Mr Dante's journey to recovery

I am a neglect rescue case from Stockton California. I have a severe skin disease, demodex +. When I am done with my treatments I can be adopted out to a forever home. Finding out what is wrong with me and the treatments will be the expensive part. Please help me.
Hi my name is Mr Dante. Dr's think I am 2 months old. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow mix (DNA Tested). Full DNA report will be given to my adopted family as well as my complete health records. Here is my story from my POV.
I was found as a stray and I was sent to the City of Stockton Animal Services Center on March 31st 2017.
03/31/2017 My photo at Animal Control.

I am young and I am very sick. I needed to be out of the shelter by April 6th 2017. The shelter Dr tested my skin and I was positive for Demodex. He gave me Nexgard to start killing the mites.
04/09/2017 My freedom picture.

A lady named Lucy knew I needed out now. She had faith a rescue would step up to take care of me so she pulled me out of the shelter so I was safe. Miss Gabriel Foundation agreed to take on a sick puppy from the same shelter I was at. On April 9th 2017 MGF agreed to take me on as well, so Lucy drove me to Jacqueline’s house.
04/09/2017 I am safe at Jacqueline's.

04/13/2017 On my way too MGF to take me to see my Dr.

Thank you to the transporter Lucy for getting me to my first destination. Thank you to the transporters Marcia, Brenda, Amanda and Yvonne to get me to my second destination. It takes a village. 
I am in need of ongoing medical attention so MGF will take me too my new Dr to develop a treatment plan.

At MGF they will foster me and give me the 24/7 medical care I will need. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance." MGF needs your help to make this happen.
I saw my Dr on April 13th 2017. This was my first checkup visit to set up a medical plan. I have bacteria, fungus and yeast infections in my skin. My skin has sores that bleed and ooze pus. I am unstable since my body lacks muscles and am sore from the skin disease. My feet are swollen. Tapeworm was seen in my feces. I was sent home with some rx’s to help me. Due to my young age treatment options are limited.

04/13/2017 My 1st bill is $30.00  
(total medical cost to date is $30.00)
04/13/2017 Waiting for my Dr.
I saw my Dr on April 15th 2017. I am very sick and Foster Mom is very concerned. I tested negative for Parvo but I was given SubQ fluids and a couple of anti-nausea shots. I am to start a different antibiotic and be isolated until we know what is going on with me.

 04/15/2017 My 2nd bill is $101.00 
(total medical cost to date is $131.00)
04/15/2017 I don't feel very good.
I saw my Dr on April 17th 2017. I am very sick and need to be hospitalized. I was hospitalized for 8 days in isolation on an IV line. I was given lots of support through the IV and x-rays done. I am super skinny more than before I was already. I am weak and need time if I am to still pull through this.

04/17/2017 My 3rd bill is $720.00  
(total medical cost to date is $851.00)
04/22/2017 In isolation on IV therapy.
I saw my Dr on April 26th 2017. I have an abscess on my shoulder. Dr needle sucked some infection out than lanced it open. Foster Mom is to compress it many times a day. I needed a medication refill.

04/26/2017 My 4th bill is $28.00  
(total medical cost to date is $879.00)
04/26/2017 My owy.
I saw my Dr on May 3rd 2017. Time for a recheck and some vaccinations. I was given some vaccinations and my weight is gaining fast.

05/03/2017 My 5th bill is $24.00
(total medical cost to date is $903.00)
05/03/2017 I am here with my Dr again.
I saw my Dr on May 10th 2017.  I am having skin trouble issues. Dr says it is time to stop treating for possible secondary infections from parvo and to start treating my skin disease. Antibiotics were change and time to focus on the next part of my recovery. I have almost doubles in weight size my near death experience.

05/10/2017 My 6th bill is $50.00  
(total medical cost to date is $953.00)
05/10/2017 I am getting stronger.

I saw my Dr on May 17th 2017. I am still having skin trouble issues. Dr thought it was looking pretty good for now and see what happens if we stop rx antibiotics and rx baths.

05/17/2017 My 7th bill is $12.50
(total medical cost to date is $965.50)
05/17/2017 The Dr who tried new things to save me.
I saw my Dr on June 7th 2017. Last vaccinations till next year. I am doing really good. I got the last of my vaccinations. I am ready to be Foster to Adopt until my next surgery.

06/07/2017 My 8th bill is $70.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,035.50)
06/07/2017 Not very hungry today.
Picked up some prescriptions.

06/21/2017 My 9th bill is $80.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,115.58)
06/21/2017 I am going to get my new BFF's.
I saw my Dr on August 15th 2017 for cryptorchid surgery.  I got my cryptorchid surgery, two e collars, got some medications, vaccinations, microchip, teeth brushed and license.

08/15/2017 My 10th bill is $364.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,479.58)
08/14/2017 Waiting for my Dr for my surgery.
I saw my Dr on August 29th 2017 for getting my stitches out. Got my stitches pulled out and picked up some maintenance medications.

