My smile has been missing

So. I'm going to let everyone know how my life has been since I was 18. 

I moved out and lived on my own.
I had no insurance because I didn't know what that was.
I worked 3 jobs to pay for the 3+ years of college I completed.
I still did not have insurance because none of my three jobs were full time and therefore didn't offer me benefits.

Major car accident, deaths of two pets that I spent all of my savings trying to keep alive. 

Enter a "nice" guy, ends up abusive. Eating disorder develops as it became the only thing I could control in my life.

My teeth are ruined.

everyday I see them. They are a constant reminder of everything I've dealt with, and I hate it.

I took a spill last Friday because I'm a klutz, and hit my face on concrete. 

My face is okay ☺️ 

My teeth are not. Right now, I have the two wiggly teeth from the fall (not that wiggly at all, but at risk of loss due to poor bone density,) all attached to one another from behind in order to try to stabilize them - it's called "splinting."

It's not comfortable. 

Even with my "good" insurance, this is going to cost me way more than I can afford.

I've worked very hard my whole life. Whenever something can go wrong, it seems like it does. 

I am tired, and never ask for help - but I really need it now.


Melissa Louise
Minneapolis, MN

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