Moms medical and surgery expenses

I have started this campaign to help raise money for my mom to have surgery because her work insurance only covers a small fraction of it. It has been so hard watching my mom go from a happy smiling woman who never cried to a woman who is always in pain and unable to even put on shoes without crying. My mom is the most selfless person i know and i hate seeing her quality of life decline like this at the age of 39. My mom is a single mom of three girls and a granddaughter she is raising as well. My mom works two jobs, seven days a week and is the only source of income for our family. She has been telling her doctors for more than a year that something is wrong and she is having difficulty moving her head, horrible pain in her neck, daily migraines, weakness in her arms, feelings of pins and needles in her legs, and lower back pain that makes her cry. She tries to be so strong and not show us that shes hurting or that anything is wrong, but lately thats been hard for her to do. She has gone through physical therapy, she has had injections in her neck, and she has had nerve blocks done, but the pain has just been getting worse. December 9th she couldn't move without crying, so she drove herself to the emergency room an hour and a half away to find out what was wrong, since her doctors just kept telling her its just the process of aging. The ER did an MRI of her spine and found several things wrong. The curve of her neck has become straight and she has bone spurs between all of her cervical vertebrae with spinal canal narrowing. She also has a herniated disc at L5S1 pressing on the thecal sac which is causing spinal canal narrowing in the lumbar area as well. She took the results to the several doctors to find out what her options were, and the options were pain management which will only mask the pain or surgery. My mom has talked to different doctors about the surgery as well as her insurance, but the surgery is not covered due to the cost. They want her to just take medications and live with it. The surgery through Laser Spine Institute is $13,480 and she will be out of work for about 3 weeks. She has tried to take out loans or find ways to charge her credit cards, but it's not possible. So I am trying to raise the money for the surgery and money to cover the bills for the time she will be out of work. I hate seeing my mom like this. She use to be so active, walking 3 miles a day, working 7 days a week and still managing to have fun with us. Now, she cant even walk more than a block,  she cant sit or stand for more than 30 minutes, and she never smiles. It seems like i have watched my mom age 10 years in the past year and it breaks my heart. I just want my mom back.
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