Save Nabileque! Restore Nabileque Holy Ground

One Hope 304SA Good Go Boat Repair Project

-Let us Protect the Holy Ground, Nabileque, where Satan’s Natural Surrender took place!-

In this Gofundme campaign we hope to:

  • Repair the Good Go boat that was originally used by True Father in the 1990s in the Pantanal region, abandoned through the years, and in need of extensive repair. Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro hopes to use this boat as the base of operations (live-in) to moor and stay in front of the Nabileque property.
  • In the future, Mr. Pinheiro hopes to provide guided tours of the region using the river systems that connect the Holy Grounds and historical places in the area, namely, Salobra, Nabileque, Porto Murtinho, Puerto Leda, and Fuerte Olimpo.
  • Repairing the boat is the first step to repair and protect the Holy Ground of Pantanal!

Project Background:

“For Korea and Japan, the Pantanal is at the other end of the pole. The Pantanal is at the end of the earth. But the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Holy Ground of Victory can all be found there. This is something tremendous. The Original Holy Ground is set up in our hotel in the Pantanal. (Rev. Sun Myung Moon 304-110, 1999.9.10)”

The Hotel Americano in Nabileque is the "Original Holy Ground" located in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (On Google Map: Hotel Americano )

The story of what happened at this historical place is told by Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who was the main witness of the historical meeting of God, True Father, and Lucifer on May 14th, 1999 in room 14 of the Hotel Americano in Nabileque and of the events at Salobra that led to this meeting. He was tasked by True Father to become the protector of this land.

His testimony: The story of Satans Natural Surrender at the Holy Grounds of Nablique and Salobra 

This historical location is now largely abandoned and in need of serious repair and rebuilding.

In hopes to restore and protect this Original Holy Ground, we must gather funds that will enable us to repair/rebuild Hotel Americano as a location for pilgrimage and tourism from all over the world.

To this end, we first must secure the means for Mr. Peter Paulo to go back and forth to Nabileque and to have a base of operations. He hopes to "live above the water" by using a boat as True Father often said, where he can live and freely move around the region.

The One Hope 304 Good Go Repair Project Details:

The boat repair will be implemented by a Paraguayan boat building company called Acuamundo SA. Visit their website at Acuamundo SA .

(Download Project Detailed Plan & Budget HERE )

The One Hope 304SA Good Go (hereinafter referred to as OH304GG) cabin boat is one of the six boats True Father brought from North America to South American in 1997. This boat played an important role in the Providence of North and South America Unification, and according to Mr. Pinheiro, it symbolized the heavenly luck that arrived in South America from the North. 

According to True Father's words, the significance of the unification of North and South America's is not only the unification of Christianity between Catholicism and Protestantism, but also the unification of all religions including Israel, Islam, unification of Europe, the unification of the Korean Peninsula, the unification of Christianity in Asia, and the link between the True Family and Unification family. The significance is vast and immeasurable.


"If North America and South America can unite, it will not be difficult for all the nations of Europe to unite. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity as well as for Christianity and Islam to become one. Therefore, the key is how North America and South America will become one." 

"The people of the United States may be tempted to say, 'We do not need South America, it is too poor.' Nonetheless, we need to invest everything for the sake of South America. The members of the Unification Church are called to do this. A path to connect to the True Family can be made only by becoming one with South America, which inherited the authority of the elder son. There is no path to enter the true kingdom of heaven on earth if you are not connected to the True Family." ChambumoGyeong - Book 10, Chapter 3, Section 4)


In addition, Pantanal is the place where True Father opened the gates of hell through fishing conditions and a place where Satan's natural surrender took place (Salobra, Nabileque). It is the holy place of all holy places.

South America can be said to be the bottleneck of God's Providence, but the reality is that Salobra and Nabileque holy places have been left unattended, have been repeatedly entered by thieves, and is a ruin that not one member ever visits. Half of the boats that are said to have symbolized the Heavenly fortune are left unattended or owned by non-church members.

OH304GG was stripped of its engine and was abandoned for a long time. It also was damaged by floods. At present, it is completely disassembled. In 2017, Acuamundo attempted to repair it, but was postponed, due to lack of funds and flooding of the Acuamundo factory.

Around May 2021, Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who was responsible for protecting the holy places of Nabileque and Salobra contacted Acuamundo and said, "I want to live in a boat and moor in front of Nabileque to protect it from exploitation. Is it possible to repair the cabin boat kept at Acuamundo?"

In order to renew the South American Providence, Acuamundo would like to conduct the repair of OH304GG as a way for Mr. Pinheiro to manage and protect the Nabileque holy place and to eventually operate pilgrimage/general tours of the Pantanal.

Boat Requirements

Mr. Pinheiro to moor and stay in this boat in front of Nabileque property. Nabileque is located 10 minutes from Fuerte Olimpo, where he has many acquaintances and about 3 hours from Porto Murtinho, 3 hours from Puerto Leda.

+Reliability: The boat will be used in the Pantanal region, where gasoline with low alcohol content may be hard to come by, landing is difficult, logistics are difficult, and repairs are also difficult. Therefore, the boat must be as reliable as possible. For the reliability of the propulsion unit, we intend to install two outboard motors. For the reliability of the electrical system, we will create a design as simple and as energy-saving as possible.

+Distance: It is expected that the boat will go back and forth between Fuerte Olimpo and Nabileque often for supplies. The boat should be brought to Asuncion once a year for regular maintenance.

+Speed: There is no requirement for speed, but it shall have a minimum of 200 horsepower of propulsion as it may travel long distances occasionally.

+Accommodation: It shall accommodate up to 2 people. It has to be equipped with a freshwater tank with a kitchenette with a fresh water supply and a shower.

+Power supply: A small portable generator can be attached such that the AC power can be used. An inverter will not be installed to avoid battery consumption. With AC power, heaters and stoves can be used inside the cabin.

The state of the boat before repair:










***So far, the gathered funds totaling $3600 (through donations from various members around the world - thank you!) enabled the purchase of a computer that can be used by Captain Peter Paulo in order to record Nabileque history and future activities and projects. The remaining funds from this amount will be put into repairing True Father's Good Go boat and into supplying its equipment.

Thank you so much, and let us do our utmost best to protect and preserve Heavenly Parent and True Parents' historical Holy Grounds in the Pantanal! We will be updating you on the progress of the project!
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