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Maan Singh Khalsa, Assault / Hate Crime, Case Number #16-12057
 On September 25, 2016, at approximately 9:00 P.M., Mr. Khalsa was driving home after visiting an elder in his capacity as a caregiver when the attack occurred. Mr. Khalsa was stopped at a red light near Hilltop Mall Drive in Richmond, half a mile from his home, when a man in a white Ford F-150 threw a beer can at his car wholly unprovoked. Mr. Khalsa rolled down his window to question the man who threw the beer can. According to Mr. Khalsa, there were five to six white males in their late 20s to early 30s in the vehicle. The men began cursing at him, and one of them exited the vehicle and started toward Mr. Khalsa. At this point, the light turned green, and Mr. Khalsa drove out of the intersection. Mr. Khalsa, frightened and fearful for his safety, called 911. He told the 911 operator that there were men in a vehicle driving next to him who were cursing at him and trying to attack him. Mr. Khalsa’s window was still partially rolled down. At the next red light, the Ford F-150 stopped near him again, and this time, three men exited the vehicle and approached his car. They began attacking him through the open window, knocking off his Sikh turban and hitting his face repeatedly. His assailants shouted, “Cut his hair,” pulled his head out of the window by his hair, and cut a fistful of his religiously-mandated unshorn hair with a knife. The shouts may be audible on the 911-call recording.

Mr. Khalsa only escaped his attackers by driving away when the light turned green. At this point, the 911 operator instructed him to wait for police at a nearby gas station. Police arrived at the gas station about 30 minutes later and interviewed Mr. Khalsa. Although Mr. Khalsa explained that he believed his attackers were motivated by bias, the officers appeared dubious.

After he spoke with the police, Mr. Khalsa was taken via ambulance to the emergency room, where he was treated for his injuries. As a result of this attack, Mr. Khalsa sustained cuts on his fingers and his hands that required stitches, a swollen black eye, and damage to his teeth, in addition to deep humiliation. Following the attack, one of his fingers became infected and may be amputated. Mr. Khalsa will also have to undergo root canals due to the damage to his teeth. The dental work alone will amount to $2,200 in out-of-pocket medical expe

-All money will be given to Mr. Khalsa for treatment and to cover any other expenses he will endure. 
- We have contacted local potical figures to apply pressure on Richmond Police Chief Brown and District Attorney Peterson to bring justice for Mr. Khalsa

-Sikh Coalition Article
-Letter Sent to Chief Brown and District Attorney Peterson

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