Mr Banks' journey to recovery

I am a neglect rescue case in Modesto California. I am very sick. I have severe skin disease. We will know more after MGF takes me to their Dr. After I heal and get better I can be adopted out to a forever home. Please help me.
Hi my name is Mr Banks. Dr's think I am 4 years old. I am a German Shepherd Dog (DNA Tested). Full DNA report will be given to my adopted family as well as my complete health records. Here is my story from my POV.
I was brought in as a stray. I had a microchip so my family was located. Meanwhile animal control got me to a vet and started me on a treatment plan to help me.

My family said they wanted me. They even came to see me at the shelter but then they walked away and left me here. I was lost, alone and sad. I cried.

Animal control quickly approved Miss Gabriel Foundation's application for me and made arrangements for my rescue.
03/31/2016 My photo at Animal Control.
On April 3rd 2016 Miss Gabriel Foundation (MGF) stepped in to pick me up, foster me and give me the 24/7 medical cares I would need. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance." MGF needs your help to make this happen.
04/03/2016 Starting my trip from CA to OR.
I saw my Dr on April 4th 2016 to start my diagnosis and treatment plans. I have high white blood count in my blood due to my skin disease. I am anemic from the blood and ooze leaving my skin. I have advanced skin disease more than likely from allergies. I do not have heartworm or lyme disease. My abdomen and chest are clear. My ears and skin are infected. I am bleeding and oozing pus from my skin. My nails are very long and they need trimmed over time to shorten them. I am missing a lot of my fur. I am full of scaly skin. I started on heartgard and bravecto today as well as antibiotics. I started to receive all my vaccines as if it were the first time I have ever had them. Dr says in 2 weeks we can check my WBC again to see if I can be neutered ASAP. I am negative for mites and fleas.

04/04/16 My 1st bill is $292.40
(total medical cost to date is $292.40)
04/04/2016 I am waiting for my Dr.
04/04/2016 I am missing most of my fur.
04/04/2016 I am super skinny.
I saw my Dr on April 19th 2016 to have my neuter surgery and teeth cleaned. I was also given more antibiotics and a blood work check on my WBC before surgery. Then I needed to buy a cone of shame.

04/19/16 My 2nd bill is $183.00
04/19/16 My 3rd bill is $7.00

(total medical cost to date is $482.40)
04/19/2016 I am checking out the sites.
On April 21st 2016 I picked up a prescription.

04/21/16 My 4th bill is $4.00
(total medical cost to date is $486.40)
04/21/2016 I am getting stronger.
I saw my Dr on May 6th 2016 to have my progress looked at. I got 2 more weeks of medicine for my skin as I am looking really good. I got some shots so I can stay healthy and a pill for fleas and mites.

05/06/16 My 5th bill is $92.00
(total medical cost to date is $578.40)
05/06/2016 On my way to the Drs.
I saw my Dr on May 25th 2016 as have an ear infection. I was ordered to start using the rx at home to flush out my ears. Recheck if necessary.

05/25/16 My 6th bill is $25.00
(total medical cost to date is $603.40)
05/25/2016 Oh bother! Back at my Drs.
On June 10th 2016 I picked up a prescription.

06/10/16 My 7th bill is $40.00
(total medical cost to date is $643.40)
06/10/2016 I am so handsome and I know it.
On June 22nd 2016 tests were run on a stool sample to rule some issues out.

06/22/16 My 8th bill is $55.00
(total medical cost to date is $698.40)
06/22/2016 Looking on the bright side.
I saw my Dr on June 24th 2016 as I needed to talk to my Dr about B12 shots. Dr Greg checked me out and gave me another B12 injection.

06/24/16 My 9th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $713.40)
06/24/2016 GSD sleeping spot.
I saw my Dr on July 14th 2016 as my feet are swollen, my ears are infected and my groin has an infection. I am having some kind of allergic reaction to outside things. Dr does not know what exactly but I will need to start more antibiotics to clear it up. I also got expensive ear medication placed in my ears and I picked up some medications.

07/14/16 My 10th bill is $135.00
(total medical cost to date is $848.40)
07/14/2016 Picnic with Foster Grandpa.
On July 21st 2016 I got the rest of my 1 year license.

07/21/16 My 11th bill is $17.10
(total medical cost to date is $865.50)
I saw my Dr on September 29th 2016 as my anxiety is not improving anymore. I am starting on a trial of Prozac to see if this helps. I also still need my weekly B12 shots to digest my food. Hope is eventually I can go to a monthly injection. Dr says this is from my inbreeding.

09/29/16 My 12th bill is $45.00  
(total medical cost to date is $910.50)
09/29/2016 Talking with my Dr.
I picked up a prescription.

11/10/16 My 13th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $925.50)
11/10/2016 Me and my Teddy Bear.
I picked up a prescription.

11/17/16 My 14th bill is $50.00
(total medical cost to date is $975.50)
11/17/2016 Enjoying my view.
I picked up a prescription.

12/08/16 My 15th bill is $15.00  
(total medical cost to date is $990.50)
12/08/2016 Running around with my pack.
I picked up a prescription.

01/11/17 My 16th bill is $35.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,025.50)
01/11/2017 I LOVE snow!
I saw my Dr on January 18th 2017 since Foster mom says I smell like yeast in my groin area and I have been itching there today. Dr says I have a yeast infection on my groin but I also have some staph infection there too. I have some blisters near my privates that can cause an UTI. I was given medication to get this fixed up.

