Nathaniel's Medical & Service Needs

My name is Nathaniel Zaskalan.  I am 13 years old, born and raised in sunny California.  I have a younger brother and a younger sister.

Here is my story:

When I was just 3 days old, it was noted in my charts that there was something with my tiny little heart but no one stressed about it at that time.  Just 11 days later at a cardiac appointment, it was discovered that I had a Heart Defect.  At just two weeks old, I became a life long cardiac patient.  Over the next 4 months I underwent test after test and my parents were given some pretty scary news.  Their handsome,  little, innocent child was going to need open heart by-pass surgery, due to Severe Congenital Heart Defects.  My very first open heart surgery was done at just 5 months of age.  It was explained that at that time in my life that my heart was just the size of a walnut.   My second open heart surgery, which was a continuation to my first surgery, was done just days after my 2nd Birthday.
They took my heart, a heart that should consist of 4 chambers and have replumbed mine down to a single upper and a single lower chamber. 

I have been living with just a half of a heart, exceeding the doctors' expectations and limits that they thought I wouldn't be able to do.  I have been in gymnastics pushing my body to limits and passed doctor's halter tests. 
I took up Mixed Martial Arts, where I am currently a blue belt.
I enjoy making something out of nothing.  Taking scrap items and creating something so cool.
I even learned archery and am a pretty good shot.

Around the first part of March 2015, my heart took a turn.  On the morning of March 10th, I was taken into Children's Hospital to have some testing done.  Before the first test even took place, I puked.  The Cardiologist was immediately paged.  After taking a look at me, I was rushed into an echo cardiogram (like an ultrasound of my heart) to see how my heart was performing.  The test was not even completed and the cardiologist had my admittance paperwork written up.  I will not be going home, not today.  The function of my heart has deteriorated.  I was admitted to the Acute Cardiac Unit, hooked up to machines, oxygen, iv line, and blood drawn like crazy.

Wednesday, March 11th.  Early wake up call: chest x-ray first thing in the morning.  I sure would like to eat something.  I haven't eaten in a day and a half now.
In comes the doctors.  Well, it looks as though I will be making this room my home away from home for an unknown amount of time. 

See, God has created me unique.  What works for a normal heart with four chambers may not necessarily work in my case.  Or what medicines can be given to other cardiac patients may not work for me.  Even a heart transplant will be a little harder, since they replumbed my heart years ago.

My mom and dad have been awesome.  They are not leaving my side.  I am very grateful for that.  But not leaving my side means that all these medical bills, the overnight stays (or my new home away from home) this stuff isn't going to get paid by themselves.   My brother and sister are staying with friends right now.  I am so thankful for the wonderful friends my family has. 
My extended family, my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, they are all far away.  Some as close (if you can call it that) as Iowa/Nebraska, others as far away as Europe, Slovakia/Czech Republic. 

If you can donate  just $1, or $5, or if you can do more, I am so very thankful, we are so very thankful, that you can help take this financial burden off of my family.
Even more so, I ask, please pray.  Pray for me, that I get healthier, that my strength return, for my family near and far, that they be given a peace and understanding.  For all of these kind doctors, surgeons, nurses, the medical staff, please pray that God guide them in the decision making and guide their hands with anything, anytime they are on me. 

Most of all THAT GODS WILL BE DONE! Amen
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