleton, D.Ed. PDF

The Singletons Produce Family Members Who Make Historic Impacts In Their Community

Tillman U. Millhouse Drive, Summerville roadway named in honor of one of SC's first black troopers By Jenna-Ley Harrison [email redacted]  Feb 7, 2019 Updated Feb 7, 2019

Alston High School celebrates a 60-year-old history and legacy, Dec 27, 2018
By Joy Bonala, [email redacted]

“We Americans will need to focus on building generational wealth, instead of generational debt.” As stated by Avril Smalls. Meet Dr. Charles L. Singleton, an African American scholar and HBCU alumni who says the crash of the U.S. economy is definitely coming a lot sooner than you think!

Dr. Charles Singleton Clarifies Why The Crash of the US Economy is Coming Sooner Than You Think, On Southeast Queens Scoop.  Now Trending on Facebook and in other social media. Get the scoop on why Dr. Singleton still believes there will be a recession and what you can do to prepare yourself for it. 

Professor Suggests Strategies To Survive Looming Recession

The Westside Gazette



Black Scholar Says the Crash of the US Economy is Coming Sooner Than You Think


Meet the HBCU Graduate Who Recently Co-Hosted Elizabeth City State University’s 50th Golden Class Reunion for the Class of 1968

South Carolina High School Graduates from Class of 1967 Celebrate Their 89% Graduation Rate, Despite the Segregated Turbulent Times of the 1960's By Dr. Charles L. Singleton and Mr. Isreal T. Singleton, editors and publisher of “The Family Journal, USA” and the “Alston High School Garnet and Blue 1964 Journal.”

Discover Why This Professor Is So Adamant About "Curb Appeal" Increasing The Value Of Your Real Estate Assets

Brook Glen, Weeds or Grass — It Really Doesn’t Matter, Curb Appeal Sells!

Dr. Charles L. Singleton is an author and educational consultant, and a clinical participant, who recently wrote "Participant Perspective: Effects of Exercise Intervention on Aging Related Motor Decline," Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CVNR) Winter 2015 Newsletter, Page 3 at: 2015

ECSC 1968 Graduates 50th Reunion: Milwaukee Community Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After Memphis: Silent EC marchers paid tribute to King
Student Council President Charles Singleton was very active in the aftermath of King’s assassination, presenting two speeches that were called “Stay the Course” and “The Cross of Freedom.”

HBCU Alumni From the Class of 1968 to Discuss “Memory Stability Practices for an Aging Generation” During Their 50th Golden Class Reunion

Discover How Mental Stability Practices Can Help Offset Age Related Mental Decline
African American News Latest News Around The world

HBCU Homecoming Queen of 50 Years Ago to Make “Golden” Appearance at Elizabeth City State University’s Class of ’68 Reunion

Please Contribute Because, “If the Stories of our lives are not written, we will be forgotten.”

Dr. Charles L. Singleton, ECSC 1968, Summerville, South Carolina


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