01/18/17 My 17th bill is $43.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,068.50)
01/18/2017 Waiting for my Dr.
I picked up prescriptions.

02/22/17 My 18th bill is $105.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,173.50)
02/22/2017 With my pack.
I picked up a prescription.

03/15/17 My 19th bill is $15.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,188.50)
03/15/2017 We are all having fun.
I picked up a prescription.

03/22/17 My 20th bill is $12.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,200.50)
03/22/2017 Sam is trying to clean my teeth.
I saw my Dr on April 5th 2017 since it is time for my 1 year review. I picked up some more medications and supplements, got a 1 year license and got all my yearly vaccinations done. I am healthy and still working on my anxiety.

04/05/17 My 21st bill is $85.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,285.50)
04/05/2017 What is my pack up to?
I needed to pick up prescriptions and supplements.

04/26/17 My 22nd bill is $55.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,340.50)
04/26/2017 Hello there little one.
I needed to pick up a prescription.

05/03/17 My 23rd bill is $50.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,390.50)
05/03/2017 If I were king of the forest!

Dr Liana wants to see me frequently, to check on my progress for healing.
As we will show you, my medical costs will be adding up to get me healthy again. I hope you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to please donate to my rehabilitation and recovery. 100% of these donations go into my medical care.

Donations are welcomed and are always needed for the veterinary/daily care of sick dogs like me. By your donations, the neglected cases get to come here into MGF for a second chance.

I did not want to get this sick. I wanted to be loved and cared for. My previous owner let me get this way. My medical bills will be ongoing during my treatments to get better. The hope is to not need a medical plan after I heal and repair. I want to live and I want to find my fur-ever family. It will take a village to help me. I need your help please.
04/07/2016 I like walks.
04/15/2016 My new friend.
04/17/2016 Having fun.
04/24/2016 Love this new toy!
05/03/2016 My Teddy Bear I name George.
05/12/2016 Not feeling very good today.
05/20/2016 Who needs a yard when it is raining?
05/22/2016 Run and run some more.
05/29/2016 Exploring with my mouth.
06/05/2016 I am going to be blown away.
06/12/2016 I cannot relax today.
06/19/2016 Ain't nothing going to slow me down.
06/26/2016 I found my treasure.
07/03/2016 Safe base.
07/10/2016 Thanks for noticing me.
07/17/2016 Picking on Angel.
07/24/2016 Warming up out here.
07/31/2016 Learning social skills.
08/07/2016 Having a hard time socializing.
08/18/2016 Happy Birthday Foster Mom.
08/21/2016 I love the forest.
08/28/2016 Most important lesson.
09/04/2016 Taking it slow.
09/12/2016 I LOVE squeakers.
09/18/2016 My hair flows with the wind.
09/30/2016 Miss Violet is my friend.
10/05/2016 My version of fetch the ball.
10/09/2016 I need a job.
10/16/2016 What a boring pack sometimes.
10/23/2016 Picking on the little dog.
11/04/2016 Being silly.
11/09/2016 I want the kitty in my mouth.
11/19/2016 Forest comes alive at night.
11/25/2016 Thrashing on Teddy Bear.
11/27/2016 Foster Mom come and get me.
12/05/2016 More training today.
12/11/2016 I do better playing solo.
12/18/2016 Still trying to learn social skills.
12/25/2016 getting better but needs more work.
01/01/2017 my first snow.
01/08/2017 having myself a good time.
01/15/2017 this stuff is yummy.
01/22/2017 having a hard time today.
02/02/2017 snacking on a walk.
02/05/2017 sunny and on the cold side.
02/14/2017 Sapphire wants to teach me.
02/19/2017 another nice sunny day.
02/26/2017 getting into trouble today.
03/06/2017 I love the snow.
03/12/2017 It's a warm day.03/19/2017 practice, practice, practice!
04/01/2017 squeakers toys are the best.
04/02/2017 beautiful day.
04/05/2017 being silly.

You can get detailed information on me at Mr Banks' Facebook. You can follow me on many of my social medias to see how your generous donations are helping me.

You can also follow me and cheer me on. Anything helps, even my cheerleaders and that is you.

Mr Banks' Youtube

Mr Banks' Google +

Mr Banks' Twitter
If you want to donate in another way you can send funds to my Dr at:

All Creatures Animal Hospital
14790 OR-62
Eagle Point, OR 97524
Memo credit account of Kimberly Howell for Banks

Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR 97537
04/15/2016 Jumpers I need to wear to protect my skin from myself.

I will need a jacket and clothes, warm enough for the cold nights and days left. I am still missing fur. The clothes that will suit me best can be found at my Amazon Wish List. Warmer and cooler jumpers can be found there as well. Thank you.
Mr Banks' Wish List

You can also go to this webpage for other ways to donate.
How To Help Mr Banks

Please consider making a small tax deductible donation for my medical care. Also help get the word out and share my plea. Without your help, MGF cannot rescue more like me. Community donations are their only source of funding.

100% of these donations will go to my medical cost. Should my medical bills get paid off, it will go towards my care and feeding that the Howell's are currently paying for out of their personal funds. They are unpaid volunteers. This foundation is their way to help dogs like Miss Gabriel Howell.

Please consider signing up for a $1 or more, monthly reoccurring donation.

Thank you!

Mr Banks of Miss Gabriel Foundation
Rogue River, Oregon, 97537

Donate by Mail to:

Miss Gabriel Foundation
P.O. Box 718
Rogue River, OR, 97537

All donations are tax deductible:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
Non Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)
Tax ID# 47-4966288


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