NOODLE - another chance in life

Hello everybody!

I have started this fund raiser on behalf of TESA'S RESCUE, as one of the volunteers, to try my very best to raise the necessary money to cover all of the expenses that we have for Noodle.

Noodle's case is slightly different than what we normally post. Little Noodle is a Romanian rescue; she was only a small puppy when she was hit by a car in full force and suffered severe damage to her front legs. After the accident Noodle was left in the middle of the street while cars were swerving past her. A passer by dragged her onto the side of the road, made her a makeshift bandage to help with the heavy bleeding and took her to the nearest vet who said 'they won't provide medical care unless they're paid upfront'. Unfortunately the passer by didn't have the necessary money and was advised by the vet to call the local pound; with no options left and no information about the local pound, the passer by did just that. Noodle was left in a filthy concrete kennel, with no medical assistance, with her legs bleeding and in agonizing pain for few long hours. The passer by spoke to a friend who spoke to a friend and so on until word reached our volunteers, who rushed to pull Noodle out of the pound. Noodle had surgery on her front legs and the procedure did give her back her mobility up to a point, but her legs had a 'V' shape and were no longer growing in a straight line.

Noodle spent a while recovering in foster care in Romania and soon enough she got adopted in the UK by one of our amazing volunteers, Annmarie. Well, Noodle was supposed to be a foster dog, but as soon as Annmarie had Noodle in her arms, she never wanted to let go ❤️ We all knew the implications and future prospect of Noodle's quality of life and we were ready to do everything within our power to offer Noodle the BEST life.

When Noodle came to the UK, the vet was thinking of amputating her front right leg when she was fully grown. However - with the right diet and right amount of exercise the leg righted itself a lot and everyone, us and the vets, hoped it would be absolutely fine to leave her leg alone. For 4 years, things were great - there was the odd pain episode which would be treated with medication for few days. Noodle could run, play and simply enjoy life with her mum and all her doggy friends!

Six weeks ago, the leg seemed to become very painful, Noodle could hardly walk, we upped her pain relief but it didn't make a difference this time. Upon further investigation, the vet discovered that Noodle's back right leg was riddled with arthritis as it's been taking the weight off the front leg. With this new information in mind and basically 3 out of 4 legs now problematic, Noodle exercises for 20 minutes only then continues the walk in her princess buggy. She was also having an injection to help with all of this but it didn't seem to be making a difference anymore either. We stopped the injection for 1 month for the moment to see if the buggy walks make a difference. If not, we'll start the injection again. So really... it's trial and error right now... we are not sure the injection will work.

❤️ Noodle right now can't play, run, jump about like she used to and she's only 4 years old ❤️

Our vet made a referral to a fantastic orthopaedic surgeon and we have a date: 20th of September! During the consultation Noodle will have an MRI, X-rays etc and we're looking at roughly £1600 so far. We can't possibly express how excited we are that Noodle is being offered yet another chance at life. The current situation doesn't look great - her life will be shortened, it will get to a point where we won't be able to manage her pain anymore and a decision must be made. We were hoping we'd be discussing all of these when Noodle would be MUCH older but the time has come sooner than we all expected. What we truly want for this little soul is to lengthen her life and give her an amazing quality of life together with her wonderful mum and doggy sister Vera, also adopted from Tesa's Rescue. We really want to take Noodle to see the orthopaedic surgeon - we will find a solution for this little girl ❤️❤️❤️

We absolutely MUST try everything, Noodle deserves it totally. She has been through SO much, she has fought SO hard to survive and she is loving life SO much that we cannot possibly look the other way or choose an 'easier' option. We will do everything we can for Noodle and we are hoping you will jump onboard and stay with us throughout this journey!

We will be fund raising so please share our cause! As I always tell you all, every single penny counts and no amount is too small - if you would like to make a small contribution towards Noodle's vet consultation it would mean the world to us.

❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️

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