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New Mexico Veterans Art

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The purpose of this organization is to recognize, support, and promote  the talents and skills of artists who are veterans or who are serving in the active- duty military or serving in the Reserve or National Guard forces and their spouses / partners. 

We are a non-profit group that supports our Veterans through art shows, helping other Veterans and/or their families, as well as other non-profit Veteran organizations once to twice a year; this year we helped to raise funds for New Mexico Veteran's Memorial for the cost of a Code Talker's memorial.

The donations go towards the ribbons, prize money, renting of gallery, advertising for the Veterans Art and Sale Show every year as well as helping other non-profit Veteran organizations/ families as mentioned.

In today's society the government isn't doing enough to help our Veterans in constructive therapy that can applied in artisitc format. Art has been a proven factor to help with many emotional and mental traumas. Won't you help us to support the continuation of "art therapy", reaching out to other Veteran orgainzations, and Veteran families?

Serving the veteran art community since 1998.
NMVA is a 501c3


Peter Farnsworth
Edgewood, NM

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