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i’m bbymutha, an independent artist and the creator, owner and only employee of mutha magick apothecary. the story of what i’m going through starts from a further place than where i am now, i figured i would tell my story in full so that you guys can fully comprehend why i am asking for help today. asking for help is something i never thought i’d have to do, so making this gofundme is very scary, but i’m completely defeated. this all began january of 2020. the previous year, i had been talking to a friend of mine about finding ways to supplement my tour income, which was rising, but still not enough to not have bad days, and ways to help her make money in general, because she had no income. my apothecary is something i’ve had in mind for 5 or 6 years now, and i finally had enough money to start doing small made to order batches of body butter in between tour dates. i was fresh of two tours, so i invested in the materials, not only for myself, but for my friends candle business,  who offered to pay me back once she started making money. during this time, i also helped this friend secure a deposit for an apartment, furnished said apartment, bought her a cell phone, and countless other things. my living conditions weren’t perfect, but i felt as if i was in a position where i could help someone i believed needed it, and that i’d be fine because i had big tour dates lined up. we launched the apothecary in february of 2020. when we first launched, my butters were selling out extremely fast, but her candles were moving slow. she would get discouraged, so i took on more work than i could actually handle at the time to offer bundles, where you could get a butter if you bought one of her candles. most of the time i wasn’t even taking my cut for those bundles. she was a friend in need and as mentioned before, i had an income. i traveled with my ingredients, working on products and shipping them out even when i was out of town, but we hadn’t gotten together to exchange the product for the bundle deals before covid hit. once i was back in town, i called her multiple times to arrange the exchange but she wouldn’t answer. i figured she was going thru something, never thought it was spiteful, until i noticed she had removed all her stuff my from my platform and started her own shop. after that, the L had to be taken by me. i had to upgrade the size of the butters and offer a body oil, something that i wasn’t even selling when those bundles were offered. that put me behind on orders tremendously and i’ve been playing catch up ever since. covid hit and my entire tour line up was wiped clean for the rest of the year, over 100K in bookings, gone. i panicked and overextended myself because other than my apothecary i didn’t know how i was going to be able to pay my bills. my mistake was continuing to do made to order, but i figured since we were literally locked down, i had nothing better to do. wrong. i was extremely overworked, overwhelmed, the customers weren’t being understanding, a few of which had sided with my former friend, started bad mouthing me on the internet, berating me for refunds, etc. i figured it’s part of business and didn’t get discouraged. i had limited space, i was working out of my brothers kitchen, where i would sleep for days on the couch, trying to get these orders out. july of 2020 i was able to secure a physical location for my shop. we tried to prepare the shop to open to the public but my focus was more towards handling the online orders and getting those done. i signed a very simple lease, $750 a month, utilities included, paid my rent on time faithfully. in february of 2021, i was informed by another tenant that my “landlord” was leaving the shop, and that i would have to find somewhere else to go. we spoke with the person who owns the plaza, who informed us that not only was my landlord not an actual landlord, but that i was subleasing and he was a tenant. he offered me the entire shop, not just the part of the shop that i was inhabiting for a $300 price increase, i just had to switch utilities over to my name. the lights got cut off beginning of march, after being told that my deposit to switch the lights over would be $1600. i worked very hard over the weekend to make the money, just to call the power board and find out that this fee was not a deposit, but an outstanding bill. my “landlord” told me that the reason i have to pay it is because i went over my power usage for the month, but that was never communicated with me. the power company is attaching the debt to my name, although i’ve never signed anything or given my information to the power board as someone who is responsible for the electric. i also found out that the entire cost of my rent was actually the entire cost of the entire building, even the part that my “landlords” watch battery shop was in. so i was paying rent for a place i didn’t have access to. due to covid i am still very behind on orders, so even tho i don’t want to, im going to have to send all pending orders to a manufacturer. this was supposed to be something i did from my heart, and im about to have to turn it over to the machines. i don’t judge my customers and fans for wanting their products fast, but this was more than that to me. this was healing work, i put a lot of love into this. since last year i have shipped over 6000 packages with love and only have a little over 1500 to go. but i can’t work in my shop because there is no power. and since i can’t work the only income i have is the money i make from music, not touring. so essentially, i’m back at square one. i need help. if you guys want to help with paying for lawyer fees, finding a new shop, helping pay for manufacturing fees, and a sense of stability so that my business can be what it deserves to be, i’d be very thankful.
also my cashapp is $bbymutha
thank you so much.


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