Mr Jake's journey to recovery

I am a neglect rescue case in White City Oregon. I have an unusual lesion in my chest cavity pressing up against my heart and lungs. After I get my surgery done I can be adopted out to a forever home. Please help me.
Hi my name is Mr Jake. Dr's think I am 4 years old. I am a Boxer/American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier/ Chow Chow mix (DNA Tested). Full DNA report will be given to my adopted family as well as my complete health records. Here is my story from my POV.
A nice lady named Mandi saw me trying to walk around, all alone, on a hot day on September 6th 2015 and she knew I needed help. She reached out to everyone she could think of to try and get me some help. Mandi saved my life by brining attention to my dire need of help.
09/06/2015 I am in pain and all alone. I can barely walk.
Eventually my owner surrendered me at the local shelter on September 9th 2015. This is where I got some help and started on a medical treatment plan. I gained 5 pounds under Animal Control's care. Even though I was responding to the medication and the food that I desperately needed, I still needed more help.09/09/2015 My photo at Animal Control.
09/18/2015 I am very skinny and missing some fur.

On September 18th 2015 Miss Gabriel Foundation (MGF) stepped in to pick me up, foster me and give me the 24/7 medical care I would need. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance." MGF needs your help to make this happen.

I saw my Dr (Dr April) on September 18th 2015. She has a medical plan she believes will help me.
09/18/2015 I am on my way to the vet with my foster mom.

I am emaciated and Dr April believes I had not been fed often. My ears are so infected the Dr's thought I may have foreign objects in them that needed to be removed. My toe nails are so overgrown that they are twisting my toes and nails in odd positions. My skin has a severe disease where I lost some of my hair, I smell badly, my body is covered in scars and scabs. I am also suffering from kennel cough. All of these are very painful and uncomfortable.
09/18/2015 My twisted toenails.

I am a little anemic from lack of food and my bleeding/oozing sores. I have wounds and scars all over my body and I am missing fur from about 2/3 of my body. My white blood cell is high due to my many infections. My blood results show I am having a serious allergic reaction to something.

09/18/15 My 1st bill is $208.20
(total medical cost to date is $208.20)
I had to go into surgery with Dr Ron on September 22nd 2015 to have my ears and nails worked on.  A few other things were done including x-rays to my chest since I have an upper respiratory infection (URI). I did not have any foreign object in my ears. My toes and toe nails have started to straighten out the same day of my surgery.

09/22/15A My 2nd bill is $655.34
09/22/15B My 2nd bill is $655.34 
(total medical cost to date is $863.54)
09/22/2015 Going back to Foster Family after surgery.
I am responding well to my treatments. I hardly itch now and I have not made myself bleed trying to itch. I am gaining weight. This URI is kicking my butt and I am slinging and coughing green snot everywhere but I still want to play and walk as often as they will let me.09/23/2015 I am slinging green snot.
My x-ray results came in September 24th 2015 and the Dr's think I may have an issue going on in there. It may just be way I was laying down for the x-ray while sedated for surgery, it could be nothing concerning or it could be cancer. I want to know; I want to live.

09/24/2015 Radiology Report
09/24/2015 Trying to play outside.
I needed a second antibiotic because my URI was getting worse.

09/25/2015 My 3rd bill is $42.48
(total medical cost to date is $906.02)
09/25/2015 The tennis ball makes me feel better.
I saw Dr April on September 30th 2015 to check on my progress and to discuss x-ray results and choices to make. Dr April cannot give me a prognosis without knowing what may be in my chest. The quote she gave me for the ultrasound and needle aspirate biopsy was between $450.00 and $550.00.

On a good note Dr April says I am much happier than the first time she saw me. She says I am responding remarkably well in such a short time. My skin disease swelling is going down and I have some pink skin starting to show up on the black skin disease. I have fur coming back in certain areas. Dr April says my toes and nails are looking much better. She believes I am almost done with my URI.  My weight is still going up and that is also a good sign. I am a fighter and I want to live.

09/30/2015 My 4th bill is $89.48
(total medical cost to date is $995.50)
09/30/2015 Just resting and healing.
I saw a Dr Liana on October 2nd 2015 for a second opinion about my chest. Dr Liana took two more x-rays and confirmed further testing is needed and to be done ASAP. Dr Liana believes it to be fluid buildup but it needs to be tested to confirm. The quote she gave me for the ultrasound and needle aspirate biopsy was for $350.00. A little cheaper than the other Dr's quote.

