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Welcome to Nocturnal Optics.

Who Are We/ The Origin Story?

Nocturnal Optics, established in July 2022 and formally registered as a Business in October 2023, is a Night Vision designer and retailer company based in Perth, Western Australia.

It was founded by a member of the Australian Defence Force and Former-Law Enforcement with a highly technical background, who had experienced multiple life and career-altering physical injuries.

The founder of Nocturnal Optics, while searching for exciting new projects to engage in, started brainstorming ideas to incorporate Image Intensification Technology housing development concepts using Additive Manufacturing techniques.

Equipped with two 3D Printers/CAD Software, along with a wealth of end-user/technical knowledge and an unwavering determination to conquer all challenges, the founder was dedicated to providing cutting-edge Night Vision housings and technologies to end users.

The company's primary focus is on affordability, durability, and reliability, achieved through innovative design methods and technologies.

Thus, Nocturnal Optics emerged as a result of this passion and commitment.

Our Goals?

We aim to expand the Australian Night Vision market and provide user-friendly, and durable housings compatible with Image Intensification Tube technology at a very attractive price that is suitable for Civilian and Professional Use application.

The goal of Nocturnal Optics is to become one of the first Night Vision designers of its kind in Australia and a major provider of high-quality and custom-designed night vision devices and accessories to the Australian market (and international too!).

We aim to cater to the specific needs and preferences of customers seeking advanced night vision technologies and housings for various applications such as law enforcement, hunting, and outdoor activities whilst utilizing the most technologically advanced industrial manufacturing methods available.

On top of this, Nocturnal Optics maintains steady lines of communication with current Military Units, Industry Professionals, Innovation Programs and Market Consumers in support of our efforts to strive in technological innovation and product design which in the best interests of our End-Users.

(1400+FOM Fixed Gain NNVT Generation 2 Tube, photo taken with iPhone 11 under overcast cloud conditions/ nil starlight with ambient street lighting nearby.)

What Products Are We Offering?

On this GoFundMe page, we will exclusively show a quick sneak preview of our newest upcoming device that has been incepted after 8- 10 months of R&D efforts.

Nocturnal Optics is Proudly Introducing:

The UMNVD (Ultralight Modular Night Vision Device) MK3 - V2 Night Vision System.

A innovative approach and a one-size-fits-all solution to creating a simple, lightweight, ruggedized and affordable night vision system.

The UMNVD is Additively manufactured and features custom designed/ built Printed Circuit Boards that are compatible with MX10160 Format IIT tubes.

This Unit boasts useful features such as:

Fischer External Battery Pack Connector - Compatible with BNVD Style Battery Packs and similar devices.

Ultralight Weight (Housing + Optics + Tubes) - Weighing in at approximately 350g - 450g (dependent on the type of optics and tubes configuration).

Build Rugged for Brutal Use - This unit was built to match the hardness and unforgiving nature of the Australian bushland and every effort was made in its construction to reduce material usage and weight whilst retaining incredibly tough mechanical strength properties.

In addition to being manufactured with Multi-Jet Fusion Additive Manufacturing Technology in PA12 Nylon, this device is post-processed with a unique coating which dramatically enhances Shock, Chemical, Water and UV resistance.

(Note: Pre-Production Sample shown above, this device may not accurately reflect end product.)

(Please Note: pre-Production Sample shown above, this device may not accurately reflect end product.)

Articulating System - Rotating binocular design allows low profile against helmet when in stowed position and ability to use as a single monocular. The articulating pods also feature Auto On/Off Pod Shutoff features when stowed.

Image Intensifier Tube Compatibility - Generation 2+ Image Intensifier Tube Options in MX10160 Format, WP/GP, Auto-gated + Manual Gain and fixed gain tubes available.

Multiple Colour Coating Options - Matte Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and many other colours available upon request.

Built with Innovative Manufacturing Technologies - Manufactured with Multi-Jet Fusion Printed Nylon PA12. A form of highly advanced Additive Manufacturing Technology.

(Future Planned Feature) Dynamic System to fit any End-User requirement - The UMNVD features dynamic mounting capabilities that allow the end-user to swap electronics, battery packs and articulating arms to convert the unit into a Monocular, Binocular or Quad Image Intensifier System configuration to fit any mission profile.

We would like to add that currently at this stage, our main construction and design efforts are focused primarily on perfecting the Binocular System.

