My Puppy was attacked by a Dog

My dog Nitrate a puppy was attacked by a a foster greyhound 

yesterday when my co worker was walking her on a public street 

I have lived here for 5 years this is my second dog never has this happened 

The woman had 3 Grey hounds and one attacked her and wouldn't let her go until she used her stun gun .

I took her to the vet she had many punctures and a broken eye vessel she was taken to the hospital for surgery .

I asked the woman to help pay she said she would and then blamed us for walking down the street and not being careful as she mentioned that the dog wasn't friendly but it was  so fast enough and she couldn't control her dog . Since she was holding onto 3!!!

She said I had to take it up with Grey Save since she was  fostering the dog 

Nitrate is 6 months old as was in perfect health . She loves everyone and vice versa .

The Surgery 
She had laserated intestine and a puncture in her pancreas which is now in 2 pieces.

The bills are expensive and since the woman won't take responsibility I have to raise the money
as I can barely pay my own bills .

I confronted the lady AGAIN  she refused and now I have all these bills and testimonials on how wonderful nitrate is. She has a life ahead of her, but I need to let her heal to get through it 

I need financial help to pay the bills to the people that are caring for her and not let this stop her from pulling through ,

I am a realist and the surgeon is too and believes with patience and A LOT of car she can survive this 

The bill is up to 10,000 surgery feeding tube and care.

I have also been working on a project that is donation based for almost 10 years It is and was a huge sacrifice but its about making the world a better place .

Nitrate keeps me going  . She helped me get over the loss of my dog Mocca and makes me and my co-workers happy and also many others that meet her . She is loved. EVERYONE AT THE HOSPITAL LOVES NITRATE 

 The poor puppy was innocent and attacked . I am horrified and having trouble coping as I am sure you can imagine 

Instead of crying and being sick about it . I decided to take action and ask for help and not give up on Nitrate and fight with her to get passed this moment and move forward .

 love her so much and my heart is broken . Thank you for reading and any support helps .
I am grateful .
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