10/02/2015 My 5th bill is $59.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,054.50)
10/02/2015 Still not feeling well.
10/05/2015 My thickened/scarred skin with sores and missing fur.

I saw Dr Parker, specializing in ultrasounds and biopsies, on October 8th 2015. Dr Liana said I was doing much better since she saw me last week and I am learning how to trust humans more. They did not need to sedate me to roll me on my back for the surgery. The Dr's were able to get the needle in and extract the cells they were looking for.

The specialty Dr thinks I have Thymoma. He tested some cells on a slide. It is rare and he has never seen it before. To be sure he sent a sample into a lab for testing.

Good news is once Thymoma is removed I am cured. Bad news is the surgery is dangerous and complicated. They have to go into my chest cavity and remove the very large mass that is pressing up against my heart, lungs and esophagus. This is causing a condition called Mega Esophagus (ME).

I need to go to another specialist in Medford Oregon who does this kind of surgery. This means I need to raise more funding.

I need the mass removed ASAP so I can heal completely and be adopted out.

10/08/2015 My 6th bill is $127.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,181.50)
10/08/2015 Ultrasound/Slide Report
(see how big the mass is)
Thank you to All Creatures for all the Non Charges to minimize this bill.
10/08/2015 I am on my way to the surgery.

10/13/2015 I do my best healing while I rest. These jumpers help my skin heal faster. I cannot hurt my skin if I cannot scratch and bite it.
On October 14th 2015, my lab results came in, from the needle aspirate biopsy as "inconclusive".  I will need another biopsy surgery on October 20th 2015 to collect a larger piece of the mass. For this surgery I will need to be sedated,
10/14/2015 It is kind of warm today.
10/16/2015 I am on my way to see Dr April.

I saw Dr April October 16th 2015. She said I would be ready for adoption at my current progress if it was not for the mass still in my chest. I am over 66 pounds today, my nails/toes look great, my ears are clear and my skin is healing nicely.  My stitches were also removed today from the growth removal on my elbow.

Dr April says I may have some "elephant type black skin" on my body forever, mostly on my groin/leg areas, even after all the skin is healed and if the hair grows back. Just a reminder of all I had to endure before Animal Control saved me.

What I am fighting now cannot be seen. My heart and lungs are being pressed on. I need this large mass removed ASAP and I need help in funding for this surgery to be performed by the specialist in Medford Oregon.

Dr April says no more checkups are needed with her until the mass in my chest is dealt with. I am to keep on all my current medications until then.

With my Mega Esophagus (ME), Aspiration Pneumonia (AP) is very possible, so I have to be fed with special eating requirements. I also need to remain on antibiotics in case I do aspirate my food and water I regurgitate out.

10/16/2015 My 7th bill is $28.48
(total medical cost to date is $1,209.98)
I saw Dr Parker October 20th 2015 for my second biopsy. I was a little confused and a little sore when I woke up. Dr Parker went through my left side in between my ribs and extracted out three tissue samples to send to the lab.

The results will be in sometime by October 27th 2015.

10/20/2015 My 8th bill is $198.00
10/20/2015 My 9th bill is $60.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,467.98)
10/20/2015 I am a little confused and a little sore.
Dr Liana called about my biopsy results on October 26th 2015. I do not have Thymoma or Lymphoma. I have something that took two OSU Dr's needed to confirm the results. What I have there is no literature about canines only humans. I have Hemangioma in my chest cavity. I still need to see the specialist this week to discuss the results and "what do we do now". Thoughts at this point are leave the unusual lesion alone. I should live a normal long life with it in there. More information after Dr Winters on Friday. I still need to rehabilitate my skin disease.
10/26/2015 I am feeling yucky today.
I needed a refill of my antibiotics.

10/28/2015 My 10th bill is $8.18
(total medical cost to date is $1,476.16)
10/28/2015 Jack the kitty wants to cuddle.

On October 30th 2015, I saw the specialist Dr Winters, to discuss my unusual lesion.