Multiple Optics and Glass Options - We plan to have multiple brands of commercially available PVS-14 optics options available (RPO 3.0 and Carson Industries, OE) and ready for purchase with our units.

We are currently able to stock YMON Optics and Glass. These lightweight optics offer great performance at an affordable cost for our entry night vision users.

(1400+FOM Fixed Gain NNVT Generation 2 Tube + YMON Optics, photo taken with iPhone 11 under clear conditions/ starlight with ambient street lighting nearby.)

(Note: Pre-Production Sample shown above, this device may not accurately reflect end product.)

(Note: Pre-Production Sample shown above, this device may not accurately reflect end product.)

Other Products - NNVT MX10160 Format Image Intensifier Tubes:

NNVT Image Intensifier Tubes are cost-effective and offer great value and good performance in mixed-lighting conditions.


- MX10160 Format in 1400+, 1600+ or 1800-2000+ Figure of Merit (FOM)

- Generation 2+ Image Intensifier

- Green Phosphor (P43) and White Phosphor (P45) Screen Options available

- Auto-Gated Options Available

- Manual Gain Adjustment Models Available

- Average 10,000 hour operational lifetime.

- Includes 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against factory damage/ defects (Manufacturers Warranty does not cover End-User accidental or intentional damage to Intensifier Tubes).

(1400FOM Fixed Gain NNVT 1400+FOM Generation 2 Tube, photo taken on iPhone 11 with clear sky and strong moonlight conditions, starlight with ambient street lighting nearby only.)

Why Do We Need Your Support?

Nocturnal Optics is launching a GoFundMe campaign to establish a night vision housing manufacturing and night vision product retail business, and we are seeking funding to kickstart our innovation efforts. The market demand for night vision devices is rapidly growing, presenting a lucrative opportunity for our Australian-Based business to thrive.

Here is an quick overview of the market demand and competition for the night vision retail business:

Market Size and Growth: The global night vision market is projected to reach a value of $11.2 billion USD by 2028. This indicates a significant growth potential for our business, driven by the increasing demand for night vision technology both domestically and internationally.

Consumer Demand: The demand for night vision devices is rising due to various factors such as increased security concerns, surveillance applications, and outdoor recreational activities. This growing demand ensures a steady customer base for our retail in Australian and global markets.

Competitive Landscape: While the night vision retail market is promising, it is important to acknowledge the competition. However, the market offers opportunities for new entrants like Nocturnal Optics to establish their presence. By offering unique product offerings, superior customer service, and competitive pricing, we can position ourselves as a strong competitor in the market.

(Fixed Gain NNVT 1400+FOM Generation 2 Tube, taken under overcast cloud conditions/ very poor visibility with ambient city light pollution nearby.)

How Will Your Support Will Make a Difference?

By contributing to our GoFundMe campaign, you will enable us to tackle:

Initial Setup Expenses: These include costs for establishing the business, such as obtaining necessary licenses and permits, setting up a website or e-commerce platform (currently in late stage of Development), purchasing equipment (such as computers, extra 3D Printers, etc.), and securing a physical location in future.

Inventory Expenses: We need to calculate the cost of designing, manufacturing, assembling and shipping the night vision products that we plan to sell. This involves researching potential suppliers, negotiating pricing and estimating the quantity and variety of products we aim to stock initially. Nocturnal Optics does plan to maintain a small inventory of Ready-To-Ship IIT devices which would be available for Export.

Marketing Expenses: Developing a strong marketing strategy is crucial for the success of our Kickstarter campaign and the success of Nocturnal Optics. Would like to allocate funds for creating professional product photography, website design and development, social media advertising and search engine optimization.

Operational Expenses: These are ongoing costs required to keep the business running smoothly. This includes financial and tax accountant services, utilities, insurance, salaries for employees, packaging and shipping materials, customer support, and any software or tools necessary to manage inventory and sales.

(Note: Pre-Production Sample shown above, this device may not accurately reflect end product.)

Ending Note:

In the coming months, we will be sharing regular updates on the progress of the Nocturnal Optics project via our website and social media channels (see below for our socials).

We encourage you all to stay connected with us to stay up to date with the latest developments. We deeply value your input and want to keep you involved in the journey as we bring this project to life.

Moreover, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to improve and enhance our product after its launch. Your feedback will be extremely invaluable to us, and we believe that your continued support and engagement will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our projects and future Night Vision industry endeavors.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and belief in this journey, stay tuned for more.


-    Nocturnal Optics Team

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