My first Book "The Sacred 7"

Before anything else, I first want to acknowledge the lives of the people who have held onto the ancient traditions of identity that this book is based on. Without listening to the words of introduction that were spoken by my Native American relatives innumerable times in ceremony, the path of the Seven Sacred Containers of Self-Identity, or what I now call the Sacred Seven, would still be dark to me and the questions that led to an infinite number of hours in prayer and meditation that have gone into this book would still be in the darkness of unlived potential. It is through the resilient lives of these unstoppable people that the Sacred Seven originated. Through them, I was able to find my way to remembering the power of what it means to know myself and to birth this book. For that I am forever humbled and grateful.

It is amazing to me to think about the struggle of this teaching and what it has gone through to get here. My ancestral connection to these tribal ways goes back to the land now called Texas and to the Apache Nde people of those ancestral lands. They were the first of all the Apache people to have contact with the United States settlers, suffering the hardship of brutal war, yet they kept our tribal heritage and connection alive. I am so grateful for those stories from my family and for the elders of the Apache people of Texas that remained strong in defiance of the ravages of cultural eradication and genocide.

Many of us go through a process of trying to find ourselves, a process that is often filled with confusion and pain. In this modern information age, many of us have lost touch with what it really means to be in relationship. Swayed by the influences of our culture’s environmental, social, and spiritual pollution, we have been left drunk on pain, immersed in victimhood, and captive to suffering. The Sacred Seven offers a foundation for exploring the world and discovering ourselves that cannot ever be taken from us.

One way or another, I have been working with the ancient tribal technology of the Sacred Seven for my entire life. It began the first time I asked Who am I? And What am I? The journey of the Sacred Seven is one that begins with these questions. It has taken me into many experiences of self-realization, and its spiritual power has pushed me, dragged me, and even provoked me into a journey that has brought me a deep sense of self-awareness that continues to evolve.

This sacred technology honors everyone as a human being within a common family and with a genetic connection to the land. It is a process that calls from deep within us to unravel what is not true of us, to free us from that which we are captive, and to weave a new identity that gives us meaning, connection, and wisdom. Once you align with its power and purpose, it becomes a part of the fabric of your own human development and growth.

I have discovered myself through this sacred path. In the process, I’ve let go of much of the burden and confusion that are borne of the Illusion of self-identity and been able to embrace more of my truest self than I ever thought possible. By learning this ancestral tool, I have expanded and walked away from what was imprisoning me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has allowed me to create a fluid interaction with energy and has opened me up to the vast presence of higher guidance and wisdom.

Through my years of experience with the Seven Sacred Containers of Self-Identity, I have been able to embrace the medicine of  my childhood abuse and neglect and find a profound comfort to ease my heart and fortify my spirit. The Sacred Seven has been my staff and my partner. It carried me when the pain of religion and its bureaucracy had left me spiritually drained and empty. It has been the voice of encouragement when the illusion of self-isolation yelled within my mind, “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS YOU!” It has guided me forward when the counselors, ministers, and good people of my life had no words of wisdom worth listening to.

I’ve learned that the experiences of life are not to destroy us; that it is not the plan of a loving God. We go through our hardships to bring us strength and perseverance and to draw us closer to one another and to the Source that has infinite love for all. The more I understand the endless possibilities that lay within our minds, the more I understand how critically important the concepts within this ancient tribal form of introduction are to our current, contemporary lives.

The Seven Sacred Containers of Self-Identity is a powerful transformational tool that recognizes that you and you alone are responsible for molding and creating the energetic manifestation of who you are to serve your optimal design. It moves you out of the victim mentality into a consciousness of wholeness, relationship, and flow. The process has taught me to embrace my victimhood. It gave me the tools to transform the energy that, for years, was so dense that it felt literally like a black hole into a vulnerability that laid open my heart so it could be loved, nurtured, and healed. It became a natural and authentic process to transmute the energy of many of my past traumas.