The Dr says 1 of 3 possibilities here:
#1. Remove the lesion and live a normal long life. I get adopted out to a forever home.
#2. Leave in the lesion and it may never get bigger or never leak fluids. Try to find a forever home knowing this risk. Otherwise I stay at MGF.
#3. Leave in the lesion and it may get bigger or it may leak fluids causing me terrible troubles. Try to find a forever home knowing this risk. Otherwise I stay at MGF.

Of course Dr recommends removal since once it is removed it will not grow back.

Bad news is the cost is $4700. It is a very serious surgery in the chest cavity plus I need to spend several nights in the hospital to recover.

MGF will try to raise funds for however long it takes to get me this surgery. The hope is no complications (#3) happen to me while I wait. I want to find my forever family.

OSU Biopsy Report part 1
OSU Biopsy Report part 2
10/30/2015 Specialist Report
10/30/2015 My 11th bill is $97.50
(total medical cost to date is $1,573.66)
10/30/2015 Waiting to see the specialists.
On November 6th 2015, I saw Dr Liana to begin tapering off my treatment plan. I am stopping most of my medications as I am no longer emaciated, no more infections running through my body and my skin disease is all cleared up. I still have scaring and missing fur in the worst hit areas (legs and groin) from the disease. If it was not for the mass in my chest I would be adoptable today.

11/06/2015 My 12th bill is $37.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,610.66)
11/06/2015 Stand up for what you believe in!
On November 13th 2015, I saw Dr Liana because even though I was kennel cough vaccinated, the new rescue brought a strain with her not covered in my vaccination, so I got a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection). I was put on an antibiotic to help me. This new kennel cough has my choking and regurgitating a lot again like when I first arrived at MGF. No change in the mass in my chest. My heart and lungs are still good.

11/13/2015 My 13th bill is $30.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,640.66)
11/13/2015 Playing a nice game of fetch after the Dr appointment.
On November 27th 2015, I saw Dr Liana. Since I have stopped all medications to prepare for surgery my allergies have come back and are making my feet swell and bleed. Dr is putting me on a medication to treat my allergies and not affect me getting prepared for surgery.

11/27/2015 My 14th bill is $56.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,696.66)
11/27/2015 Doing the kongo line in my sleep with two other rescues.
On December 9th 2015, I saw Dr Liana. I was breathing a little funny. Dr Liana heard wheezing on my side chest so x-ray was done and she did more blood work.  I am declining and I need my surgery ASAP.

12/09/2015 My 15th bill is $109.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,805.66)
12/09/2015 At the vets wait for Dr Liana
On December 15th 2015, I saw Dr Steve. This is the day for the big surgery. So many complications and dangers I was not expected to live during surgery. I did survive and not only that the surgery went way better than expected. My tumor was removed entirely. It was benign and it should not return. I must stay in the hospital, for a few days, to have my chest aspirated every 2 hours of fluid and air build up.

12/15/2015A My 16th bill is $3,075.09
12/15/2015B My 16th bill is $3,075.09
(total medical cost to date is $4,880.75)

12/15/2015 Being monitored after the surgery.
On December 17th 2015, I get to go back to my foster home. There are strict instructions for my care including 4-6 weeks of limited movement while my chest heals together. I have metal wires holding my chest plate together and staples holding my incision together. I will need to wear a chest bandage for a few days more. Biopsy report came back in and in fact it was a rare slow growing benign cells that should have never grown how and where they did. It is a mystery and never happened before. I am a canine medical first.

12/17/2015 Specialist Report part 1
12/17/2015 Specialist Report part 2
12/17/2015 Hospital staff made my chest bandages into "Santa Paws" before I head home.
On December 21st 2015, I saw Dr Liana. She removed my chest bandages and checked on my incision. She recommends wearing jumpers 24/7 to cover the wound. I was given a shot due to my nausea.

12/21/2015 My 17th bill is $63.00
(total medical cost to date is $4,943.75)
12/21/2015 My Frankenstein zipper.
On December 26th 2015, we went over medications again and MGF got me the remainder of my 1 year license since I will be adoptable very soon.

12/26/2015 My 18th bill is $17.10
(total medical cost to date is $4,960.85)
12/26/2015 My it is cold out here.
On December 31st 2015, I saw Dr Liana. She removed my staples and my stitches. My incision looks good.

