The Home Stretch

Update: 2/9/2018:

It's been an eventful few weeks. We have been through the housing process and hit every possible wall - issues found in inspection, delays in repairs, and accommodating housing in the interim scarce or very over priced. We are on all the waiting lists within 120 miles, and I spend my first hours of the day calling for updates, a few more calling daily places, and the rest of my day between working how I can and job hunting. On appointment days, working and job hunting are cut from the mix. Our schedule is tough, wearing, and depleting.

To throw life into the mix, my littlest guy is battling a bug that has had us spending too many hours in the ER, collecting a half-dozen new or replacement prescriptions, and miserable pain. We desperately need a breather amidst what is happening and hope you can help.

We are in need of hotel accommodations for 3-4 days in Tucson so the little guy can see all the doctors he needs to help him get better. Unfortunately, hotels in that area are super expensive due to a major event. Traveling back and forth daily isn't going to give him time to just rest. We are looking at $60- $80/night for safe hotels, totaling $180- $320.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Uodate: January 2018
Hi! I'm happy to be checking in with everyone here. The end of December brought with it some pretty huge changes; my sister moved into her dream home on a beautiful beach, and the kids and I moved into temporary housing. I have been working and saving what I can towards all the expenses of moving into permanent housing. We now have the opportunity to make that move, but I need help. I'm just over $800 short ($823, to be exact) to get us into that space with all the required deposits (utilities and unit). Although I worked on my taxes today, I won't have that in-hand in time (Feb 15th at the earliest depending on IRS releasing funds after tax changes.) In light if this, I'm reaching out to ask for help. I have until January 25th to have the majority of the funds in place before the unit will be offered to the next person in line.

I am working with local non-profits to receive help, too, but am not guaranteed their assistance. I will update with every new development as it happens.



Original campaign information follows. 

This campaign is for Mysti’s living expenses as she recovers from an extensive tumor removal surgery.

Her story:

For over a decade, Mysti’s life was encompassed with trauma at the hands of her spouse. He was quick to anger, blamed her for his shortcomings, refused her medical care, prohibited her from maintaining employment, and so much more. She was trapped in a marriage of domestic violence. When she finally was able to bring an end to his presence in her daily life, he still used every tool at his disposal to control and dictate what she did, including holding child support payments as hostage unless he could see her. Not the children, just her. All of this changed one summer night last year when the well-being of herself and her children was threatened by the same man who claimed to love them all. Mysti knew when to recognize the signs of an abuser losing control; threats like the one made had to be taken seriously. She reached out to her local domestic abuse center and with the assistance of an advocate, built a plan of escape. Just days later, she loaded her children and a minuscule number of belongings into a vehicle and made her way over 1,000 miles from where she'd lived to start anew. 

Mysti and her children fought homelessness, found temporary shelter thanks to a friend, spent a short time in a family shelter, and finally secured an imperfect place to call home. For the last 4 and a half months, Mysti has requested that necessary repairs be performed on her air conditioning unit. The complex has replaced two motors, yet has not resolved the root issue (nor the results of it) by replacing the entire AC unit. The inciting cause still exists after numerous requests to repair it. This lack of proper attention has caused mold to grow within the unit and surrounding enclosure. The health issue has been reported and Mysti is following the appropriate channels to have the work completed without success. This mold has compromised the health and well-being of Mysti and her children; with her youngest child experiencing a significant influx of asthma-related issues. In the month prior to her urgent surgery, she lost a significant amount of income from her place of employment due to the botched repairs and resulting health issues with her children. Knowing surgery was planned for the later half of July, Mysti worked diligently to seek a resolution to her housing issues that would allow her peace of mind while working to prepare for the financial strain of recovery.

As the days moved closer to her July surgery, Mysti began experiencing symptoms indicating her tumor had grown. On June 27, she woke to extreme difficulty breathing. As her lungs expanded with every inhalation, pain shot through her abdomen and chest. She sought care in her local emergency room where it was determined that her tumor was the cause of her pain. Upon discharge, Mysti was advised to follow up with her surgeon for immediate treatment. A phone call to her surgeon’s office bumped her next appointment up to Thursday, June 29. At that appointment, it was decided that surgery was necessary and could no longer be delayed. Her physician shifted his schedule and secured an operating room for the next day.

For over an hour, the OR team worked to resect as much of the tumor as possible from Mysti’s abdomen. The tumor had grown significantly in just a few months. As she was coming to in recovery, one nurse shared that the mass was larger than her hand and they did their best to remove as much as they could without compromising her abdominal muscles and physical stability. A week later, Mysti can inhale without the same shooting pain, and though she has had some minor setbacks, she is on her way to a full recovery. 

With all the challenges Mysti and her children have faced in the last year, I know she needs financial help, especially as her ex-husband is still evading his financial responsibilities to “punish her for protecting herself and her children.” The apartment she secured in an effort to provide a safe, healthy home to her children has failed her and created a situation that not only defies logic and reason, but has left her with little resources with which to move again. A recourse that appears to be unavoidable at this point. 
Let’s rally together and make this period much less stressful. My hope is to raise $3,000 for her living expenses over the next couple of months. She and her boys need a safe, stable home, help me give it to her.
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Mysti Linne 
Amherst, VA