In the practice of the Sacred Seven, we intentionally call in and build an understanding of ourselves that draws from the wisdom and expansiveness of the seven directions as well as from the medicine of our personal lineage. We build an identity formulated upon the truths and the highest possibility of each of the aspects of ourselves, which puts us in a place of powerful vulnerability, creation, and relationship. This perspective equips us with an ability to stand in our boldness and find our faith in our life process. It did for me.

When the power and purpose of the Sacred Seven are unleashed within you, you are enriched by your past instead of being a victim of it, depressed by it, or reactive to it. It opens you up to experiencing a new depth in relationships to everything around you—from the smallest of the elements to the people around you, to the rays of the sun and the kiss of the wind. Within the thread of ancestral connection of the Sacred Seven, you discover your most empowered self.

Like the Way of Beauty, an ancient practice of my Nde ancestors, the Sacred Seven is a journey of finding the beauty within yourself and your relationships. With practice and intention, you create a foundation that expands your consciousness and frees you from limiting and painful misconceptions and patterns. You allow the beauty and perfection of the archetypes of the seven directions to flow through you powerfully and naturally, so you can embody your highest self.

In the many years of service to community that this life has allowed me to have, I have been able to help countless individuals, align with and discover the power of the Sacred Seven. And now I want to share this meaningful practice in the hopes that you will become empowered to share it as well.

It is my hope that in your exploration of the Seven Sacred Containers that your life will begin to flow like water and that the medicine of your soul blossoms for you and those you touch. My guess is that you have learned a lot already from the teachings within your life path and from the guides that have helped you along the way. Yet, if you’re like me, you too hunger for more God experience. I believe that you will find that these Seven Sacred Containers give you the structure, connection, and medicine that is uniquely yours to do just that.

This book is for those who are called to go deep within their own spiritual development to untether a sense of freedom and empowerment beyond what is offered in our everyday culture. Within its pages, I share with you a unique path that is both ancient in origin yet applicable to a contemporary lifestyle. It can help you open up to a transcendent state of consciousness and an understanding of who you really are. As you read this book, you will be creating the fullness of the I AM within you, broadening your vision of yourself and what it means to be a being connected to the physical roots of your being.

Now is the time for each of us to go boldly into the heart of our collective field of experience and find the medicine within ourselves to heal our world. It is time to find the beauty through the spears of hatred and trauma, and the arrows of betrayal. It is time to use technologies such as the Sacred Seven to dive deep within the body of emotion we carry and process the dense energies that bind us in the captivity of the soul.

Go boldly with me now and discover the power and beauty you hold within.

This is the beginning of my first book "The Sacred 7" its a journey into an ancient technology of introduction that has absolutely changed my life! It is my hope, prayer and intention that this ancestral wisdom will help others live a more sovereign and abundant existence. The story goes into my personal relationship with self, my mother's side and my father's side. It is a deep look into my life and how I have learned the medicine from a childhood with parental drug addiction, alcoholism , police raids, PTSD and an adolescence of drug use, suicide attempts, adult imprisonment and much more. Of how today I have become the successful partner, speaker, author and of course drum circle facilitator that I am today. The Sacred 7 is about finding my personal medicine and in turn learning to share that medicine with the world! If you are like me and feel truly empowered by real life stories of successful overcoming this book will excite and motivate you! If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, drug addiction,  recidivism,  parental incarceration & needing to come to grips with the medicine of your/their experience in your/their walk of this life; this is a great spiritual message and these are the ones I feel called to share my message of hope with.
I am asking for  you to partner with me through the editing process the book is done and now we are editing  and it is so exciting!
I have some great offers for you and hope you will consider being one of the 100 people I asking for just 44.00 dollars this first 100 people will get a signed copy of the book with personal hand written message of thanks  from me.  These first 100 books are truly an investment in  mine and Monica's future, the book will be the base for speaking retreats and so much more freedom for us we will also use these first funds to pay for the rest of edits website and marketing needs it will really help us reach more people.
For anyone that donates over 22.00 I will send you a printed book.


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