12/31/2015 My 19th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $4,975.85)
12/31/2015 Waiting to see my Dr.
On January 2nd 2016, I saw Dr Crystal. My chest incision was leaking fluid really badly. She ordered me to wear jumpers again and says the wound is still clean. The Dr put me back on antibiotics.

01/02/2016 My 20th bill is $21.00
(total medical cost to date is $4,996.85)
01/02/2016 I had to go see my Dr I starting leaking from my surgery site.
01/03/2016 First hole that is leaking.
01/03/2016 Second hole that is leaking.
I needed a refill of my sedation medication.

01/05/2016 My 21st bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,011.85)
01/05/2016 Medicated bath should help my infection.
I needed a refill of my pain medication.

01/06/2016 My 22nd bill is $16.81
(total medical cost to date is $5,028.66)
01/06/2016 I hurt a lot today.
On January 8th 2016, I saw Dr Matt. I am still leaking fluid from my chest surgery site and there is now a lot of pain. X-rays were taken and they looked fine. Blood sample and chest fluid sample were taken to the labs. I was given a shot for the pain and given a different antibiotic.

01/08/2016 My 23rd bill is $215.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,243.66)
01/08/2016 Chest is OK.

Picked up some prescriptions we forgot to pick up at yesterday's appointment.

01/09/2016 My 24th bill is $30.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,273.66)
01/09/2016 Trying to find comfort.

Blood results came in and it all looked good. Fluid culture results came in from my chest surgery site and showed MRSA. I needed to pick up a dangerous antibiotic for dogs only to try to kill this strain of bacteria.

01/11/2016 My 25th bill is $80.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,353.66)
01/11/2016 I feel good today.

On January 22nd 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Dr thinks, aside from the two small holes, that my surgery site looks good. No fluid buildup that can be felt or seen. About 3 more staples left behind in my chest were removed. I am to continue my treatment plan but add a herbal cream to apply to the outside infected areas. I am to be seen in 2 weeks.

01/22/2016 My 26th bill is $55.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,408.66)
01/22/2016 Waiting to see my Dr.
On February 4th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. My chest is still healing and they think the MRSA infection is gone. However due to the antibiotics I am on I could not take my allergy medication as my skin is looking very bad. So without waiting any further Dr has ordered me back on allergy medication and prescription baths, even though I am still on that antibiotic. Dr says I cannot wait any longer. I picked up a prescription and received another vaccination.

02/04/2016 My 27th bill is $80.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,488.66)
02/04/2016 Enjoying the outdoors.
Picked up some prescriptions for my allergies.

02/05/2016 My 28th bill is $40.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,528.66)
02/05/2016 Getting outside time in between the storms.
On February 11th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I got into a fight and needed surgery. I was given IV fluids and pain medications till I was no longer in shock so the Dr could perform surgery. I had to stay the night and then I was able to go into surgery. Dr flushed and stitched a few wounds. More medications were given. A drain tube was put in behind my neck. I am to see her Tuesday to have it removed.

02/11/2016 My 29th bill is $460.00
(total medical cost to date is $5,988.66)
02/11/2016 Drain tube put in.
Picked up some prescriptions for my pain.

02/15/2016 My 30th bill is $5.59
(total medical cost to date is $5,994.25)
02/15/2016 Sleeping with Foster Mom tonight.
On February 19th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I am getting re checked from my surgery. Dr says I am healing very quickly and I look good in such a short amount of time. I also got some antibiotics refilled. Dr donated a spray bottle for my legs since they are bleeding from the allergies I have.

02/19/2016 My 31st bill is $57.00
(total medical cost to date is $6,051.25)
02/19/2016 Cone of shame.
On February 26th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. Dr says I am healing very nicely. She wants me off all oral medication and go to only topical medication to see what my skin does. I picked up more allergy medication plus the holistic cream that is killing off my infection. I was also given a vaccine shot.

02/26/2016 My 32nd bill is $90.00
(total medical cost to date is $6,141.25)
02/26/2016 Waiting patiently for my Dr.
On March 4th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I came in for some testing. My throat did not allow the barium food to go down to do the barium x-ray. I will need to give my throat more time to heal from the tumor that was there a long time. Dr says no collars only harness. The x ray to look to see if the tumor came back showed no growth. I am officially all clear from that tumor.

