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Newquay Cormorants - Support Local Children

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Can you support one of Cornwall's leading youth organisations?
Newquay Cormorants is helping local children and teenagers swim, compete and represent Newquay and Cornwall nationally. We keep our swimmers active and inspired.
However, to continue our good work in helping our swimmers thrive and keep active, we need your help.

About the Club
We offer all local children and teenagers an opportunity to train regularly and become part of a team. Children commit hours each week to train, and this allows them the opportunity to compete on a big stage if they wish. Those that don’t wish to compete still train with those that do and keep active.

• Established 1968
• Voluntary run organisation
• Over 80 swimmers of all ages from age 7+
• Current 2022 Cornwall County Swimming Champions!
• Club swimmers who are currently ranked top 5 in the whole UK

Why we need your help
Other Cornish swim clubs have folded within the past year, we are determined that will not happen to the Cormorants for the good of our swimmers.

In addition, COVID-19 paused our swimming for almost a year. Our dedicated volunteers worked hard to get the club back up and running. However, recently, with just a week's notice, we were given notice of our main training pool in Newquay. Pool costs at our other training pool have almost doubled recently, and are set to rise even further. We require this pool time to enable the club to continue to survive and thrive.
If we raise our membership cost, this will exclude a significant number of local children. We are an inclusive club for all children regardless of income and we need your help.
Can you help support dozens of local children, keep them active and represent Newquay on the big stage?

All donations will go to support the club and the swimmers with more pool time, coach development and performance swimming support. We want to continue inspiring the youth of Cornwall for generations to come, and we welcome any donations you can give.

Thank you

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Matthew Connelly
Nicola Davies

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