need - short film about intimacy


by Jonnah Bron

The story

We follow the experiences of Aida, a beautiful woman in her twenties.

She seems to know what she wants and looks confident, but we soon find out that she experiences the opposite inside.

The world we are introduced to is created from out the time in which we now live:

isolated and in social bubbles. Aida becomes apparent in different spaces, each with its own atmosphere and meaning.

Aida is attracted to this place by great curiosity.

In these spaces she comes into contact with a great diversity of people, with different personalities. They are clearly more common in these spaces and surrender to their pure desires. They can relax and connect by being themselves and expressing their desires. But no one acts without the consent of the other. Together they talk, feel and listen to each other.

Gradually, by observing, staying close to herself and being open to everyone, Aida learns that a sense of feeling secure, can lead to meaningful intimacy.


As a photographer with a queer identity, I’ve been concerned with themes such as intimacy, sexuality and identity from the start of my photography journey.

When I got into my first relationship with a woman, I missed a true representation of female love. There were mostly photos and videos of platinum-blonde women with huge fake breasts and a 10-centimeter waist, who were kissing each other heavily. No, I did not recognize myself in that.

So I decided to record my own intimate relationship with her, because I wanted to add a fairer image to the portrayal of female love and the

eroticism between two people.

Now the same also applies to this film.

Not only in my photography, but also through film I want to contribute to finding a visual language for a realistic and diverse experience of intimacy and sexuality.

My work arises from a great curiosity for the unknown.

Untold stories, subjects that are seen as taboo, worlds that I do not know myself, but above all it is the people who can initiate me into the unknown.

I photograph the naked body because it fascinates and inspires me.

The vulnerability, honesty and intimacy that comes with nudity, makes it a challenge to portray


There is a search for identity in all my photos.

I try to answer the questions I have by means of my camera.

In my film I want to portray intimacy and eroticism from the perspective of me and my generation.

This film will give a timeless image of intimacy in all forms, and at the same time it is inextricably linked to our time. A time of living in isolation and social bubbles in which we are suddenly no longer free to make choices about our contacts.

By opting for a realistic approach, in a visually appealing form, the film will appeal to arthouse film lovers as well as invite a wide audience to engage in a conversation about intimacy and sexuality.

The course, the form and aesthetics of the film are fixed, but the actions and expression arise in the joint creative process.

I work with a diverse cast & crew of my own generation, in order to give a realistic and honest image and also to increase the representation in the erotic media landscape.

Inspiration and positioning

My own generation is both a source of inspiration for this film and the target audience.

In modern times we are constantly exposed to “perfect” bodies and an unrealistic view of sexuality. The younger generation is increasingly prudish and is experiencing high pressure from these ideal images. Our view of sexuality and intimacy comes from websites with explicit categories, stereotypical characters and simple storylines, and from the mainstream media that portrays a romanticized and non-inclusive image.

My film is in between these two genres and offers a new perspective for both.

Everyone has specific needs, but it can be difficult to recognize and pronounce them.

By getting more in touch with media that depict these themes in an attractive and at the same time realistic way, I hope that a wide audience will be invited to enter into a conversation about this topic. My film will portray situations in which the viewer can relate to, but also offers them an introduction to new perspectives on what excitement might be for them.

“It is precisely the inconveniences, the minor flaws and the dawdling that I find intimacy in its purest form.”

Experience of the aesthetics

Just like in my photography, the lighting plan in the film is very important. The thoughtful lighting will provide the greatest share for the aesthetics. I am going to play with shadows and translucent materials. In this way I can choose to accentuate certain actions or body parts more or less, or not to show them. The detailed sound design will take the viewer into the intimate actions. This way you can hear every breath, gasp and the rustle of hair that is caressed through. I will also make use of

music and soundscapes to further indicate the atmosphere in the different rooms.

The film will be attractive and exciting without being explicit. Through alternating close-ups and bird-eye shots, we see everything needed to tell the story. Nothing more and nothing less.

This makes the film exciting and allows the viewer to identify with the main character.


The main goal for the budget is to pay the performers fairly.

The performers are vulnerable and I think it is very important to deal with this professionally. The crew involved in the project is volunteering, based on a shared need for this film. The budget therefore continues to the expenses that are incurred.

Think of; renting cameras, lenses, locations, light, sound and transport.

Would you like to help us make this arthouse film a reality and broaden the image around intimate themes?

Thank you very much!

Do you have another proposal to support the realization of this film?

Please feel free to contact us via: [email redacted]



Jo Bron

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