03/04/2016 My 33rd bill is $75.00
(total medical cost to date is $6,216.25)
03/04/2016 Rare slow growing benign growth gone forever!
On March 11th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I came in for re check on my skin. I did not make much progress since last week. Dr is having me detox my system from antibiotics for 4 weeks to allow good bacteria to grow back and fight the bad bacteria. She is having me try different topical spray on my skin and see which one works best for me.

03/11/2016 My 34th bill is $127.00
(total medical cost to date is $6,343.25)
03/11/2016 Working on my kissy face.
Picked up a prescription.

03/13/2016 My 35th bill is $5.59
(total medical cost to date is $6,348.84)
03/13/2016 I am a handsome boy.
On March 11th 2016, I saw Dr Liana. I went in for a recheck on my skin and to get more medications. Dr is really happy with my skin progress. She gave me more allergy medication. I am ready for adoption now but I need to keep on my allergy pills maybe forever. I am happy and healthy.
04/08/2016 My 36th bill is $36.00

(total medical cost to date is $6,384.84)
04/08/2016 I am feeling good.
Dr Liana wants to keep seeing me to check on my progress for healing.
As you can see my medical costs are adding up. I hope you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to please donate to my rehabilitation and recovery. 100% of these donations go into my care.

Donations are welcomed and are always needed for the veterinary/daily care of sick dogs like me. By your donations, the neglected cases get to come here into MGF for a second chance.

I did not want to get this sick. I wanted to be loved and cared for. My previous owner let me get this way. My medical bills will be ongoing during my treatments to get better. The hope is to not need a medical plan after I heal and repair. I want to live and I want to find my fur-ever family. It will take a village to help me. I need your help please.
09/18/2015 I am making myself at home and I found the bone box.
09/24/2015 I am going on a pack walk in the forest.
09/30/2015 Dusky and Elsa eat my dust!
10/06/2015 I cannot believe this is allowed. It's so great it should be illegal.10/14/2015 I am so very happy and excited and I cannot hide it.
10/19/2015 I am learning a new skill.
10/29/2015 Yup the human said the magic words.
11/05/2015 Miss Heidi is almost as fast as me.
11/11/2015 Playing in the rain.

11/20/2015 Chewing on dead trees is the best thing ever!
11/24/2015 Make her stop! She is touching me!!
11/30/2015 Playing alone.
12/10/2015 I can feel the storm moving in.
12/16/2015 Sleeping is healing at the hospital.
12/26/2015 Taking it easy.
12/28/2015 Still taking it easy.
01/06/2016 Still taking it easy.
01/11/2016 Getting some fresh air.
01/18/2016 Stretching my sore body.
01/25/2016 Best I have felt in weeks.
02/06/2016 Playing by myself.
02/08/2016 I am OK!
02/16/2016 I cannot find my binky.
02/23/2016 Gross!
02/29/2016 All work and no play?
03/07/2016 Fresh place to have fun.
03/13/2016 Best idea ever!
03/21/2016 I like good days.
03/29/2016 Gaining more muscles.
04/07/2016 So many choices.
You can get detailed information on me at Mr Jake's Facebook. You can follow me on many of my social medias to see how your generous donations are helping me.

You can also follow me and cheer me on. Anything helps, even my cheerleaders and that is you.

Mr Jake's Youtube 
If you want to donate in another way you can send funds to my Dr at:

All Creatures Animal Hospital
14790 OR-62
Eagle Point, OR 97524
Memo credit account of Kimberly Howell for Jake

Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR 97537
10/14/2015 Sweater donated by Made by De. I can go outside to play in the cold now.

You can also go to this webpage for other ways to donate.
How To Help Mr Jake

Please consider making a small tax deductible donation for my medical care. Also help get the word out and share my plea. Without your help, MGF cannot rescue more like me. Community donations are their only source of funding.

100% of these donations will go to my medical cost. Should my medical bills get paid off, it will go towards my care and feeding that the Howell's are currently paying for out of their personal funds. They are unpaid volunteers. This foundation is their way to help dogs like Miss Gabriel Howell.

Please consider signing up for a $1 or more, monthly reoccurring donation.

Thank you!

Mr Jake of Miss Gabriel Foundation
Rogue River, Oregon, 97537

Donate by Mail to:

Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR, 97537

All donations are tax deductible:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
Non Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)
Tax ID# 47-4966288


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