08/29/2017 My 11th bill is $85.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,564.58)
I saw my Dr on October 4th 2017 becuase my leg is not working. ACL is intact. X rays taken. No indication of any breaks or changes. DX is a bad sprain. Bed rest and pain/swelling management.

10/04/2017 My 12th bill is $120.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,684.58)
10/04/2017 My good looking legs. 
Picked up some prescriptions.

12/05/2017 My 13th bill is $16.66 
(total medical cost to date is $1,701.24)
12/05/2017 Chow down time.
I saw my Dr on February 13th 2018 as it was time for a healthy check. Healthy dogs need check ups too! I look like I have a few owies on ears and undercarriage healing up from playing to rough but otherwise I am in good health and ready for my forever family.

02/13/2018 My 14th bill is $25.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,726.24)
02/13/2018 Thermometer goes WHERE?
I saw my Dr on February 20th 2018 as it was time to start my flu vaccination. Flu vaccinations needed to start on everyone in the house since the flu made it's way to Grants Pass and I am at risk for the flu.

02/20/2018 My 15th bill is $25.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,751.24)
02/20/2018 Walking down the driveway to the bus.
Dr Liana wants to see me often to check on my progress for healing.
I will get better but only under medical treatments. My Dr visits may be frequent, at first, due to my severe condition. Diagnosing can also be costly. I hope you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to please donate to my rehabilitation and recovery. 100% of these donations go into my care.

Donations are welcomed and are always needed for the veterinary/daily care of sick dogs like me. By your donations, the neglected cases get to come here into MGF for a second chance.

I did not want to get this sick. I wanted to be loved and cared for. My previous owners let me get this way. My medical bills will be ongoing during my treatments to get better. The hope is to not need a medical plan after I heal and repair. I want to live and I want to find my fur-ever family. It will take a village to help me. I need your help please.
04/16/2017 This place is great!
04/23/2017 Please take me home.
04/30/2017 Gaining my strength. 
05/07/2017 Almost nothing I can't do.
05/14/2017 So much green.
05/21/2017 It's all mine!
05/29/2017 I got caught.
06/04/2017 Having some fun.
06/12/2017 Minding my own business.
06/23/2017 No one is sharing.
07/30/2017 With my pack.
08/06/2017 Aint going to happen.
08/27/2017 I am a big boy now.
09/03/2017 Chilling today.
09/10/2017 Mine mine mine!
09/17/2017 I see it, I want it.
09/24/2017 Rough play.
10/01/2017 Nap time soon.
10/08/2017 My leg is feeling better.
10/15/2017 Getting stronger.
10/22/2017 Mud piles!
10/29/2017 Running around.
11/05/2017 Looking for treasures.
11/12/2017 Learning from the best.
11/19/2017 Brrrr heading inside.
11/26/2017 Outside with the pack.
12/03/2017 Having fun in the forest.
12/10/2017 Checking in with Dusky.
12/17/2017 Pretty outside.
12/24/2017 My treasure.
12/31/2017 What is out there?
01/07/2018 Chitty bang bang.
01/14/2018 Going round and round.
01/28/2018 What are you up to?
02/04/2018 Kitty cats?
02/11/2018 Rough play time.
02/18/2018 Playing inside.
02/25/2018 Wet outside.
03/04/2018 It's my toy.
You can get detailed information on me at Mr Dante's Facebook. You can follow me on many of my social medias to see how your generous donations are helping me.

You can also follow me and cheer me on. Anything helps, even my cheerleaders and that is you.

Mr Dante's YouTube

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If you want to donate in another way you can send funds to my Dr at:

All Creatures Animal Hospital
14790 OR-62
Eagle Point, OR 97524
Memo credit account of Kimberly Howell for Dante

Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
04/27/2017 Jumpers I need to wear to protect my skin from myself.

I am missing fur from my skin disease. I will continue to lose my fur during my rehabilitation. The clothes that will suit me best can be found at my Amazon Wish List. Thank you.
Mr Dante's Wish List  

You can also go to this webpage for other ways to donate.
How To Help Mr Dante

Please consider making a small tax deductible donation for my medical care. Also help get the word out and share my plea. Without your help, MGF cannot rescue more like me. Community donations are their only source of funding.

100% of these donations will go to my medical cost. Should my medical bills get paid off, it will go towards my care and feeding that the Howell's are currently paying for out of their personal funds. They are unpaid volunteers. This foundation is their way to help dogs like Miss Gabriel Howell.

Please consider signing up for a $1 or more, monthly reoccurring donation.

Thank you!

Mr Dante of Miss Gabriel Foundation
Rogue River, Oregon, 97537

Donate by Mail to:

Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR, 97537

All donations are tax deductible:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
Non Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)
Tax ID# 47-4966288
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