First things First!  Please don't be mislead by the opening line of HELP not WANTED!  That is what he would say.  He has never been one to accept help from others, he helps everyone else and always has.  Sadly he is now in a position where he will have to  accept help.

Paul has had back pain for quite some time but in the last 8 months or so the pain started in another location on his back and got so bad he could not rest more than 2 hours a night.  He saw docs but could never find out why his pain was so bad.  He continued  to work everyday as a Pipe fitter.  He was completely exhausted and started losing weight from what we thought was working so hard in the heat.  Suddenly he started having what he calls "problems" with his eyes.  Drooping with some facial paralysis on one side.  Then his speech was starting to be slightly affected.  He was diagnosed with Belles Palsy and kept working although feeling bad. That's Paul Douglas.... not much gets him down!
On July 17th he had serious balance issues and could not see very well. He was admitted to the hospital where he stayed for about 3 weeks.
It seemed like we heard uglier words each day.....ugly words like Brain lesion, tumors, lymph node involvement, nodules , possible Spinal Fluid involvement etc etc............

Diagnosis at this point is Stage IIIB Lung Cancer that has spread to other locations in his body.   In true Paul Douglas fashion he asked when he could go back to work..... as you know, no work means no pay.

He has been out of the house  maybe one trip to the property to check on the cows. (He misses that place terribly)  Been out for less than a handful of errands and a few doctors appointments.  Any of you that know my extremely hard working, non stop, brother can only imagine what this is doing to him mentally, on top of everything else.

Unfortunately he does not feel good at all, barely eats and is still in a tremendous amount of pain.  Hopefully they are getting that under control somewhat.    He starts Chemo, radiation and some other therapy  very soon and we are praying for some relief from his symptoms.....especially hoping his vision goes back to normal for his sake.

Please help us help him.  His immediate needs are funds....he has had no income since end of July.  He has ALOT of doctors appointments which means paying to park etc on top of all of his regular monthly bills,  living expenses and yep some really awesome medical bills. 

As soon as time and finances permit we will  take over where he left off on his home repairing/replacing the exterior wood which is in bad shape. 

I had no idea where to set the goal but we just want to try and collect enough to keep him afloat monthly and fix as much at his house as possible.   

He has a long road ahead of him but we will all be on it together.

Thanks so much for any donation at all.  We appreciate everyone so much.

Please Please share this and help get it out there.
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    • 47 mos
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    • 48 mos
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